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Good Stuff!

Informative, entertaining, inspiring. Lots of good insight into music and a bunch of other musician related stuff.

Great music podcast!!

This is a really great, informative podcast. They talk about relevant issues important to independent musicians and artists in general. They really great interviewer. Fantastic resource! Thanks to keeping it going.

Content keeps getting better and better❤

This is a very interesting podcast to listen to. It's very informative, and pleasing to listen to. It's engaging and humorous, not to mention entertaining and educational!

Highly recommend!

Great pod. Since beginning to listen to the podcast, I just cannot put it down. Every episode provides useful information for the independent music artist. All the guests are the best. The hots of the show are very captivating. Highly recommend!

Useful content!🙏🏻

I have been listening to this podcast every day and learn something new and useful with every podcast. I will almost be sad when I am caught up and don't get a new one every day. Love it❤❤

I'm hooked!

This is definitely the best music podcast I've heard. I've been addicted. They are all very knowledgeable about this stuff. I've learned SO many valuable and practical things from this. I'm hooked


Insightful episodes! I love this podcast. They have best interests and just if you want to succeed in music. I can’t get enough! Thanks for all the inspiration and ideas.

Great tips!

I've listen some episodes of this podcast. They provide insightful ideas from their own experience and interview some very interesting guests. Just listening sparks many of my own ideas. Nothing else compares.

Please Keep it running🚴🏽‍♂️🚴🏽‍♂️

Seriously, I get enough of this podcast. This is just about the only place where the problems facing the music community are not only discussed in great detail, but in many cases given solutions. Really such a great resource for any musician out there. Keep it running guys!


I love this podcast and wait eagerly for the next episode to come!!🕝🕝

Absolutely fantastic!

I have learned so much and am constantly encouraged and guided by them. A must listen for all musicians!

Fantastic advice on a changing market🔍🔍

I listen to this podcast and can directly connect successes. I learned a lot from Adam and Tera and their guests.

Bringin' it Backwards Pod is the best!!

This podcast offers a great insight for musicians. However, the episodes are pretty long for good reason. I like the hosts. I wish they keep it continue..!✌

Best Podcast Ever👍🏻👌🏻👍🏻

I learn from this podcast, but, more importantly, I get motivated to do more and be more creative with my music. Thanks for the inspiration!

This is a must-listen for every indie musician looking for practical results🙏🏻🙏🏻!

Fantastic show for a music creator!! Always some useful and practical. Hosts are warm, fun, engaging and pretty transparent. I look forward to.

A Must-Listen Pod!

This is the best podcast out there and this is perfect. Really cool insider info and meaningful conversation. They get better at interviewing with each episode and I look forward to more. Definitely love it!


Bringin' it Backwards is honest, thought-provoking and truly inspiring! Gives you an inside look into the songwriting industry through personal stories and helpful tips on how to maintain a long-term writing career. Keep on!! keeping on!!

Content is getting better and better!

Grateful to hear these episodes and advice. Letting the guests speak and giving them a space to share their path is so rare. Thank you!

Love this Podcast❤

Love hearing interviews. Very well done and fun.

A Valuable Wealth of Information & Inspiration!

This is exactly the podcast I have been waiting to find! This is fantastic insight into the heart and soul of the creative writers. Really, Thank you for a great content!🙏🏿🙏🏿

Excellent Resource for Musicians!!

This podcast is awesome. It is set-up like an interview, with great discussion. It has great info. This podcast gives you some great insight!!

Splendiferous work!

Absolutely love the insight on the songwriter’s perspective! As an upcoming songwriter myself, I thought I already knew a lot of info and I keep learning more each episode!! Thank you for sharing!


Absolutely, love this podcast! Excellent hosts and the conversions are super beneficial and inspiring. Just subscribe and then thank me later.


Great interview with Budjerah❤!

❤Bringin' it Backwards!

🎶 We love this podcast here at #Bringin' it Backwards! There is so much important information. Every episodes are reasonable and growing! We followed and subscribed on several platforms! So should you!🎶

💖 Cy_Dune

I just recently started listening & I’m thrilled to have found this podcast. Adam & Tera are an interested & genuine interviewer, asking things about what we the listener would like to know. Their interview with Cy Dune was phenomenal!

Great Pod.👏

Love this podcast! I find this podcast's interviewing style to be warm and engaging. I’m so impressed with the amount of knowledge that has about so many topics. Here has a way of making every of this guests seem interesting.

Great Interviews🎶🎶🎶

I love this podcast! With every guest, their individual stories give so much insight and inspiration. So entertaining, can’t seem to stop watching!

Inspiring & Informative!🎶

BiB is awesome. Always inspiring, informative, funny, open minded, and great conversation. Please, Keep it up! Thanks for inspiring the musicians world!