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“Bringin’ it Backwards’ mission is to provide a platform for both legendary and rising artists to tell their personal stories on how they achieve stardom so that all artists and music enthusiasts have access to meaningful and memorable advice to inspire their own musical journeys. ”

Bringin’ It Backwards is a podcast that talks about the stars before they were the stars. We’re your backstage pass to the music industry.

Put another way: we’re a cross between Dax Sheperd’s Armchair Expert and Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 Radio. We’re the place the stars show a different side of themselves in a world where fans think they already know them.

We don’t ask the “gotcha” questions but we do ask the thought-provoking questions. The ones that encourage guests to open up, be vulnerable, and share their authentic selves.

Started by Adam and Tera Lisicky, this podcast is a combination of passion and profession...and maybe, a little obsession. Music is in their DNA. With 16 years of on-air experience and a BA in Communication, Adam is the professional of the professionals when it comes to the music industry. Same story with Tera: not only did she grow up around music with her grandpa singing on the radio and brother in The Eiffels, but she got an MA in cross-cultural teaching. Rumor has it that her karaoke skills are out of this world, too (spoiler alert: the rumors are true).

From My Chemical Romance to Jefferson Starship to Slushii and 1,000+ guests, Adam and Tera have shown why they are a budding powerhouse in the world of podcasting.

The only question remains: are you ready to join the conversation?



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