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Oct. 2, 2022

Interview with The Higher

We had the pleasure of interviewing The Higher over Zoom video.

The Higher recently released their first single since their 2009 LP It’s Only Natural titled “Free Ride.” This new single comes ahead of the band's newly announced EP Elvis in...

We had the pleasure of interviewing The Higher over Zoom video.

The Higher recently released their first single since their 2009 LP It’s Only Natural titled “Free Ride.” This new single comes ahead of the band's newly announced EP Elvis in Wonderland, which is entirely produced by Mike Pepe (Taking Back Sunday, As It Is, Bayside, Anthony Green.) Elvis in Wonderland hits DSPs October 14, 2022 via Secret Friends Music Group, and will be available on vinyl in collaboration with Take This To Heart Records and Parting Gift Records.

The Higher rode the wave of pop-rock stardom in the early 2000’s after sharing the stage with emo greats including Panic! At The Disco, Taking Back Sunday, Motion City Soundtrack, Silverstein, and more. Their unique brand of rock fused with a hint of groove landed their fan-favorite On Fire LP a #9 spot on the Billboard Heatseekers Charts, on heavy rotation on multiple MTV channels, and on the radar of top tastemakers including SPIN, Kerrang!, Fuse, and more.

Now the Epitaph Records alumni are taking everything they know from the major stages of their early days to shine brighter than ever for their 2022 comeback. The new tracks encompass their rejuvenated sound and fresh era fusing elements of dance pop, emo, and R&B with a pop-punk edge. With Seth Trotter on vocals, Reggie Ragan on guitar and vocals, and George Lind rounding out the lineup on drums.

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What is going on?! It's Adam. Welcome back to Bringing It Backwards, a podcast where both legendary and rising artists tell their own personal stories of how they achieved stardom. On this episode, we hung out with Seth from the band, The Higher Over Zoom video. Seth was born and raised in Las Vegas. Talks about how he got into music. Started off singing, actually was a great singer. Did Chorus Choir. Ended up getting involved in theater, joined a musical through musical theater in high school and that's where the bass player, the hire saw him and was like, Hey man, we have this band. 4 (1m 52s): We'd love for you to be the singer of it. And that's how he ended up joining The Hire. Really had no intention of starting a band. Their band starts to do very, very well. Pretty quickly their touring a bit playing New Mexico and Utah and California end up getting signed while Seth was still in high school. He was a senior in high school. And the band signs with Fiddler Records, he talks about that actually being signed out of high school. His mom wrote him outta high school for the rest of the year. They're signed to Fiddler Records. He talks about that getting signed to then Epi the band, eventually breaking up in 2009, which led to this massive hiatus. 4 (2m 33s): And during the pandemic, the guys started talking, decided to meet up in LA and started demoing out some new songs. They wrote an entire ep. Seth talks about that, how it was getting back together with the guys writing some music, putting out their first song since 2019, which is a song called Free Ride. And we hear all about their new EP coming out called Elvis in Wonderland. You can watch the interview with Seth on our Facebook page and YouTube channel at bringing it backwards. It would be awesome if you subscribe to our channel, like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok at Bringing back Pod. And if you're listening to this on Spotify Apple Music podcast, we would love it if you follow us there as well and hook us up with a five star review. 5 (3m 23s): We'd appreciate your support. If you follow and subscribe to our podcasts, wherever you listen to podcasts, 4 (3m 29s): We're bringing it backwards with the Hire. What's up man? How are you? 6 (3m 34s): Hey, how's it going? 4 (3m 36s): Doing well, Doing well. I appreciate you doing this. 6 (3m 39s): Yeah, yeah. Thanks for having me. Sure. Appreciate you. 4 (3m 42s): Excuse me, I'm Adam and this podcast about you and your journey in music. We'll talk about the new song Free Ride and the EP you guys have coming out and tour and all that fun stuff, if that's cool. 6 (3m 54s): Sounds great. 4 (3m 56s): Awesome man. Well, Seth, talk to me about where were you born and raised in Vegas? Is that what I read, where the band started in Vegas? 6 (4m 2s): Yep. So our band started in Vegas. I also was born and raised in Vegas. We all kind of grew up here and you know, after our little stint a couple years ago, we, we all kind of spread out around the country, but I'm still living here in Vegas. 4 (4m 19s): Okay. Oh, like when Covid hit or something? Like, is that what you meant? Or like something happened like 6 (4m 24s): Yeah, no, well our, our band kind of probably about eight years ago, you know, stopped playing music for a little while and kind of all, you know, we all got Yeah, yeah, 4 (4m 36s): Yeah. Okay. That's what I, 6 (4m 37s): Okay. That thing for a while. I mean, Covid is kind of what, what revamped our, our band to be completely honest. 4 (4m 44s): Oh wow. Okay. Yeah, I wanna talk to you about that cuz this is the first song you guys have put out in a handful. Like what, nine years or something like that? Yeah, like four Sense, like oh nine. Right. Yeah. 6 (4m 53s): Wow. 4 (4m 54s): Okay. That's cool. And I dig it man Free Ride. I like the song a lot. 6 (4m 57s): Thank you. Yeah. 4 (4m 59s): Okay, well let's rewind that. So born and raised in Vegas. What was it like around up Vegas? How close are you to the, like the strip and that insanity? 6 (5m 7s): So, I mean, we're probably still like 20 minutes out from the Strip, but anywhere you are in Vegas, you're about 20, 30 minutes out from the strip. Okay. Yeah, I mean even though Vegas is relatively a big town, it's also relatively a small town. So I mean, growing up here you, you get used to the, the glitz and the glam of the casinos. It kind of becomes second, second nature to you. 4 (5m 34s): Was this something like, I'm always curious, like if you're growing up there and the weekend comes in your, you know, in high school, did you just go, Cause you could essentially just go out there right and like just cause a ruckus cuz it's just like 24 7 people just getting weird out there. 6 (5m 50s): Yeah, I mean it's, it's Las Vegas, it's where people go to escape. So there's, there's a lot of DeBry that is happening around and when you're young it's very easy to sneak yourself into a couple places and have, have a good time. 4 (6m 7s): Yeah, I can imagine. Wow. Okay. Then how did you get into music musical household? 6 (6m 12s): You know, I, yeah, I, I just grew up around music. My, my, my family, my folks had me listening to a lot of music. You know, I, growing up they would put me in different, like choirs and things like that. And so I was definitely very familiar with music growing up, 4 (6m 28s): Singing it sounds like too, like a lot 6 (6m 30s): Singing. My mom got me into piano when I was really young, so I kind of had an ear for, for music growing up, pretty much. 4 (6m 41s): How long did you keep playing piano or can you still play piano? 6 (6m 44s): You know, I, I, I can, I can play the Keys but I'm not what I would call a concert ps do you know what I mean? I can't really read music that fast. It takes me a little bit longer if 4 (6m 58s): Sure, sure. And when do you, like, are you in chorus inquiring everything through middle school, high school or was 6 (7m 4s): That something, you know, I, I, I was and I wasn't. So I mean I, my mom would get me in like choirs and stuff like that growing up. And then once I got to like middle school, it wasn't cool so I was like, Oh mom, I wanna learn guitar. So she let me get into guitar class, which then I ended up doing a lot of theater and stuff like that. And in high school theater came across a musical, which I was like, well I'm not gonna miss out on a, a theater production, I'm gonna do the musical. And then I realized, oh shit, I can sing a lot better than most kids can. Oh, I didn't even really realize that. 6 (7m 45s): And I think it grew from there that she ended up, I ended up joining Choir halfway through high school. That's where I met our bass player, Jay Centeno. And that's kind of how our band started is he heard me inquire and was like, Hey, you know, I'm singing in this band, but you should be singing in our band. 4 (8m 7s): Oh wow. So you, they were already a band you just kind of joined in? 6 (8m 10s): Yeah, yeah. Well, I mean they, I mean relatively, they had had like two or three practices and written a song or two and okay. They were like, ah, you know, I'm thinking about stopping playing guitar cuz we have like three guitarists but no basis and I think when I'm gonna take up bass, I think you should come in and start singing for us. And so that's kind of how it all happened. 4 (8m 35s): And were you, did you ever have an interest in writing music or writing lyrics or even being in a band 6 (8m 42s): At the time? I hadn't even put any thought into that when he asked me to do it. I just thought it would be fun and then it just stemmed into us being pretty good and, you know, it just stemmed into more. 4 (8m 57s): Sure. Okay. So how, what grade were you when you joined the band? 6 (9m 2s): So I was, he, he had just graduated high school, Jay Centeno and he was about two grades above me. So I, I think I joined right out of sophomore year. 4 (9m 15s): Okay. So you still had a couple years of high school then? 6 (9m 18s): Yeah. Yeah. I mean we, we had the band in high school, so I mean I, I did my junior year with like our band just starting and then my senior year about halfway through, it's when we got signed and I, I had my mom sign me out of high school at 17 cuz we were like, Oh yeah, this is a good way that if you sign me out I won't lose my credits and all that. But she didn't know that I had a two month tour, not a two week tour. And, and then it turned into that. 4 (9m 55s): Yeah. So did you guys have, like, tell me about getting signed and, and, and to be in high school get signed. Was that something like, were you playing out a lot or just around Vegas, like how do you get your name? I mean, we were Definit and 6 (10m 7s): We were definitely playing out a lot in Vegas. We were definitely also doing like traveling gigs. We would go to California, New Mexico, different like places that were around Utah that were close but at the same time weren't too far and we could, we could afford to drive to those kinds of places and we just wanted to spread our wings, you know, once we were doing really well in Vegas, we were like, well we wanted to go to California, we wanna go to all these different places. And then once we started playing a couple of those places, that's when we got noticed by Fiddler Records at the time and they signed us and we put out Stars Dead and History Ons. 4 (10m 53s): Wow, okay. And with that like, you know, getting noticed and so you guys probably knew or at like what point did you know, okay, this is really what I wanna do, I mean, to, to be touring and going out outside of the Vegas area to travel to Utah and New Mexico and, and all these things that you're still in high school. Was there like a moment that kind of triggered like, whoa, we're like actually really good, we should continue doing this? 6 (11m 18s): Well, I mean, I think it was just cuz we had labels that we were listening to bands of their, on those labels hitting us up and asking us if we wanted a sign. And I mean, at the time we had a couple of different labels looking at us and the reason we chose Fiddler was cuz when we met the owners, they really felt, we really felt like they knew what we were looking for and they were ready to start helping us right then and there. And I, I think that that is just kind of what convinced us, and I'm really glad we did because we made lifelong friends out of owners of those labels and it, the, they, they're definitely good people. 6 (12m 0s): So we're, I'm glad that we had our, our stint with Fiddler, but it also helped us get noticed again by more of a, a bigger label and that's when we ended up signing with the Epit records. 4 (12m 14s): Yeah, that's like, I mean, you guys signed a two like legit record labels. I mean, right out the gate. I mean, with, with Fiddler you had, I mean, I think Newfound Glory put a record out with them and Dashboard had records with them. The Blend Records with, I mean like the, the List 6 (12m 29s): The Blood is my favorite hardcore band to this date and Oh, is that, I mean, there were great bands like Recover 4 (12m 35s): Oh yeah, 6 (12m 36s): Recover. They, they, they, they, they, I would say that Amy and Jay, they definitely had an ear for, for talent and they definitely signed some really good, good bands and they, you know, they had really good intentions with Fiddle records. I really think that without Fiddler Records, you know, our band needed that time to grow and they definitely are the kind, they the kind of people that were nurturing us at the time. 4 (13m 4s): Was that, that must have been a big, obviously a big moment. Like were are you still in high school when you signed that deal? That's how you got out, like your mom signed 6 (13m 11s): Out or whatever? I was the only one that was still in high school at that time, but yeah, it was, it was just really cool to get signed in high school. 4 (13m 19s): Right. Like were other kids jealous of you? Or like, were there other bands in the scene that were like, oh, like did 6 (13m 26s): And they didn't see me? You know, I, I came back to school for a couple weeks after Christmas break and then I signed out and we were on tours. So, 4 (13m 37s): But I mean, even in before that, like to have the kind of build up and have people interested and notice and have your band selling venues, you know, you know what I mean? 6 (13m 46s): Oh, definitely, definitely. We were definitely like the band that at the venues like House of Blues and the Huntridge at the time, those people would put us on the show because they knew that we would, well they knew we would flyer the hell out of it and they knew that we would get kids there. And so we ended up getting to play with all of our favorite kind of artists at the time. And it was a great moment for sure. 4 (14m 12s): Yeah, I, I grew up in San Diego, I'm in Nashville now, but that was like, there's a club there called Soma, I don't know you maybe. Yeah, 6 (14m 20s): We definitely played Soma. 4 (14m 21s): Yeah, I was gonna say you guys have probably played it, that was the spot for, for bands, you know, if you could sell tickets, they would get you on, like you could, you could open a main stage show or something like that. And like, I remember bands like, you know, Pierce Avail now, which they were called early times back then. Like they would open for somebody and then they would chance to play the main state and then like now they're massive. But it's like, it's cool to see those clubs and I don't even know if if clubs like that still exist, are they still doing that? I feel like that's 6 (14m 49s): Scene 4 (14m 50s): Kind of not around. I 6 (14m 51s): Was in San Diego last, I saw Selma still, still, 4 (14m 54s): Well SMAs still kicking it, but are they like 6 (14m 56s): Still there, man? 4 (14m 58s): No, I know they're 6 (14m 60s): So, I mean, some of them still exist, 4 (15m 2s): But I mean like in the sense of if you're in a local band and you start and they'll give you a shot, like to sell, you sell a hundred tickets this day and you know, maybe the next time a national touring act comes through, like you'll get to like play on that bill. You know what I mean? Like, I don't know if those like, if that hierarchy is there anymore. 6 (15m 21s): Yeah, I mean, well I mean now it promotion is a lot different than it was back then. You know, like I said, we would flyer the hell out of our stuff and make sure that kids knew. But now you just posted online, I mean 4 (15m 36s): Sure. Now they're gonna go off Instagram followers. Yeah, 6 (15m 40s): All digital now. 4 (15m 41s): Oh man. Wow. That's so exciting though. So you signed that deal, what was it like, you know, you leave at, you said 17 and now you're on the road for two months, like you signed. Who do you, who do they put you on the road with and was that experience? 6 (15m 55s): I wanna say one of our very first tours was with a band called Park. Okay. And they were a band I was really, we were all f familiar with at the time and really loved, we had just played a, a show with them and Yellow Cards starting line in early November Wow. At the Huntridge. And we were like, Oh man, this band park is awesome. And so they had us go out on tour with them. And then after that we, you know, we just kind of bounced from here and there to different tours. We did some Warp tour dates, we did some dates with name taken, 4 (16m 35s): There were another band on. They're also Yeah, they're also Fitter Band, right? 6 (16m 40s): Yep. And then once we kind of had kind of done that for about a year or so, that was when we got signed by Epi Records and we just started landing a lot more tours. We got ourselves a decent booking agent, so 4 (16m 54s): Sure. Obvi, I mean, to go to Epi, which I'm sure were bands that you also grew up on, I mean, from that 6 (17m 2s): Oh yeah, absolutely. Like, I mean, when, when we signed Epi they, they still had Motion City soundtrack. We were huge fans of Motion City. They had just signed our friends in town, which was more of a screamo band, but called Escape the Fate. Oh. Which at the time still had Ronnie Raki in the band. And then our friends in this band called The Matches. 4 (17m 28s): Oh yeah, I know the Matches. I remember seeing them play at, at Selma back, like when I was in high school. 6 (17m 35s): Yep. And if, if, you know, you may have seen us play with them because we did a lot of touring with the matches For sure. And they're, they're one of my favorite bands still to this state. They, they just released a really cool DVD or I guess just like, you know, documentary that you can download Bleeding audio. And it's really cool just to kind of see their story because we take so many similarities with, you know, how they got started and coming up in their hometown and then getting signed and doing the touring circuit. So 4 (18m 12s): That's really cool. That's really cool. Yeah, I mean, to, to be on Epi a for me growing up like that would've just been like, like mind blowing, like between Epi TAF or Victory who ended up screwing a bunch of bands or you know, Helpless 6 (18m 29s): Or Yeah. We, I mean those were the bands or the labels that were after us, you know, at the time we were talking to Drive through Records we were talking, I had 4 (18m 37s): Drive Through was massive. Yeah. 6 (18m 38s): Yeah. I mean, Fuel By Ramen at that time had just kind of really taken off. There were a lot of labels that were interested in us at the time. And when Mr. Brett came to our show at the Roxy, we kind of, we were big fans of Bad Religion 4 (18m 56s): Sure. 6 (18m 58s): And we were like, Oh, this is so cool. And our band didn't really like look like what Epi had at the time. It, we were kind of like different on that roster and we kind of felt like we would shine more or get more attention, you know, by doing that. And so that's when, you know, we signed with Epi and the rest was history after that. 4 (19m 24s): That's incredible, man. I mean, and then obviously that's probably adds another layer, right? That you're kind of jumping up on the totem pole next level when you hit up on Epi. 6 (19m 34s): Yeah, once we had Epitaph, we got ourselves a really good booking agent and we're able to play a lot more tours with a lot more, you know, great artists. I mean, we gotta play with Emory Silverstein, we gotta do the Epi tour. That was with Escape the Fate in the Matches. And those guys, we did a lot of the Warp Tour, circuit Panic at the disco, took us out on their very first headlining tour. We played Selma on that tour. I 4 (20m 1s): Mean, that's crazy. 6 (20m 2s): That was crazy 4 (20m 3s): Sale band. That band blew up. I mean yeah, I mean that one record, 6 (20m 7s): We were from Vegas and we were like the band in Vegas and you know, when they came out with their EP and their very first tour was with Fallout Boy. And so their very first headlining tour, they took us out on tour. So it was like, it was a pass of the torch for sure. They, they played Soma, they, they played all three rooms, you know, where they take the walls out between all of the rooms that they had Oh, 4 (20m 35s): Right. To 6 (20m 35s): Make it a huge venue. Yeah. And that's what they did for, for Soma, for Panic. And yeah, we just had opportunities after opportunities and were able to play with like all the bands we loved. So it was great. 4 (20m 49s): That's cool. I mean, yeah, I didn't think about that. Yeah. Their Vegas band and they were kind of like picked out though by Pete Wentz, right. He was like, he found, discovered them so to speak. I wonder they had like a, were they like an active band? Like when you guys were around there, like did you know where 6 (21m 8s): You were? They had even messaged us and their name at the time wasn't Panic at the Disco, their name was Pet Salamander. 4 (21m 18s): Yeah, 6 (21m 18s): No joke. And they had written us and were like, Hey, we haven't played a show, but were really big fans of your band any chance you put us on. And at the time we didn't put bands on that weren't either known in Vegas or we knew were gonna fly our show and really get kids out. So we were like, ah, you know, we need to, you need to put out some music or have something to promote, you know, for us to put you on a show. So we didn't, but the one or two kids came out to our show that were like the main guys in the band, Ryan Ross and Brendan Uri and came and saw us play a couple times and then they got, there was a band called The Cab that was, you know, similar music to us from Vegas. 6 (22m 7s): And they had just kind of emerged and Panic at the Disco was like, Hey, we got this five song EP sent it to Pete. We, Pete Wentz liked it so much that he put them on tour with them for their very first tour ever. 4 (22m 24s): That's 6 (22m 25s): So they, they hadn't even, they had played zero shows 4 (22m 29s): At 6 (22m 30s): The time. And so they played one Vegas show I remember, and then jumped on the panic at the, or jumped on the Fallout Boy tour. And then after Fallout Boy was done, their band was already huge by that point. It was like, this band is the new it band of this year. And they did their own headlining tour and the rest was history from there. Man, they, they blew up that year. 4 (22m 54s): Sure. Now he's doing songs with Taylor Swift and, you know. Yeah. 6 (22m 57s): Oh and, and yeah. Now I would say even they've, they've gravitated even to being bigger bands than their predecessors at the time, you know. Sure. Which was like fall Up boy. People used to hear panic and be like, Oh, have you heard the new Follow-Up Boy CD and not know that that was Panic at the Disco. And 4 (23m 17s): Yeah. Very similar voice. 6 (23m 19s): Now people pro, especially this day and age would know Panic at the disco over follow-up Boy, you know, Crazy. Which is greatly to me, 4 (23m 27s): That is Wow. Didn't Pat Patrick's Stump remix one of your songs? 6 (23m 32s): Yep. Patrick stumped in a remix of our song Pace Yourself. That's pretty cool. And that was on, on Fire and that was, that was definitely really cool at the time, you know, he had been working with a lot of hip hop artists and we were huge fans of Patrick, so it was just the, the right song to throw into his hands. He kinda gave this just in Timberlake est vibe and I, I really enjoyed it. 4 (23m 57s): That's cool. That is really cool. And so what, 20 2009? Everything kind of, I mean, I don't know if you wanna get into it, but like everything kind of, you guys go on a hiatus or, 6 (24m 9s): Yeah, I mean, it, it just had been, we had been playing for eight or nine years, you know, and the shows were getting, you know, less and less heads. We were playing smaller venues once we had kind of parted ways with one of our booking agents that wasn't getting us very good tours. We kind of just were like, Ah, you know, guys, maybe let's take some time off. We thought it was gonna be just kind of a might hiatus. And you know, at the time we kind of, that's kind of when we all just split and went our own ways. And a lot of us moved out of Vegas and got different jobs and so that's kind of where the hire kind of broke up, I would say, for a little while. 6 (24m 53s): And kind of just did our own thing. 4 (24m 56s): And what got you guys back together? You said Covid kind of did. 6 (24m 59s): I would say that Covid really helped. I mean, what happened as Covid when Covid happened, we all, you know, had breaks from our job. We had all had enough time that we had all been writing separately. So you 4 (25m 15s): Continued to write music. Were you ever, did you ever join another band during those 6 (25m 20s): Years? I, I never did. One of our guitarist did his own band for a while, called More and More, but we all kind of, I I was doing like the cover band stuff here in Vegas. And even still to this day, I, I do some of the cover band stuff cuz it's just fun and easy and I know all the lyrics now. So it's just, it's, it's a lot of fun and easy for me cuz I still live in Vegas. Sure. But we all kind of went and did our own things and then once Covid hit we were like, Hey, let's all meet up in LA and demo out a couple songs. And so we did, we met up in LA and myself, Reggie we're, we're the ones that are active players right now, but we also had our old guitarist, Tom Oaks come out and our old basis Jason Teno come out and we were able to write enough material, honestly, for a full length, but we just shopped that around a little bit and ended up getting the interest from our friend Mark with Secret Friends Music Group. 6 (26m 28s): And he was like, Hey guys, these demos are great, let's put out something. And so we just put out the, well we're putting out the ep, we just put out our first single free ride and it's been getting a great response. And in, I wanna say it's September 9th or the 14th or something like that, our next single Elvis in Wonderland comes out, which is the title track from the ep. And then later on in October, the rest of the three tracks will come out and people will be able to hear the first thing out, you know, for, for us in years. So 4 (27m 5s): That, That's exciting. That's really exciting. And you're doing a tour supported and everything, right? 6 (27m 10s): Yeah, yeah. We're gonna, we're gonna, we're we did some festivals, like we did the, so what festival we're doing Furnace Fest later on in September and then the, when we were Hungry Fest. 4 (27m 23s): Oh, you're doing that? 6 (27m 24s): Well, no, so it's called When We Were Young is the Fest that's like the Warp Tour fest. There's so many bands that didn't get on it because that, that festival is gonna be, it's like band after band after band, You know what I mean? They had that lineup before we were even saying we were touring again. And so in town a promoter is like, hey, like the day before when we were young, let's do, when we were Hungry Fest and it'll catch the people that are coming into town for the one we were Young Fest. And so our band Secondhand Serenade a Hello Goodbye. 6 (28m 5s): A couple of different bands. 4 (28m 8s): Yeah. My, my our really good friends ban their unwritten laws playing our really good friends and this Oh yes, got Russa wrote the intro song to our podcast. He actually played at My Wife and I's Wedding. Yeah. That's all I do with, 6 (28m 22s): We played with Unwritten Law back in the day at House of Blues before we were signed. They were like one of the bands that was coming in and we were like, you know, they knew that we would do well sell tickets and I was a big fan of Unwritten Law so we ended up playing with them. That's cool. Funny story with Unwritten Law. We actually bought this merch case from a promoter in Vegas who had button it from Unwritten Law and that merch case it, that lasted us so many tours with that merch case. It was 4 (28m 52s): Credible. That's hilarious. That's hilarious. I'm looking at the lineup now. They play on the Thursday with Black Flag and Mad Ball. You guys are on the next, the night, next night 6 (29m 2s): We're the next following night. Yeah. 4 (29m 4s): Wow. That's so cool. That is so funny. 6 (29m 7s): Yeah, there's definitely some great bands on that, on that festival. So it'll be fun. It'll be, you know, great to play Vegas and kind of just, you know, give some of the Hometown fans a good show and then we're gonna go out with a couple of different bands and do like just some, some West coast states. 4 (29m 29s): Yeah. You're playing with Ann Arbor? 6 (29m 31s): Yep. Doing the, doing it with Ann Arbor, a couple other bands and just doing a small West coast and a small East coast state in November. So That's cool. That'll be fun. 4 (29m 43s): Yeah. I, I love, I like Ann Arbor. I I interviewed Slate and Danny, I think it's just the two of them now right? That are left. 6 (29m 50s): Yeah, that's, that's the, that's pretty much the band. I mean at this point it's just me and Reggie for the hire. I mean, we picked up our old, our our most recent drummer, George is playing drums, but I mean he kind of wasn't really as much in on the writing process. So it's just us three as far as the original members that are touring. And I, I yet, I mean, it's gonna be fun. I mean I'm, I'm excited to play some of these old places that we haven't played in a long time. We get to play in San Diego though it's not at Selma. 4 (30m 25s): Where are you playing? I've never even heard of this venue and maybe it's just like 6 (30m 28s): On my, and I, I mean we were sketched out about it at first, but I, I guess the, the guy that's promoting it does really well promoting it. And I know kids have already picked up tickets from San Diego because they're writing us on, you know, our Instagram and stuff like that. Like got my tickets. So I mean, 4 (30m 49s): Dude cool. I'm like, yeah, no, that's amazing. And from what I saw I'm like, what the hell? I thought I'm, cuz I've, I'm, I was born and raised in San Diego, lived there basically my whole life except for a handful of years in San Francisco. And I moved to Nashville, my family about a year and a half ago and I'm like, Where is this venue? I'm like, showroom? I'm like, is this new? Like, I've never even heard of this thing and, but I looked it up. It looks like it's around Balboa Park area. 6 (31m 18s): Yep, yep. And I mean, it should, it should be good. I mean, at least it's given us a chance to, to play to, you know, the San Diego crowd. We, we knew we were gonna be in coming through that town that day. So it just, just worked out and, you know, we'll get to play up in the House of Blues in Anaheim and we'll get to play at the Roxy. So 4 (31m 40s): Yeah, it's huge 6 (31m 41s): Older venues. It'll be a lot of fun. 4 (31m 43s): Very cool, man. Very cool. And so you have an EP coming out and then is the, this is sounds like the band's back together and 6 (31m 52s): Doing things 4 (31m 53s): Now we've, as that goes, 6 (31m 55s): I tell you, I mean we're, we're wanting to jump back in the studio after this EP is out and maybe do like a couple more singles in a, in a full length and just keep pumping out music and, you know, it's been great, the response that we've gotten a free ride and I think it's just kind of inspired us to just keep putting out music and, and having fun. 4 (32m 17s): Was it hard to kind of shift the approach of, you know, presenting the record and the songs since, I mean, 2009 to now? Like how, how, you know, with the single game and then the social media TikTok and all that stuff, was that hard to like adapt? Yeah, 6 (32m 35s): I mean we, at the time we were MySpace band, you know? Right. And that was what was prevalent I would say. Even as we were leaving, that's when Facebook just started becoming the more popular. 4 (32m 50s): Yeah. E e even like, that was, I remember that's when people started making Facebook pages that were like, on my space. Like my space was still the biggest thing. And it was like starting to trickle over into Facebook around 2, 2 9. 6 (33m 3s): And we made a Facebook in the last year that we were a band and then we kind of stepped away from the game. And so, you know, we had fans on Facebook, but we didn't really have the Instagram and TikTok fans that people have now because they've been building their social media. So, I mean, we just recently, you know, this last year jumped back on the, the bandwagon with all these new socials and just learning how to play the game. You know, it's, it's a different game than it was. We used to be selling CDs, now we're just trying to get people to add us on their Spotify and their, you know, Apple music and stuff like that. So it's, it's crazy Now we're selling our vinyls, you know what I mean? 6 (33m 46s): Because vinyls are collector items. 4 (33m 49s): Sure. Well it's cool to have a vinyl, right? I mean, at least it's a big physical thing and not some CD that's gonna, they have nothing to play with. 6 (33m 56s): Now I collect vinyl myself as you can kind see. 4 (33m 59s): Same here. 6 (34m 0s): So, so I was really stoked to be able to kind of press our old CD on fire to vinyl. That's what we did this year. And then this new EP that we're putting out will be on vinyl as well. 4 (34m 11s): Killer man. Well thank you so much for doing this. I, I appreciate your time today. Yeah, 6 (34m 16s): Dude, thank you for your time, man. I, I mean I hope that our past cross at some point, if you wanna come out to the San Diego show Yeah. 4 (34m 24s): That 6 (34m 26s): I'll show you on the list. 4 (34m 27s): Yeah. Come, You should come east towards Nashville area. Oh yeah, 6 (34m 30s): That's where you're at now in Nashville. 4 (34m 33s): I would be at the San Diego show if I was there. 6 (34m 35s): So he's been trying to rally a show out there for sure. That'd 4 (34m 39s): Be killer man. 6 (34m 40s): It just may not be until the new year. 4 (34m 42s): Love it. Well, I have one more question before I let you go. I want to know if you have any advice for aspiring artists. 6 (34m 49s): You know, I mean, just the, the main thing is just having content. I mean, I, I I find that now jumping back into it, you know, a lot of these bands are just talking every day and, you know, staying active with their users and their listeners. And, and I really think that that's important. I mean, now in today's age, that's the best and easiest way to reach your, your target audience. So just staying active with them and posting, posting, posting and, you know, after a certain amount of time, you'll catch the right ear of the right person and then anything is possible, man.