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Dec. 1, 2022

Interview with Night Tales

We had the pleasure of interviewing Night Tales over Zoom video!

The Night Tales project has been nearly a decade in the making. One half of the duo, Aaron Bannie was born in the U.K. before moving to Ibiza, where he learned how to mix and play on...

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We had the pleasure of interviewing Night Tales over Zoom video!

The Night Tales project has been nearly a decade in the making. One half of the duo, Aaron Bannie was born in the U.K. before moving to Ibiza, where he learned how to mix and play on vinyl. He would later relocate to Australia in hopes to elevate his own electronic project, Third Floor. Kamaliza Salamba is an Aussie native, and also had his own career in music prior to Night Tales. He played in various bands, in addition to his own R&B electronic project, Kamaliza.

The two connected via a booking agent, and immediately began collaborating on a house-infused, singer-songwriter project. Influenced by acts like the Talking Heads, the two dove into more thematic compositions that cover a wide range of music. Salamba writes the vocals and melodies, while Bannie provides his own vocals in addition to running drum and trigger pads. While Night Tales offer the storytelling and lyrics for widespread accessibility, their roots in electronica provide credence to their ability to connect with both mainstream and festival audiences.

In 2018, the duo struck a 3-single deal with the German label, Majestic Casual. The label has provided a home for innovative acts like Edamame and Two Feet, so it made for a perfect fit for an enigmatic act like Night Tales.

Following the deal, the two went to the studio and wrote a series of singles, including ”Friends.” This first series put on display the representation of human emotion and personal relationships. “Friends” would go on to rack up 5.7 million Spotify streams globally, with one of its top markets being the United States.. This lifelong benchmark for success and key to traveling to America came right as the pandemic swiftly took over the globe.

Stuck inside their home studio during the pandemic, the two reacted by doubling down on their creativity by committing to monthly single releases. They found a massive organic following during the pandemic - wracking up 730k+ monthly listeners and millions of streams on hits like ‘Friends’ (8.7m+) and ‘Move You’ (2.8m).

Night Tales’ mission is to pioneer urban culture in the alternative electronic music scene. Their hope is to diversify and represent people of color in electronic music - championing acceptance and accessibility.

Night Tales has seen a 60% increase in listenership in September -- increasing from 620k to 729k monthly listeners behind an average of 10k new listeners daily. These metrics make Night Tales among the fast growing artists in the United States right now. This coincides with the recent nationwide Proof tour announcement -- their debut album Proof is out now.

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Night TalesProfile Photo

Night Tales

Alternative Electronic Artist Duo

When it comes to the sounds of everyday life, artists Kamaliza (Australian-born Kamaliza Salamba) and Third Floor/Its Bannie (UK-born/Aussie citizen Aaron Bannie) have the sonic representation of human emotion and personal relationships down to a science. 4 years ago they joined forces for a brand new project called Night Tales. Uniquely emotive and resonant on a fundamental level, their music together embodies a calming sense of introversion and serenity within one's own personal space.
Night Tales' sound is marked by a determined focus on songwriting, chord progressions, and striking lyricism. There is a remarkable mix of their two individual styles, almost as if the best of both worlds met and worked together on something even more extraordinary than the quantifiable sum of their parts. "We’re inspired by everyday life, particularly personal relationships. People are at the core of what we do.”
In April of 2022, Night Tales released their debut single on Ultra Records ‘Thinking About You’, along with ‘Take it Slow’ , their adaption of the iconic British band ‘The Cure’ ‘Lovesong’ all from their forthcoming debut album releasing October 2022
“At the forefront of what we do is human emotion”
- Night Tales