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A Valuable Wealth of Information & Inspiration!

This is exactly the podcast I have been waiting to find! This is fantastic insight into the heart and soul of the creative writers. Really, Thank you for a great content!🙏🏿🙏🏿

Excellent Resource for Musicians!!

This podcast is awesome. It is set-up like an interview, with great discussion. It has great info. This podcast gives you some great insight!!

Splendiferous work!

Absolutely love the insight on the songwriter’s perspective! As an upcoming songwriter myself, I thought I already knew a lot of info and I keep learning more each episode!! Thank you for sharing!


Absolutely, love this podcast! Excellent hosts and the conversions are super beneficial and inspiring. Just subscribe and then thank me later.


Great interview with Budjerah❤!

❤Bringin' it Backwards!

🎶 We love this podcast here at #Bringin' it Backwards! There is so much important information. Every episodes are reasonable and growing! We followed and subscribed on several platforms! So should you!🎶

💖 Cy_Dune

I just recently started listening & I’m thrilled to have found this podcast. Adam & Tera are an interested & genuine interviewer, asking things about what we the listener would like to know. Their interview with Cy Dune was phenomenal!

Great Pod.👏

Love this podcast! I find this podcast's interviewing style to be warm and engaging. I’m so impressed with the amount of knowledge that has about so many topics. Here has a way of making every of this guests seem interesting.

Great Interviews🎶🎶🎶

I love this podcast! With every guest, their individual stories give so much insight and inspiration. So entertaining, can’t seem to stop watching!

Inspiring & Informative!🎶

BiB is awesome. Always inspiring, informative, funny, open minded, and great conversation. Please, Keep it up! Thanks for inspiring the musicians world!

❤Cy Dune❤

Great experience👌

Dave Cavalier👍

🎣Bringin' it Backwards Podcast is the best. I'm listening to it and I’ve learned so many legendary musicians. It is so eye opening and covers just about every interviews in a fun and interesting way!

Inspiring Show🙏

This is one of the best podcasts I've ever heard I started following a few days ago. I'm thrilled to find this show. I look forward to hearing more and more every time. It's an interesting and inspiring show for me. Love it❤!!

Great hosts

Bring in’ It Backwards is an all around good podcast. Listen to episodes like the one with Tom Higgenson of Humans Were Here independent record label. Also find out where TLB got their name.

Such a good podcast. Listen to the ep. with Tom Higgenson from Humans were here. So cool to learn how TLB got their name.

Bringin it backwards

So cool to get to hear more about Tom! I love his idea for his label Humans Were Here, he’s signed so many great artists including his solo career million miler!

Great info

My top podcast right now

Awesome show!

Love your show. So many great tips!

Absolutely love Bringin' It Backwards! Awesome interviews with artists that have great stories.

Love this podcast! Favorite place to find out about bands that are new to me; and hearing the background on the bands makes me connect to them even more. The hosts are awesome and laid back and I love their interview style. Kudos on a great podcast. Give it a listen!

Bringin' It Backwards is, hands down, one of my favorite music podcasts. Adam is an A+ interviewer.

Excellent ‘cast about the Songwriting

So great to get a behind the scenes view of writing and recording as well as the the life of an artist. Really interesting, I love all the Dif genres they roll thru.

Excellent Interviews!

Adam has a really great interview style and his conversations with artists are extremely fun to listen to. I've learned a lot about some of my favorite musicians and I've been turned onto a few new ones as well. Worth checking out and subscribing!

Wonderful show

Such a great place to discover new music!

Fat Trout Trailer Park

So good to hear in-depth from artists at different stages of their career. Really positive and a great place to discover new music.

Amazing team!

I had the pleasure of connecting with Adam and Tera for an interview with one of my clients and they were absolutely seamless to work with. You can tell they’re incredibly passionate about artists and their craft, and it shows in this must-listen pod for music fans!

Fun times

Had a fun time talking with Adam regarding my new releases and what’s coming next for me. Easy to talk to and would recommend this podcast to anyone. Best energy, RIA 🧡

Love this team

I’ve worked with Tera and Adam multiple times now and every artist I’ve brought to them has had such a great interview experience. They truly make insightful content and take care of everything you might need.


2nd Generation WU is my favorite so far. You easily navigate interviews in both the rock ’n’ roll and hip hop worlds as well as all the artists in between!