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Oct. 8, 2022

Interview with Surf Curse

We had the pleasure of interviewing Surf Curse over Zoom video.

Surf Curse’s MAGIC HOUR includes the latest single and standout track, “Arrow,” alongside another recent single, “Self Portrait,” which was released alongside an official music video...

We had the pleasure of interviewing Surf Curse over Zoom video.

Surf Curse’s MAGIC HOUR includes the latest single and standout track, “Arrow,” alongside another recent single, “Self Portrait,” which was released alongside an official music video directed by Nathan Castiel and Nick Rattigan:

The highly anticipated album also includes energetic singles “Self Portrait,” “Lost Honor,” “TVI,” and the power pop anthem, “Sugar,” the latter of which has already garnered over 6.6M streams worldwide. The band is currently on tour following sold-out shows this summer in London, Paris, and Berlin, as well as stand out performances at Coachella and Primavera’s debut LA incarnation last month.

Founded in Reno, NV by Nick Rattigan (lead vocals, drums) and Jacob Rubeck (guitar), Surf Curse have been crafting a multifaceted sound informed by indie, punk, pop, psych rock, and more for nearly a decade. 2020 saw the band’s breakthrough with the surprise TikTok success of “Freaks,” which has earned over 650M worldwide streams and RIAA platinum certification more than eight years after its original release. Recorded at New York City’s iconic Electric Lady Studios, MAGIC HOUR now sees the band testing the boundaries of their seasoned indie rock approach, exploring a wide range of sonic styles and colors with founders Rattigan and Rubeck now joined by new members Noah Kohll (guitars) and Henry Dillon (bass). The newly expanded lineup allows Surf Curse to push their already ambitious songcraft even further than ever before, spanning the blistering album-opener, “Arrow,” to the somber rock of “No Tomorrows.”

Surf Curse is celebrating MAGIC HOUR with an epic world headline tour, starting off across the Atlantic for a major EU/UK tour, followed by a North American headline kicking off with a pair of special Halloween shows at Las Vegas, NV’s sold out AREA15 (October 30) and San Diego, CA’s SOMA (October 31) and then traveling through Reno, NV for a sold out show at The Holland Project and a hometown finale at Hollywood, CA’s famed Hollywood Palladium on December 17. Special guests throughout the North American tour include Toner, Grumpy, and others to be announced. For complete details and ticket information, please visit

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What's going on?! It's Adam. Welcome back to Bringing it Backwards, a podcast where both legendary and rising artists tell their own personal stories of how they achieve stardom. On this episode, we had a chance to hang out with Jacob, Nick, Noah, and Henry of the Surf Curse Over Zoom video. Jacob and Nick grew up just outside of Vegas. They attended different high schools, but knew each other since high school, so they've got some funny stories of them growing up together. Eventually moving to Reno and that's where Surf Curse initially formed. 3 (2m 5s): Noah and Henry joined the band a few years ago. Noah was born and raised in Nebraska, played in a bunch of different bands, has been in touring bands for a number of years. Met Nick and Jacob through other bands that he had been playing in. Henry was born and raised in Oklahoma City in Oklahoma. He's classically trained on guitar plays, classical guitar. Ended up going to college for that in LA and that's where he met Nick and Jacob. So we hear the story of how all four of them are now collectively. Surfers, Jacob and Nick talk about recording Freaks back in, I think 2012 and it's recently had this new life on TikTok where near, you know, 550 million streams on Spotify. 3 (2m 50s): So we hear about the success of that song and all about the new album, which is called Magic Hour. And the guys discuss writing as a four piece and how that's really evolved, the band. You can watch our interview with Surf Curse on our Facebook page and YouTube channel at bringing it backwards. It'd be amazing if you subscribe to our channel, like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok at Bringing Back Pod. And if you're listening to this on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Podcasts, good pods, it'd be awesome if you follow us there as well. Hook us up with a five star review. 4 (3m 29s): We'd appreciate your support if you follow and subscribe to our podcasts, wherever you listen to podcasts. 3 (3m 35s): Or bring in a backwards with Surf Curse. How are you today, Adam? I'm doing well man. How are you? Yeah, great. Thanks for doing this. I'm super excited. 5 (3m 45s): What's up man? 3 (3m 46s): Hey. Hey, to meet you. Nice to meet you as well. I appreciate you. 5 (3m 49s): I got very distracted by the, the background. 3 (3m 54s): It's all good 5 (3m 55s): Background stuff and I feel like I'm now being rude. 3 (3m 59s): Oh no, you're not at all. Hey, not at all. What's going on? Hello, how are you? I'm chill. How are you? I'm doing well. I'm doing well. I appreciate it. Hey Jacob, 5 (4m 15s): Can you hear me? Noah, where's your mic? 3 (4m 18s): I don't have one dude. 5 (4m 21s): So I was listening back to amateur hour over here. Geez. I was listening back to the other podcast we did and I realized I sounded so bad because I didn't have a freaking microphone. 3 (4m 32s): Oh, it sounds good on this end. 5 (4m 35s): Yeah, well now I'm all, Now I'm set. 3 (4m 39s): You're all micd up. 5 (4m 41s): I'm micd up, 3 (4m 42s): But Noah doesn't sound bad. Maybe it's just the computer speaker. That sounds it Not bad. 5 (4m 47s): It's not bad. You just sound like, you just sound like the emperor. 3 (4m 51s): It sound bad. Well, I appreciate you all doing this. I'm Adam, and this podcast is about you guys and your journey in music. And I wanna talk about the, the new music you've been putting out and what you guys got going on. I know you're playing here in Nashville. I moved to Nashville recently and you have two nights here, which is Rad. Oh, awesome. Yeah, Nashville Rules. Yeah, so that'll be exciting. I wanna go check you guys out for sure. I originally from San Diego and I moved here. There's a little over a year ago. I love it. But I You guys are based in LA now? Yep. Yes sir. Cool. Awesome. Well, yeah, we always start off with kind of in the origin of the band, if that's cool. 3 (5m 32s): Were you all born in, were you all from the same area? I know the band kind of formed in in Reno, right? But like a couple of you were from outside of Vegas. Is that what I saw? 5 (5m 44s): We were all born in the same hospital. That's crazy. And what day? The same, We actually, they actually got, they got like our names, tags mixed up and stuff, so we all ended going to the same house and then Gru, I'm just kidding. We're from, Me and Jacob are from Vegas. 3 (6m 2s): Okay. 5 (6m 3s): I'm from city 3 (6m 5s): Oklahoma. Oklahoma. Okay. What about you now? 6 (6m 8s): I'm from Omaha, Nebraska. Not to be confused with Oklahoma, cuz people always think I'm from Oklahoma, cuz I say Omaha. 3 (6m 16s): Oh yeah, sure. Okay. Omaha 5 (6m 18s): Sounds like that. Sounds like that road trip joke. Do you remember the movie Road trip? 6 (6m 22s): Yeah. Did we watch that in with Toronto? 5 (6m 25s): No, we watched Euro Trip. Oh 3 (6m 27s): We watched Euro trip. 5 (6m 28s): Which, which is, which is actually a better movie. It's Funer. Yeah. And holds up. But Road Trip there's the Tom, Tom Tom 3 (6m 37s): Greens in that, right? Yeah, yeah, 5 (6m 39s): Yeah. It's the Tom Green joke. That's so funny. And he's like, he can't, he keeps on calling it Austin, Massachusetts or, or like, or like Bo and then and, but they're going to Boston and then the whole, the, there's a running joke throughout the movie where he keeps going. They're like, Where are they going to? And he's like, Austin, Austin, Massachusetts. And then they're like, Boston. And then he's like, No, Boston. I don't know. Like I'm, I'm, I'm literally destroying the joke right now. Like, cuz I can't remember how it is cause I haven't seen that movie since I was like 13. But 3 (7m 12s): Sure. But that's awesome. Well, cool. So let's get into how you, Well let's go back to the beginning then. Okay. So we'll start with the Noah Omaha, Nebraska born and raised there. Tell me about that a little bit. 6 (7m 28s): Sorry, the loud car just drove by. What'd you say? 3 (7m 31s): Say, I said you're from, so you're from Omaha, Nebraska. And tell me about that. What was it like growing up there? 6 (7m 38s): It was great. I grew up, there was a really nice small music scene there and I just was affiliated with that and I helped run a venue when I was in high school and yeah, it was nice. 3 (7m 58s): Did you play a guitar? Was that the first instrument you learned? 6 (8m 0s): Yeah, I started playing guitar when I was six. 3 (8m 3s): Wow. Yeah. Were you, what drew you to guitar? You have a musical household, your parents play at 6 (8m 9s): All Angus Young from acdc, 3 (8m 11s): Is that right? Yeah. You just were just a fan of acdc your, your parents into acdc. 6 (8m 19s): My like elementary school best friend's brother showed me Highway to hell. And then I was Hook, I don't come from a musical family. Okay. Yeah, 5 (8m 30s): No, that played in the car yesterday and I thought of 6 (8m 32s): You. Really? Yeah. That's awesome. 3 (8m 37s): That's cool. So, so ACDC started it and then from there you just kept playing guitar, You played in bands through high school. Sounds like you booked venue. 6 (8m 45s): So in high school I joined a Riot Girl band and I was, I played drums and that was my first band and it kind of sounded like a bikini kill and all that, like k record stuff. And then I was in like a bunch of different bands in Omaha and like all these like cool bands came through Omaha playing these like smaller venues. So I got to make a lot of friends that way. And then I moved to New York and I played in this band called Navy Gangs. And that's how I met Nick and Jacob cuz we would play shows together. And then I met Henry at a current Joys show and now I live in LA and I'm in Surf Curse. 3 (9m 31s): Cool man. That's, Did you, so you guys met in New York originally, Noah and Jacob, you met, you guys met you, you met, Sorry, you guys met in, in New York just playing shows, but then you ended up, the band started when you got to la correct? No Surfers. Yeah. 5 (9m 50s): So sorry 3 (9m 51s): Was confusing everybody here. 5 (9m 53s): No, it's okay. So the Or Noah. Yeah. No, Noah and Henry joined the band about two, three years ago now. 3 (10m 3s): Okay. 5 (10m 5s): Yeah. But the band, so 3 (10m 6s): That's where I got 5 (10m 7s): Confused for like 12, 13. 3 (10m 9s): Yeah. Cuz the first record came out in 2000. The first album was 2013. That's where I got confused. I thought everybody was, that's when it all all started. Got 5 (10m 16s): You. And technically, and technically that's even wrong because we put out, we put out stuff Well, well like, like Jacob. That's, that's, Well the first official album came out in 2013, but me and Jacob released all of the songs on band camp in like 20 11, 20 12. Is that right Jacob? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. 2011. Yeah, we, we released some demos and had some stuff, but they weren't demos at the time. They were the songs we record, we, we rerecorded everything and put, you know, did Buds. But we, but we never planned on rerecorded. 5 (10m 57s): Like, like we, me and Jacob lived in a basement together. Okay. And then we got in a big fight, Jacob moved out. It wasn't because of the fight. Wait, you jumping all, If you wanna talk about all over the place Yeah. Jumping all over the place. But you wanna the, if you wanna know the origin story, The origin story is that me and Nick met in high school when we were living in Henderson, Nevada. Okay. And we did not have like a music scene or anything that we can like really go to or be a part of. We were huge fans of music. We lived through the internet. We lived like, you know, knowing a band was gonna come like six months later and that was like the thing to look forward to. 5 (11m 41s): Okay. And it wasn't until we moved to Reno where we actually had an all ages music venue. Like a place that would actually let us in because everything in Vegas was 21. Plus when we moved to Reno for college, me and Ragan were kind of like, Oh, this is our time to like, be a part of a music scene. Like we can form a band. Like we had these intentions of like, you know, starting something and playing these shows like, and trying to, you know, go elsewhere. So we, we lived in a basement together. We wanted to form a band. We got so annoyed with each other because we were like terrible roommates. I moved out and then, and then I, I kept going over to the basement that we used to live in. 5 (12m 25s): Well the funny thing about, well the funny thing about the fight is like, we had that argument and then like, after the argument we were like, we should start a band. Yeah. We were like, we were like, we were like, we were like, we were like, you know what, we should take this more seriously. Cause we already had been playing music together since high school. Jacob was in, Jacob was in my first, well, our first high school band. And then, and then, you know, was, Well that's, that's an infamous story 3 (12m 57s): Kicked out. 5 (12m 57s): So you kicked out at the high school football game. 3 (12m 60s): Oh really? Okay. Well I'm get that. So you guys grew up, I mean, in the same area. You went to high school together. Well, real quick just to, to get there, Nick, were you born in a musical? Were you, did you grow up in a musical household? And how'd you start in a music? 5 (13m 14s): Not raised in a musical household? Raised in a household of medical professionals. Okay. That's 6 (13m 22s): Funny. Nick. Nick, that's funny because I, 5 (13m 24s): Yeah, because, so I 6 (13m 25s): Would say, I would say that I was also raised in a household of medical professionals as well. 5 (13m 32s): A lot of medical talk. A lot of talk about insurance stuff. 6 (13m 35s): Oh, in Omaha, Big insurance town. 5 (13m 40s): Insur, like medical insurance. Oh yeah. You know, actually one of my first jobs was working in the front. Well I was at, it wasn't official. I was like in middle school or elementary school. And on my days off I would come and work. My mom's a nurse practitioner. I would come and work in her front office and one of my jobs was like sorting medical files. And I would like sort, I would like sort medical files. And then that's how I learned about health insurance at a young age. Because, because because the, the, the women in the front office would tell, would explain to me health insurance and they would be like, Yeah, you have to stamp this one United Healthcare, you have to stamp this one. 5 (14m 20s): And that was like a more advanced job. But I was like, what is this healthcare thing? It doesn't make any sense. And you know what? It still doesn't. 3 (14m 30s): Were your, was your family pushing you towards that, that field? The first practitioner? No. Never. 5 (14m 37s): No. My my mom was like, do whatever the hell you like, She always put me, they, they put me in everything as a kid. Like, I was in like seven different sports Boy Scouts drum. Like, like I started drum lessons when I was like eight years old. So Wow. They were like very supportive of that. It, it wasn't until I was like getting out of college that they were like worried. You know what I mean? 3 (15m 4s): Okay. 5 (15m 6s): You know, 3 (15m 9s): Do something with this. It's 5 (15m 10s): Like, it's, it's endearing as a child, you know, like my child wants to play drums, but what happens when they're like 23 and you know, they're, they're like playing drums still and, you know, going for it. 3 (15m 24s): Did you go to school for music or is something totally different? 5 (15m 27s): No, I went to school for journalism. 3 (15m 30s): Okay. 5 (15m 30s): Yeah. I have a degree in journalism and business administration. 3 (15m 35s): And what, what would you wanna do? Like, Right, 5 (15m 37s): You know what they, you know what they teach you in business school. I was just talking to someone about this the other day. I took this entrepreneurship class and the first thing they teach you is don't go into business for something you love because you'll get too emotional about it. 3 (15m 52s): Interesting. 5 (15m 53s): I don't know if they teach that in every business school, but they taught that at my business school. And guess what? 3 (15m 60s): Yeah. 5 (16m 0s): And guess what 3 (16m 2s): Now of business, I, 5 (16m 4s): Now 3 (16m 4s): I'm, 5 (16m 5s): I have a business of something that I have no emotional attachment to at all 3 (16m 11s): And 5 (16m 11s): It helps me make strategic business decisions. 3 (16m 14s): There you 5 (16m 15s): Go. Oh, I'm be honest because of Nick's like business education. Like, it's like seriously, like if it wasn't for him, like I think we would make all the wrong decisions as far as like everything that we've ever done with this band. Like, it's so insane. Like, like I think a lot of people get screwed over in this industry because it's like they wanna just say yes because it's, it just seems right, you know? But like, because of Nick, like his, he he, he literally can look at anything and be like, well this is wrong and this is wrong and this is right and we should push for this and this and this, you know? And it's like, oh my God. Like thank God, like if he didn't do this in the first place, like who knows like what, how much, you know, in debt we could have been made the wrong business decisions or like whatever, you know, it's kind of like didn't if I, it's a blessing you did that. 5 (17m 6s): In all honesty, the only person I know who, who got a college education, who I'm like, dude, they got you. You know, you pursued that. 3 (17m 15s): Right. Well, 5 (17m 17s): Well, you know, you know, thank God I have like a basic understanding of Excel spreadsheets, you know. 3 (17m 24s): Sure. Well it's interesting because like you said, Jacob is, you're right. Is the, the industry will make you se make it seem like they're the only option for you or you know, they're gonna do these things that no one else can do. And if it's like a record deal is coming towards you, it might be like, Oh my gosh, this is what I need to do. And people just sign off and you have to say no matter what. Right. Right. If you don't, if you don't say yes to us, then we're not gonna come backing off you another deal and no one else is going to care. Exactly. Or you just don't, 7 (17m 53s): Or you just don't need to sign it ever anyways. That's fine. 3 (17m 58s): Right. But that's not how most people will be. It's pitched to them, obviously. Yeah. 5 (18m 4s): Yeah. I mean people always think like, Oh we, this is our only opportunity, you know, or they don't read the fine print or whatever and it's like, and then people get screwed over. Sure. It's cra it's crazy cuz I, and the warnings are always there, you know, there's so many people who have like signed things and they're, and you know, they get screwed over. I literally watch like a interview with The Clash. It's like a bbc like little, like 10 minute documentary that's like on YouTube and it's literally their manager being like, Well these are why this is like, they're like, well the record industry sucks and like this, this is why bands should read the fine print. You don't wanna get screwed over. 5 (18m 45s): And it's like, oh, they're saying this in like, literally like 1979. 6 (18m 49s): That, but that's been happening since, you know, like Chuck Barry signed away all of his publishing rights when he first signed. 5 (18m 56s): Yeah. Even then, 6 (18m 57s): You know, that that's a thing that's been happening since the music industry became a music industry, you know? 5 (19m 4s): Absolutely. Because because there, I mean like, anyone at the top of an industry is just a criminal, like at the end. 3 (19m 12s): Well, I mean, yeah, if they own so many bands have signed away their masters or they're Yeah. Publishing rights or then it's now you, they're either, if they shove your record too, then what are you gonna do? You can't even release the songs. They're just there in the ethos somewhere. Or on their jet. Yeah, they desk. But, okay. Real quick, Jacob. So you guys grew up together, you and Nick grew up together. So tell me about your experience in, in Vegas. 5 (19m 38s): Who was so It was, it was, it's weird because me and Nick actually had a conversation recently about like appreciating the desert. But like at that time there is just such a, a bleakness that goes along with that. Especially growing up in a place, an environment like that. It's, it's dry. There's no plant life except for desert plants. But I mean, it's, it's like everything is forced, you know, the grass, water being wasted, the water that we even taken in, it's, it's mad bad for us at the time. Still there. There's just like, there's no sign of life that's anywhere. 5 (20m 18s): So there's just kind of like this, Oh, I'm, I'm, I'm like closed off in this environment. You know, like the fact that you're young and you're not able to like, and especially like living by curiously, like through the internet, there's no real escapism. That feels real. Like our escapism was like living through the internet and trying to find new music and hanging out with each other. On the weekends. We went, we both went to two different schools and Nick was my best friend. And I would just go over to his house, house like constantly and we'd just watch movies and, and we'd hang out. The, the way that we met was we had a mutual friend who wanted to like start a band. He was like, Jacob, you're gonna play bass, buy a bass guitar. 5 (21m 0s): I'm gonna teach you how to play bass. You're gonna join a band with my friend Nick. I was like, okay. And then he was, we had two band practices and then out at a football game, this guy was like, Hey, you're out of the band. And then this guy and this guy, he pointed at this guy next to me. He's like, This guy's replacing you. And the guy was like, Hey, hey, you doing? It was so insane. And I was like, What? And I'm like sitting there and I like just got kicked out of the band and it was just like such a weird moment. And then it was funny because like, I went to every one of Nick and this guy's shows after that. 5 (21m 43s): And I was like their biggest fan. I was like the guy who got like kicked out. It was like, it was like Jacob, my mom, maybe a few other people. Yeah. You went to the, you went to the battle of the band show that everyone was booing us after like song. I didn't, I did not go to that. I got sick. I got, I had, Oh, who was with that? It was my dad. I had diarrhea. Oh man. Okay. I remember my dad and and another friend went and watched us at that Battle of the bands and we got booed after every song. But they don't, we, we got the biggest mosh pits too. 5 (22m 22s): So like people went the hardest for us, but they also booed us at the same time. Yeah. We were very, very divisive. 3 (22m 29s): Sure. 5 (22m 30s): I wish, I wish I saw that. Honestly. Did 3 (22m 33s): You guys play for very long before, you know, before the two, before you guys started jamming The guy? 5 (22m 39s): I don't think Jake Jacob didn't even make it to a live show. 3 (22m 43s): No, but I mean, after that band kind of 5 (22m 45s): Dissolved. Oh yeah. Well that band was crazy. That guy that is. Oh yeah. That, that guy is insane. That guy is like a serial killer, like secret. 8 (22m 57s): No, 5 (22m 57s): Like he's, he's, he's, he's hyper intelligent and he's scary. So yeah. Anyways, but he showed us all of my favorite, like, he introduced me to the Pixies, so, you know, Gotta love him. 3 (23m 10s): Yeah. He had a decent taste of music or a good taste of music. It sounds like. Good, 5 (23m 14s): Good taste. Well, he, Frank Zap, Frank Zap, Frank Z. Well also we were, I was gonna just say we, we were like hardcore mall rats also me and Jacob. Like yeah, I think we like lived at the mall for 3 (23m 32s): Sure. Well I guess if you're in Vegas, it's 10 million degrees. That's probably a big, a good spot to be. Oh. 5 (23m 37s): And we would walk outside to like, go to, we'd walk from the mall to the Best Buy that was like, there, it's a 10 minute walk, which is insane. Cause like the way that Vegas, like Henderson specifically in Vegas like is, it's like everyone drives. So, and and they, it's very like, oh, everyone shops and everything. So it's like they, they gigantic like parking lots that are just so insane. Everything is like wide and big. So like if we're like, you know, walking everywhere, it's like we're walking these like great distances like in between. So we'd go to the mall, walk over, it's like Lawrence Arabia, CDs, you know, and then, and then like, you know, go listen to 'em. 5 (24m 17s): And I was like, our whole like youth. 3 (24m 20s): Okay. Yeah. 5 (24m 21s): And I was gonna say one thing that was interesting about Vegas is it's like, I'm sure it's the same as how like Henry or Noah felt growing up. Cuz it's like a suburb. It's a suburb except it's in the middle of death of like, literally like, like it's in the middle of, of 125 degree heat with no, like Jacob was saying like no plant life, no anything. You drive to the edge of town and you just see darkness, you know, for miles and miles. 6 (24m 51s): I was in Henderson or like Vegas and I had to stop and fill up gas in Henderson like last year. And it was so hot out and I was like, oh my God. Like these guys grew up here. Yeah. So bad 5 (25m 8s): Dude. Every time you get, every time you get out of your car you're just like, God damn it. Yeah, 3 (25m 15s): You're like, right. 5 (25m 16s): You're just like, you're just like, holy shit, I am burning, I am burning alive. And like those, the worst thing about that is people like wanna be inside all the time. There's no like, there's no like, oh I'm gonna go outside and some fresh air. Like everyone hangs out inside. Therefore everyone is just like in their homes constantly. So like, all, you know, like no offense to my family, they're all, they're all fucking crazy. They're all stir crazy cuz they're like, they pretty much have cabin fever cause they never, it's like going outside is like a nightmare. So they just stay inside all the time. Everyone on those cool Vegas evenings baby. Everyone in Vegas are a bunch of wackos, man. 3 (25m 56s): I was gonna say, so like when Covid happens, it's just like every other day from like sanity. 5 (26m 1s): Yeah. Well no, we're already happened More. More people decided to go gamble. 3 (26m 6s): Oh, interesting. 5 (26m 8s): That go crazy. Oh yeah. Things have opened up a lot faster there. 3 (26m 12s): Oh well Henry, I wanna get to you real quick. So tell, tell me about your, your origin. Sorry. Born and raised. You said Oklahoma? 9 (26m 18s): Raised Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 3 (26m 20s): Yeah. Was that like 9 (26m 22s): Very similar to Noah's? Yeah. Teenage experience I guess. Played in bands playing some punk bands and like some emo bands. Okay. Just the DIY venues and shit like that. And yeah, it was kind of just a place where you had to make your own fun. Like a lot of Midwestern or southern cities moved out to LA for school. 2012 studied classical guitar performance. 3 (26m 52s): Wow. 9 (26m 54s): Degree in classical guitar performance. Which is something, I guess 3 (26m 60s): Sounds 5 (27m 0s): Special, man. Oh yeah. Is it like degree in business management? 9 (27m 5s): Not even close. It's, it's useless compared to that. 5 (27m 9s): That's not true. Henry 6 (27m 11s): Seren entire room though, that's for sure. 9 (27m 14s): Like good Ario Mano 6 (27m 18s): Who, you know, who's got good arpeggios? 9 (27m 20s): Who? That 6 (27m 22s): Trey Anastasio man. Yeah. 5 (27m 24s): The fuck up. 6 (27m 28s): That guy's king. 9 (27m 30s): Oh, did you watch that video of that little kid who played that show with Phish that I sent you the other 6 (27m 34s): Day? Yeah, I did. I actually recently changed my phone. Background did. 5 (27m 39s): Oh my god. I did. God 9 (27m 43s): Seems like a natural transition though. Noah's a huge deadhead and now he's transitioning to fish. A 3 (27m 49s): Fish. Okay. 6 (27m 50s): Yeah, I'm a 3.0 fan. You know, that's 5 (27m 53s): Adam. How, how do you like fish? Have you ever tried, have you ever, have you ever delved in 3 (27m 58s): A little bit? Actually saw Fish when I was living in San Francisco, it was quite the experience. They played like a festival. I can't remember which one it was. Maybe Outside Lands. They played one of those big festivals. 5 (28m 11s): Were you not sober? 3 (28m 14s): I wasn't sober, no, that's perfect. I wasn't. 5 (28m 16s): Okay, good. 6 (28m 18s): No, You know, if you get past the goofy vocals, the jams are so good. That's, that's, 5 (28m 25s): You know, I have, I have a, I have a confession to make. I have a confession to make. Okay. I somehow, well that this is not true actually that I'm thinking of it, but I don't think I've ever listened to a Phish song. 6 (28m 37s): Oh, cool. Well, we're about to be on tour for three months. I was 3 (28m 40s): Gonna say, you guys are gonna have a lot of time together. I, 5 (28m 43s): I rather listen to Grateful Dead the whole time and not, not even with Phish. 3 (28m 49s): Oh man, 6 (28m 50s): It's fun man. It's fun music. 3 (28m 52s): That's funny. So, Well did you play bass in the band though, Henry? Like when did you, did you play obviously guitar? Classical guitar? Was that something that you started off Young doing and then played through high school and then obviously into college? 9 (29m 6s): I was really around that age of 10. Attracted to guitar for some reason. I mean, I don't really come from a musical family either. They're very creative people and love listening to music, but Okay. Play music at all. I think maybe my great great grandfather played piano, but that's like the only person. But I think, yeah, I don't know. I watched School of Rock around that time and that, 5 (29m 34s): That's a big one. 9 (29m 35s): Was huge for me. 3 (29m 37s): Okay. 9 (29m 37s): Same and wanted to play electric guitar. But this was right around the time that I was going from elementary school to middle school and the middle school I wanted to go to was performing Arts middle school, but they only did classical Spanish dog guitar. 3 (29m 53s): Oh. They didn't have like a jazz band or anything. Interesting. 9 (29m 57s): Yeah. So in order to go to that school I had to start learning classical guitar and start taking lessons and after, you know, maybe six months of resistance to the idea of it, I really like fell in love with it. And then the next fucking like 12 years was just a lot of classical guitar. 3 (30m 17s): A lot of classical guitar. And you said you played in some bands too and in high school? 9 (30m 22s): Yeah, I played in like punk band and I played in like a really robotic like math rock band I guess. 3 (30m 30s): Okay. And then you moved to LA and that's when, so I guess I'm how, like how long ago did, No you and Henry join Surf Curves, like in, was that in la? Were you all in LA 6 (30m 41s): No, we joined three years ago. Right? 9 (30m 44s): Yeah. 20. 3 (30m 45s): Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So tell me, tell me how that happened. 10 (30m 50s): A train running Express to the Bronx, the corridors of a Miami high school, the streets, Phoenix, Arizona in Athero, Family Secrets coming home and the first love presented by Beef Healthcare, Love and Gravity is a new series starring Robin Theus, Harvey Yen, Jessica Marie Garcia, Jason Wilson, Cruz, Carrie, Martin lashing, Kevin Mcle, Eden Espinoza, and many more new episodes released every Wednesday. Subscribe to be the first to listen. 9 (31m 20s): Well I have, I played in band out here called Furus that was on the same label that Nick and Jacob used to be on. Okay. Surf, Curse and Current Joys. And was Gap Girls on that label too? Jacob? 3 (31m 35s): Yeah. Yeah. 9 (31m 38s): So my band was also on that label and I was playing around here and having like shows at my house and Nick played a current choice show at my house and I was also working door at this venue in la so I was kind of just, you know, around and knew guys, but not like super well until, yeah, I guess like early 2019 I was living in New York very briefly and there was a, Nick was playing a current joy show in New York and yeah, kind of reconnected with everybody then. And met Noah for the first time then. 3 (32m 18s): And then Noah You met them in New York when you were in New York? Yeah. Okay. And then what, 6 (32m 24s): Visiting LA or, I was on tour in LA with this band Poppies and was it Poppies? Jacob? 3 (32m 32s): Yeah. You were playing with 6 (32m 33s): Poppies? Yeah. And then we, I was dying on that tour and Jacob, we were at this bar that I actually live really close to now and Jacob cornered me and slammed me up against the wall. And I was like, you have to my band. And then I got really scared because Jacob's kind of scary, you know? And so, 5 (32m 59s): Well I asked when I called, I called you about joining the band. You're like, 6 (33m 3s): No, you, you asked me, you asked. Yeah. You said at the bar and then you called me 5 (33m 9s): Like officially. Yeah. 6 (33m 11s): I remember I was working, I sold pot in New York on a bike and I was, 3 (33m 17s): Oh no, you weren't like a buder. It was just 6 (33m 19s): Like, No, it was street 5 (33m 20s): Pharmacist illegal. 6 (33m 21s): This was illegal. I was an illegal bud tender, but I was hot and he called me and you know, I was working like almost every day and biking a bunch, just really exhausted. And I think like maybe a month before I got robbed and a knife to my neck. 3 (33m 42s): Oh my 6 (33m 42s): God, looking, I just needed out. And Jacob called me and I was like, of course I will go on this tour with you. Like for sure. And that's what I, you know, originally that's what I, I thought it was gonna be, was just gonna be like this tour and then, you know, and then, you know, gratefully, you know, me and Henry have gotten to be in the band since then, you know, which is sick. 5 (34m 6s): The vibes were just so right with everybody. I, yeah, I wasn't there for that. Well obviously no one was there for that moment except for Jacob and Noah. But for some reason in my head I can picture exactly your reaction on the bike. Like I just see it's, I see it so clearly. Like what? Yeah dude. Hell yeah. Let's do it. Nick, you we are driving. We're driving. Oh yeah, you were, I was, were on. Yeah, we were on a, we were like going to Vegas or something, like a trip was we, we were like doing something 6 (34m 39s): Together filming me the midnight cowboy music video. 5 (34m 41s): That's what it was. Yeah, no, I'm pretty sure. 6 (34m 45s): Yeah, 5 (34m 45s): That's when it happened. 6 (34m 47s): Yeah. 3 (34m 48s): Well 6 (34m 49s): Bro, 5 (34m 51s): I remember telling Henry, I remember asking Henry, it was an Echo Park. Yeah, 3 (34m 55s): Exactly. 5 (34m 55s): I was, I was very like, I was very covert about it. I was like, Hey, do you wanna meet up and have a coffee? Maybe we'll walk around the park. That's classic. And then I waited and then I waited for a long time to ask. And then as we were walking around the park, I was like, Hey, 3 (35m 9s): We were hanging out for hours. And 5 (35m 11s): Then we, we, it was a long hang until I asked. 3 (35m 13s): He's courting you. 5 (35m 16s): I was courting, 3 (35m 17s): I was working at the 5 (35m 18s): Park. Maybe I was, maybe I was still sussing you out. 3 (35m 23s): That's okay. So prior to that though, it was, it was just the two of you? 5 (35m 28s): Yeah. Yeah. We've had, we've had various, like other members throughout the years playing like third guitar at one point. We were a four piece at one point with Henry and Noah. We were a five piece with Mattie Boyd. 3 (35m 42s): Okay. 5 (35m 43s): But I think this iteration has been one of the most awesome, fun, creatively fulfilling. It's solid. Yeah. It's, it's very, it just all feels very natural. Like the, the four of us playing together feels as natural as like when me and Jacob started the band 12 years ago. 3 (36m 6s): Oh wow. 5 (36m 7s): We like refused to add anyone else to the band At the beginning we were just like, like we, we always had this guy at a venue being like, you guys should get a basis. And we're just like, cuz you're a basis. Like you just wanna be in the band. Like we're not having anyone in. And like, anytime that we even like tried or attempted, it was just never felt like good. We were just so like, just like this the whole time and we're like, we don't need it. And then like our friend, our friend Lily West. Yeah, go ahead. Go ahead. Okay. Our friend Lily West has a really funny story who actually, she ended up playing in the band. She plays in our audio tree session Okay. 5 (36m 47s): On a few tours. And she met us in LA years before that. And she was like, You guys don't have a, like, do you guys have a bass? You don't have a bass. And I looked her in the eyes and I said, We hate bass. And I don't even remember, I don't even remember saying that, but apparently I did. And so, you know, things change, people change, people change and you kind realize you need it. You kind realize necessary the doors never, the doors never realized that though. 3 (37m 20s): Well the doors, Yeah. 6 (37m 21s): Well the doors had the, the rain manic playing organ base with his feet. 5 (37m 26s): Yeah. Oh, well that's the trick. 6 (37m 29s): And also if you look, listen to the recordings, there's actually bass guitar on it, but, you 5 (37m 35s): Know. Yeah. Morrison is a fraud as well. 3 (37m 42s): So are these new songs that you guys have been putting out, like Sugar and Self Portrait, the new one and all these are that, is that the four of you together on those recording? Yeah. Oh, okay. Yeah. I love Self Portrait. That song is so good. 5 (37m 54s): Thanks man. 3 (37m 56s): Yeah, I love the, I mean the guitar work even and all the, I mean, those four songs are all amazing. But that I, I've been listening to that one, like on repeat for the past few days. 5 (38m 5s): Oh yeah. Thanks man. Yeah, 3 (38m 7s): I 5 (38m 7s): Really like it. Yeah, you know, you know, honestly it's, it's funny because how they're coming out is kind of like, I would say, I would argue that like Sugar and Lost Honor, like, like those songs feel like early, I mean, that was like before we started writing more as a band, right? Like, that was like, me and Jake were still bringing songs to the table, but like TV feels like more of a branch out of that. Like we all started writing it together. But self Portrait, it just feels like the rest of the album is more of like the four of us collaborating on things. So I feel like, like things, the things that have not been released yet is some more of like, like Arrow for, for instance feels like the first time that Jacob brought a piece of a song, you know, I, I would come up with the lyrics and then like, Henry, you rearranged that bridge to be like, so much more interesting. 5 (39m 7s): And then Noah's guitar so was all Over. It felt like that was the first like, like Avengers moment we had, you know, where we're all coming together to like fight the song. But, but Self-Portrait sort of feels like that too, cuz it was just like a very basic idea of that riff. And then that was around the time when we were in Vibe City, like vibing out the whole record. And so I would say that is like an Avengers song of like, this is, this is the capacity that Surf Curse has now. You know what I'm saying? Henry? 3 (39m 41s): No, I, I can hear that for sure now that you mentioned it, cuz like Sugar definitely has that more, it sounds like more that surf punk vibe to it and where the, the like TV and self-portrait are. Like they have these very intricate guitar pieces while you're singing and like, I feel like they're just like structured a bit differently. 5 (40m 1s): Depth. 3 (40m 3s): Yeah, yeah. No, they're, I mean not, like I said, not that the other ones, I don't like what Sugar 5 (40m 7s): Has no depth. 3 (40m 9s): No, that's not true. I'm just saying it's like a different, it's definitely has a different feel, those two. Well I'm curious, Okay, so like a song obviously Freaks is like massive, right? And, and that song came out you said 2012. I mean, it was, it was even before Buds. 5 (40m 27s): We wrote that song probably in like, that was one of the first songs that we wrote as a band. And we started 2011. So that song was probably written and recorded in 2011. I mean, how we used to record, like when we first started the band, there was this little room in the basement and Hi Jamie and, sorry, that's, it's a podcast no one can see that. But we, we would put a mic in the middle of the living room or the, the room in the basement and just play the song. Like literally just play the song and then I would sing a vocal on top of it and that would be the song. 5 (41m 12s): And then obviously we rerecorded it multi another two times. But yeah, that's a long-winded answer to When Freaks was recorded. Sorry. 3 (41m 22s): Well, I guess No, no, no, that's awesome. That's what I wanted to know. Cause I'm curious, like, obviously it made this like what resurgence on like TikTok or something, like how did it come back and become like this, this thing? 5 (41m 36s): Cause 3 (41m 36s): Like recently it was like, we don't know, it's done well on like alternative radio and all that stuff, right? 5 (41m 42s): Yeah, for sure. Yeah. I mean like, like, like with, with just no, you know, we didn't really do anything. It it, it had a mind of its own. It's, it's, it's our Frankenstein really. It's like our monster that we created. It, it, it continues to persist beyond space and time. And even though the villagers tried to burn it down, it broke out and got a bride of Frank. I don't know what I'm talking about. It's a, Yeah. What are you talking about? Well, it's a bad metaphor. Geez. Okay. So no, we don't really know. I mean, like, I think that's the beauty of our music is that like, and we're very lucky and we're very fortunate that like over the years, these, these like popular social media things have like projected our career along. 5 (42m 31s): Like in the beginning it was Band Camp and Tumblr, like Tumblr was huge for us back in like 2013. And then it was Vine, there was like stuff on Vine and, and now it's, now it's TikTok. So I think we've just been very fortunate that the internet has been kind to us over the years. 3 (42m 54s): Okay. So it all, like each, all those platforms had a moment that would kind of push out one of the songs or a couple of songs? 5 (43m 0s): Just some, yeah, just like, people just naturally just sharing stuff, you know? And then like for the TikTok thing, for example, it's just like, you know one, you know, hi, who's into indie rock music, put his pretty face on a TikTok and use our song and all of a sudden everyone was starting to use it. You know, it's just like, it happens, it just happens a lot with like TikTok where people find either older songs or something that like, kind of pertains like a lyric or something that like works, you know? I feel like, I mean, the way that we've been talking about it, like, you know, it was popping off during the pandemic a lot. A lot of things were you just being on your phone and like, like, you know, you're taking in a lot of people's information. 5 (43m 45s): A lot of people are talking about music a lot, you know, like you start getting like these music algorithms or whatever, people talking about like, Oh, have you heard this band? Oh, here's an information about this or whatever. You know, people are using sounds so everything's just like happening at like a lot faster rate. You know, our song got picked for some reason, you know, like in that it just happened. Same thing with Pavement Harness. Your Hopes is like yeah, huge right now. And it's like, it's really, I didn't even know that dude. That's why, that's why they're on tour right now. There's like, they, they, they made, they, they got a cupcake and it's like a, it's like a graph and it says Harness Your Hopes. It's a huge part of it. 5 (44m 25s): Small Cake, every other song, you know? And it's like, it's so crazy. And like, they're even being asked, it's crazy cuz we, this is same question that pavement's getting in like interviews that they're doing where they're like, your song is blowing up on TikTok. Same thing that we're saying. It's just like, it just happens. Who knows? You know? It's just like something happens with the algorithm, Something happens with, you know, people picking and choosing it just, you know, you don't know why. Wild. Sorry. It's weird. I kind have a, I kind of, well it makes sense. I don't wanna I don't wanna say my, I do think it makes sense. Like why? Like too dark? Yeah, well that's the thing, my theory is too dark. 5 (45m 6s): Like, but I have a theory about it. But you don't wanna, Now that, so, so now that I'm on TikTok, I, I feel like, okay, well TikTok is so scary to me. It's, it's beautiful and it's terrifying cuz it has this quality that just like changes. Like, like it sucks you in, in this way that nothing else has sucked you in before. Like it's, it's very accurately adjusting its self, its algorithm to you right? To be like maximum comfort, essentially. Like to maximize your dopamine hits. 5 (45m 46s): And that's why people get so addicted to it and stuff. And that's why you can't stop scrolling. But the songs that are used in these things, so like when we first started doing interviews about Freaks, I wasn't on TikTok and they would be like, Why do you think this song is resonating? And I would be like, well, it's a song about alienation. It's a song about, you know, it's a song about loneliness and that's how what people relate to. But now I'm start, now that I'm on TikTok, like I notice that people use these songs in very strange ways and they're just like kind of elevator background music. And I think it's just like the, that riff and Freaks is so addictive in a way like that that Riff and Freaks is so catchy in what people resonate with immediately. 5 (46m 28s): That's near Worm. Yeah, that's, and that's what you're hear, that's what you're really hearing on TikTok. Like, there's a few that that go into the lyrics for sure. And I love that Jacob loves to give the hbos credit for like, our major success. Like that's, but that's all I saw. That's all you saw. But I think it's just this, this like, you know, the algorithm is picking up songs that, that are soothing to like the consumer and, and they don't have to be challenging or edgy or anything, but they're just like, they, they are ear worms. They are catchy. They are addictive because it's like an addictive medium that you're on in the first place, Right? 5 (47m 9s): So even harness your hopes like that, that is like an addictive song for sure. It's just, it's just catchy. Like, I don't even know if it has anything to do with the, the content. Well, people are loving the lines. Show me a word that rhymes with pavement and I won't kill your parents and put them on a spit. Yeah, yeah, yeah, of course. That's the line that everybody screams. Yeah. Right. And also before it was huge and, and like the way that Pavement even talks about like, their, their, their music is like, it's very like nursery rhyme, not on a booboo kind of like, Yeah, yeah. And it's like, that's what I'm saying. It's, it's like, it's almost like elementary, like, you know, if think about Hit Clips, so it's like you're getting like a modern hit clip, but you're getting a hit of a song. 5 (47m 55s): You know, you're getting that dopamine rush of like the most thrilling moment of a song, which I would argue that's that for pavement and also all these other songs. 3 (48m 5s): Yeah, I mean the band Heavier, The band, The Walters, they had us, that song. I Love You. So that was from like, I don't know, 10 years ago also. And it like researched on TikTok Outta Nowhere and they got back together. Like it was just that 5 (48m 18s): Crazy game. I think. Cause these songs, these these songs have like, some sort of quality to them that is pleasing. Like these moments are pleasurable in a song. You know what I mean? Does this, is this making any 3 (48m 31s): No, no, no. It makes complete sense, but I mean, 5 (48m 33s): I just think, I think that's how it gets picked up is because it's like, it, it, it soothes, it soothes the listener. But I, i, it kind of in a disturbing way for me. I, I I dig it. I like it because that's why it's beautiful and scary. Well, I, I like it because what, what I like about everything now is that there's not a sort of like a, no one's keeping it a secret anymore. Like everyone likes, especially like on TikTok and these certain sort of pla platforms now, it's like everyone loves talking about this stuff. No one to hide, everyone's to share it. You know, like back in the day, I would have to like delve into the depths of the internet to find something interesting or find something that like is is new and, and unique. 5 (49m 18s): And right now everyone is just like down with sharing, you know? And it's like because of like the pandemic and because of like, you know, everything posts that as far as that sharing and like that like, oh, we have time to sit and listen to music. We have time to go and explore the depths of someone's discography, Which is like, I think is awesome. You know, like the fact that people are listening to pavement now and that's like becoming a huge thing. The fact that, you know, like you said, the Walters are getting back together. That's a crazy thing to happen. You know, it's just like, it's nice to like finally like see things that should be respected or that everyone can share and listen to and it's, you know, I'm cool with it, I'm fine with it. 5 (50m 8s): I love it. You know, I love catching up. I love the fact that we're sharing these things. I, because I feel like a lot of music is like alienation, you know? And you feel like you can't, like the fact that there's a bunch of Alex g heads out there, you know, the fact that there are people who are like taking stuff that he posted and making YouTube compilations, you know, same thing that happens with Nick too. And I just, because he's my band mate, but just like the fact that people like post all of Nick's stuff that was like on Tumblr to make these YouTube compilations. It's like, I've loved that. It's so exciting to me. 3 (50m 42s): Yeah. It's it's really fascinating how TikTok is just creating these, you know, researching these songs and like these like, I don't know, the, the Kate Bush song comes back and it's like these things that are just kind of happening. Yes. Yeah. And you're like, what? That's like so random. And then it's like on top 40 radio you're like, okay, well 5 (51m 1s): It's, cuz it's, it's cuz we live in a timeless time. Like there is no, there is no definition of, for now it's, it's a lack of definition and a lack of form. So like in, in every respect, like our entertainment is, is is crazy. All like, you can, you can enjoy anything. You can see anything, You can listen to anything. You can wear anything you want. You know, like there is no definable era that is off limits. 3 (51m 27s): Sure. Yeah. I, I know it's so, it's so fascinating. I wanna get real quick talk about the, the new music you guys have been writing and you, so, so Henry, you and Noah joined the band in 2019 and then the, the pandemic hits and like, how, how did you feel about that? I mean, did you guys even really have a chance to do much throughout that year before that happened? 9 (51m 51s): Yeah, we did a few tours, two throughout the States and one in Europe and went to Mexico and for, yeah, probably like six or seven months we were on the road. 3 (52m 2s): Okay. 9 (52m 4s): But yeah, once the pandemic hit, I, I had no idea. I mean, I, I was working at a art gallery. I assume that things sort of would just be shut down for a while. And 3 (52m 18s): What about you Noah? 6 (52m 24s): I, I'm confused of what the question is. Oh 3 (52m 26s): No, I'm just saying like, you guys, you joined the band right? And you did all this touring and then the, and the pandemic hits. And are you like, worried about like, I mean, I guess is the band gonna keep continuing? Like how, what, what did I do now You're in 6 (52m 41s): Came in, I, I wasn't in LA when the pandemic hit. I was on tour with another band and then I moved. But yeah, obviously I had no idea what was going on and I just was kind of trying to exist in this day to day reality instead of worrying about the future too much. Okay. Obviously that didn't really, you know, wasn't really the easiest thing to do. 3 (53m 8s): Sure, yeah. I wasn't sure if you moved, had moved to LA for the band and then that all happened and it's like, okay, now you know, I just made this move and the band's going, but we're, we're all kind of stuck back indoors, but so when do you guys start rec writing these new songs? August or September of last year. Okay. I remember Nick, you got really quiet. Yeah. Something happened with your sound button. Yeah, your mic kind. 5 (53m 38s): What you hear better? 3 (53m 40s): Yeah. Oh, I think maybe Ther cable just kind came out. 5 (53m 43s): Oh, 3 (53m 44s): You're good now. 5 (53m 46s): So me, Jacob had a lunch meeting with Atlantic and they were like, you're cutting out a little bit. You're, how about now? 3 (53m 58s): Yeah. 5 (53m 60s): Better. Yeah. 3 (54m 1s): Yes. 5 (54m 2s): Just don't touch sex LR Cable. Okay. I've been playing with it a lot. So, 3 (54m 10s): So 5 (54m 11s): Me and Jacob went to this lunch meeting with Atlantic to, to talk shop. And I remember after that meeting I was like, Shit, we have to write some new songs. And I went home and I wrote Sugar and that's when it started. That's when the sauce started. 3 (54m 31s): Was the, were you getting these, was it When Freaks is going wild on TikTok that labels are coming out again. I'm like, Hey, we, 5 (54m 39s): We got, we got offers. Yeah. We got so many offers. It was insane. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So then we could do, we could do like another record with you guys. And so I was like, shit, we need to start writing. And so I went home and wrote Sugar and then, you know, me and Jacob started meeting up and writing and then eventually me and Jacob and Henry and Noah started writing together. And that happened like summer of 20 19, 20 19, Summer of 2021. Summer of 2 20 21. Summer of 19 18, 20 21. And it was funny cuz we went actually to rerecord freaks. 5 (55m 22s): Like Atlantic wanted a better sounding version of, Well they wanted the stems of freaks because we didn't have the stems cuz the song was recorded 12 years ago. So, and we didn't have those. So we went, they were like, We're gonna put you in a studio. We were into New York at the time. We went to Rerecord Freaks and we, and they gave us three days to do that. So me and Jacob were like, Well shit, let's just like write some new stuff. Let's record some new stuff. So we got like three songs out of that and we're like, Let's do a new record. And they're like, Cool. When, And we were like in two months. So we actually were under a bit of a, we didn't have anything else written. So for the next like two, three months, we all just went into this room together and were like, we're just writing songs. 5 (56m 8s): And they all came out very naturally and beautifully. I definitely had to dip back into my, like I, at one point I started going through all my old demos even that's like where self portrait is from. It's like, oh, 3 (56m 21s): Little, 5 (56m 22s): Little ideas that I had recorded back in the day. So yeah, it's, it's, that's how it happened. 3 (56m 33s): Wow. And then you have the albums coming out in next month, right? In a few weeks. 5 (56m 37s): A few weeks. Yeah. Yeah. 9 (56m 39s): Seventh, I think 5 (56m 40s): October 7th. 3 (56m 41s): Yeah. That's exciting. Oh 5 (56m 44s): Yeah, it's not exciting. Ready to get it out there to everyone. Share it with the world. 3 (56m 49s): Yeah. And then you're doing a tour to support it obviously, like we talked about earlier. You're doing two days here in Nashville. Tell me about the tour. Have you done a big tour since The Pandemic? 5 (56m 59s): No. Yeah, 9 (57m 0s): We, 5 (57m 1s): We, we did Europe recently. Oh, 3 (57m 3s): Okay. 5 (57m 4s): I I wouldn't call that a big to It wasn't big. No, it felt long cause we were there, we were there, we were just like hanging out in Europe for like a few days in between everything. Now we're going back on Saturday. 3 (57m 16s): Yeah, you're going back for a festival, right? 9 (57m 19s): This is for month long, just like city shows. 5 (57m 23s): Yeah. In 3 (57m 24s): Europe. Are you doing, aren't you doing a festival at the end of this? We're my confused. We're 5 (57m 28s): Doing AAL in Mexico. Yeah, in Mexico City. 3 (57m 31s): Oh, Mexico City. That's what it was. And then you're gonna Europe, 5 (57m 34s): Which gonna be insane. Yeah. And then, and then we're doing America, We're doing, doing like, we're doing Europe first, then, then the States, Mexico, then the States, and then Canada, and then we'll be home for a while. Yeah. 3 (57m 46s): Towards 9 (57m 47s): Earlier this year with Nick's band, Current Choice, me and Noah also playing that band, 3 (57m 52s): So that, Okay. That was 9 (57m 54s): The first that we had been like back on the road since the pandemic. 5 (57m 58s): Yeah. Everyone else in this band have been like, hard do Yeah. Road dogging, like I 6 (58m 5s): Think I've only been home for collectively a month this year. 5 (58m 8s): Yeah. Noah is probably the most fucked up out of all of us. He, we, we had like a month off and he just went on tour again with his other band during that month, so 3 (58m 21s): That's crazy. That's a lot of touring. And you, well, you're doing two days. You're not doing a whole lot of cities. Two, two nights, I think. Here in where? DC maybe. 5 (58m 29s): Yeah. For some reason, for some reason Nashville has two nights. We, But 3 (58m 35s): I don't, Did it Did you sell quickly or you don't know? It just, 5 (58m 38s): No, it's, it's selling, selling terribly so to all my Nashville homies, please buy a ticket. But yeah, we've, we've only ever played, I don't even know if we've ever played in Nashville before, but for some reason playing two, we played once and it was like a Was it like a bad show or something? 3 (58m 54s): No, 6 (58m 55s): No. It was great. It 5 (58m 56s): Was a great show. It was a good show. 9 (58m 58s): We played with Grumpy, 3 (58m 60s): Remember 5 (58m 60s): We played with Grumpy. The show was so good. We had to do it twice this time around. 3 (59m 5s): I love it. Well, that's cool. That means you'll be staying here an extra day, which is Ra and Yeah, I'm, yeah. Love to hang Adam, I love 6 (59m 15s): That. I wait to go to Santa's Pub. You've ever been to Santa's 3 (59m 19s): Pub? I've never been to Santa's 5 (59m 20s): Pub. Oh, we gotta go. Yeah. 3 (59m 22s): Where is, is it in downtown? 5 (59m 24s): No, it's, it's in the North Pole. It's in the North Pole. 3 (59m 28s): Okay. I'll have to check it out. I'll have to see where it's at. That's awesome. Yeah. So, yeah. Thank you guys for doing this, man. I, I appreciate it. No, 5 (59m 36s): Thank you. Really appreciate it. Thank you, Adam. Yeah, it was a good talk. You, 3 (59m 39s): Yeah. Yeah. You guys have been great. I do have one more quick question before I let you go. I wanna know if you have any advice for aspiring artists. 5 (59m 49s): Don't stop, don't, don't sign anything. Don't sign anything. Don't sign the first, Don't sign the first thing that comes to you. If you, if you, if you don't own your masters, your master own you. That's what Prince says. My advice is Chase the earworm. That's what I say. 3 (1h 0m 11s): Henry got anything? 9 (1h 0m 12s): I got nothing for aspiring artists. 8 (1h 0m 15s): You're, they're screwed. Just, 5 (1h 0m 22s): Just, just fucking be yourself and do what sounds cool to you. 8 (1h 0m 26s): For sure. Don't, 9 (1h 0m 28s): Don't conform too much.