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Sept. 30, 2020

Interview with The Score

Interview with The Score

We had the opportunity to interview The Score

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The harder we hustle, the more we push the envelope. A one-two punch of old school grind and modern adventurism quietly asserts The Score as a new paradigm...

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We had the opportunity to interview The Score

Please share while we are #togetherathome 🏡

The harder we hustle, the more we push the envelope. A one-two punch of old school grind and modern adventurism quietly asserts The Score as a new paradigm for rock music. For the uninitiated, the boys cook up a signature style akin to Yeezus producing FooFighters—stadium-size anthems uplifted in equal measure by speaker-busting distortion and glitchy 808s.

A five-year journey brought the Los Angeles duo of Eddie Anthony [vocals, guitar] and Edan Dover [keyboards, production] from a tiny Upper East Side apartment to gold plaques, nearly three billion streams, one million-plus YouTube subscribers, sold out shows on multiple continents, and a fan base of millions who sing along to every word. Thus far, the trip culminated on the band’s 2020 second full-length album for Republic Records.

“As artists, we’re always striving to get to the next level,” exclaims Edan. “There’s an impatient anxiety to do so. After all of this time together, we reached real gratification and a moment of peace this year. However, we keep going. We want to play arenas around the world and reach as many listeners as possible.”

“Touring internationally, we got to meet people in places we’d never been, and it was really eye-opening,” adds Eddie. “We do this out of love, so it’s humbling to get to this point. Growing up, I always heard my favorite artists say, ‘It’s all about the fans’. It couldn’t be truer for us at the end of the day.”

The band cultivated a fervent fanbase through a steady stream of releases. The 2016 UnstoppableEP paved the way for their full-length debut Atlasa year later. As album highlights “Legend,” “Revolution,” and “Higher” exploded, “Unstoppable” achieved a gold certification from the RIAA. The 2019 PressureEP yielded audience favorites “Glory” [38 million Spotify streams], “Stronger” [37 million Spotify streams], “Born For This” [20 million Spotify streams], and “Dreamin” with blackbear [17 million Spotify streams]. Among dozens of high-profile syncs, their music appeared in the NETFLIX blockbuster 6 Underground and soundtracked campaigns for Jeep, NBA, and many more.

A 2019 European headline tour pumped up The Score to craft what would become their sophomore effort.

“The shows evolved” Eddie. “We tried to make a batch of songs that you could hear at festivals. Thematically, the music still had our DNA. The songs were empowering and fun, but they were a little more personal to us.”

“We’re maturing,” agrees Edan. “We’ve experienced a lot on this journey. We’ve evolved individually. In turn, that evolution is reflected in the group. We dug deeper below the surface and explored some other ideas.”

Working primarily out their L.A. studio, they strengthened the sonic framework with fresh flourishes in the overall production of their sound. Additionally, they welcomed collaborators such as Pete Nappi [30 Seconds To Mars, Dreamers, Shinedown] and Tim Randolph [Imagine Dragons] into the fold.

“It’s The Score, but it’s a slightly more organic version of us,”assures Eddie.

The first single “Best Part” evinces their evolution. Produced and co-written by Nappi and Steve Aiello, a bombastic beat seesaws between a distorted groove and a chantable chorus, “I can be a liar, I can be a cheat, I can be neurotic, I can be a freak, I can be everything in between, but you always find the best part of me.”Accented by a hummable guitar solo, live bass, and rollercoaster crescendo, it immediately invites a singalong.

]“Some days, you feel like a piece of shit,” admits Eddie. “You’re just down and out and don’t feel good about yourself. However, there’s always that one person who finds the best part of you, no matter what. This person doesn’t have to be a girlfriend or boyfriend, but could be someone close to you who sees the best in you even when you don’t.”

Elsewhere, whistles and bright riffs underscore a massive refrain on “Carry On.” Originally


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