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Sept. 26, 2021

Interview with Hush Kids

Interview with Hush Kids

We had the pleasure of interviewing Hush Kids over Zoom video! 

Nashville -based duo Hush Kids return with a new EP Weatherman.

Comprised of renowned artists Jill Andrews and Peter Groenwald, this is Hush Kids' first new release since their...

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We had the pleasure of interviewing Hush Kids over Zoom video! 

Nashville -based duo Hush Kids return with a new EP Weatherman.

Comprised of renowned artists Jill Andrews and Peter Groenwald, this is Hush Kids' first new release since their critically acclaimed self-titled debut album in 2018. The lead single and title track "Weatherman" is out now and finds the duo reuniting with Grammy Award-winning producer Ian Fitchuk (Kacey Musgraves, Maren Morris, Leon Bridges).

"During the spring of 2020, when we were in lockdown, it rained, poured really, for days, maybe even weeks," stated Jill. "My husband Jerred has lived most of his adult life in dry arid places and he wasn’t used to it. He would look outside almost every day, saddened by the dark sky and soggy earth. He would say, 'This place just never stops. It’s like a rain forest.' I always like to put a silver lining on things so my response was usually something like, 'I guess that’s why it’s so green and beautiful here.' But the sunless days can take their toll on the best of us, and I could tell that he was feeling down as the rainy days and tumultuous weather wore on.

She continued, "All of this was on my mind that day last spring when I got together with Ian and Peter to write for the next Hush Kids record. We sat on Ian’s back porch and caught up for a long time, enjoying being in each other’s presence so much because it had been a while since we’d last seen each other. This one came easily to us and I think we all cried a little when we were writing it. I’m so happy that we can share it with you guys today! I hope that your days are sunny even when the rain is pouring down.”

"This was the first song I had written in person for maybe eight months," added Peter. "We were on a porch, it felt kind of weird, but we trusted each other. Jill said she had an idea, and I believe she sang what is now the first line of the song. I tend to have a look on my face when I think something is amazing, and it actually looks like I’m, art,’s more of a look of disbelief that something can be that good. That’s how I looked when Jill shared this idea with us.”

Hush Kids is a friendship with music. It began long before it had a name when two beloved Nashville artists with impressive solo careers were put together by their publishers to write songs for other people; in time, they discovered they had been writing for themselves all along. Their earliest sessions revealed more than chemistry, they revealed kindredness, an innate understanding that allowed two very different people to write some of the most deeply personal music of their careers. Incredible, instinctive vocal symmetry, captivating melodies, and intimate, intelligent lyrics speak to the years of tireless craftsmanship and well-earned successes by both artists respectively.

Garnering praise from Rolling Stone, Billboard, Paste, Relix, and Folk Alley, among others, Hush Kids’ 2018 debut journeys across the unexpected, the strangeness of love rather than the sweetness, the beauty of the world rather than the bullshit. Guided by writer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Ian Fitchuk, the record paired the effortless, addictive pop sensibility of The Carpenters with the dusty, atmospheric, desert landscape of Robert Plant and Allison’sKraus’s Americana classic Raising Sand. Despite the name, Hush Kids is not about quiet, it's about stepping away from the wrong kind of noise to embrace the music.

A gifted composer, producer, and musician, Peter has toured extensively and shared the stage with artists such as The Civil Wars, Andrew Belle, and Ruston Kelly. In 2020, he joined forces with Sean McConnell and Garrison Starr to release an EP as My Sister, My Brother. Never one to rest, Peter followed that up with an EP in early 2021 co-written and co-produced alongside production duo I WAS THE LIONtitledCome To Life. Jill, a founding member of the alt/countryfavoriteThe Everybodyfields, has performed alongside The Avett Brothers, The Secret Sisters, and DrewHolcomb & the Neighbors as well as secured television placements that includeGrey's Anatomy, This Is Us, and the theme song for SyFy’sbelovedWynona Earp. In2020, she released her critically acclaimed album and accompanying book Thirties, and followed that up with a dark EP of songs from her back catalog called Vultures.

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