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April 30, 2022

Interview with Catie Turner (Catie Returns Again!)

We had the pleasure of interviewing Catie Turner over Zoom video!

Critically acclaimed, multi-million streaming singer-songwriter Catie Turner is back with her latest single, “Nothing.” A self-proclaimed “bullshitter” who “drives self-help books...


We had the pleasure of interviewing Catie Turner over Zoom video!

Critically acclaimed, multi-million streaming singer-songwriter Catie Turner is back with her latest single, “Nothing.” A self-proclaimed “bullshitter” who “drives self-help books into the ground,” Turner is back with her profound and poignant lyricism, this time in the form of a high energy, pop smash.

Turner – who only just wrapped a major US run supporting Canadian pop band Valley – will kick off her summer as special guest on Léon’s upcoming Fade Into A Dream: The North American Tour, beginning May 30 at Toronto, ON’s Phoenix Concert Center and then touring North America through late June. For complete details and ticket information, please visit

“Nothing” follows Catie’s heart-wrenching breakthrough hit single, “God Must Hate Me,” which proved a viral phenomenon upon its November 2021 release. Applauded by American Songwriter as “a platform for all sorts of reflections and interpretations…one of (Turner’s) most successful songs to date,” the track landed Catie on the cover Spotify’s “Next Gen Singer Songwriters” playlist and has since earned over 38 million streams. A powerful performance video, filed live at the historic St. Ann’s Church in Brooklyn, NY, is streaming now at Catie’s official YouTube channel.

In addition, after hearing 16-year-old rising artist Javier Bennett’s TikTok of him covering the viral track, Catie reached out and together the two artists came up with “god must hate me (lofi),” a stunning lo-fi version which includes captivating new production and an original verse from Bennett.

Last fall also saw Catie team up with new pop artist JORDY for a moving, co-written duet, “(Wish I Didn’t Have To) Lie,” landing the pair on the cover of Spotify’s “Sad Hour” playlist upon release and followed by a series of US tour dates that saw the two artists further collaborating by performing their song together onstage.

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Hello! It is Adam. Welcome back to bringing it backwards. A podcast where both legendary and rising artists tell their own personal stories of how they achieved stardom. On this episode, we had a chance to catch up with Catie Turner. Once again, she's our first three peat repeat, repeat customer, which is amazing. Getting to chat with Catie for the third time. So you should watch the first interview where she's at home in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, and then we see her. She's an LA, but she's kind of on the street, Santa Monica for the second interview and the third interview, this most recent one, she's at her house now in Los Angeles. So we kind of recap the first two interviews where Catie was born and raised her time on American idol and what she's been up to since the last time we spoke with her, she had her EPE out at the time, heartbroken and milk in it. 3 (1m 60s): So we talked to her real quickly on what she had going on in that album, her therapy music video, which is hilarious. Shannon had a chance to play live since we spoke with her last. So she's done a couple of tours now played with Jordy, did a towards valley, and she's got another tour coming up with Leon. So we had a chance to chat with her about her live set. The viral moment she had on Tik TOK with God must hate me and how it did 500,000 views on the first tick-tock clip. She put up, she didn't even have the whole song dinette. She just put that up as a little clip. She had to go to the studio within that week, record the song, finished writing the song, recorded the song and then put out the song. And it did over a million streams in the first week, which is incredible. 3 (2m 43s): And we hear all about her brand new song. She just put out called nothing, which is a totally upbeat song. The first three seconds into the song. You can totally get a vibe for Catie's personality. It's amazing. And the incredibly funny music video she put out for that song as well. You can watch our interview with Catie Turner on our Facebook page and YouTube channel at bringing it backwards. It would be awesome if you subscribe to our channel like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Tik TOK at bringing back pod. And if you're listening to this on Spotify or apple music, Google podcasts, we'd love it. If you follow us there as well, and hook us up with a five star review, 4 (3m 19s): We'd appreciate your support. If you follow and subscribe to our podcasts, wherever you listen to podcasts, 3 (3m 25s): We're bringing it backwards with Catie Turner. 5 (3m 28s): It's good to see you again. 3 (3m 30s): I know this is awesome. We get to chat again. This is the third time we've had a chance to talk. I'm super excited. 5 (3m 37s): I think it's good to be back 3 (3m 40s): The last time you said it's funny because you said there's gardening going on. Last time I talked to you, I think you were like on the streets, in like Santa Monica or something where it's just like all this stuff happening. Do you remember? 5 (3m 53s): Oh my God. Yeah, 3 (3m 55s): But I watched the interview and it was so good. I just watched it like a little while ago. So I don't ask you all the same questions, but it was really good. 5 (4m 5s): It's you know what? That's always what you can expect with me. Just sheer chaos. So, 3 (4m 10s): But it's awesome. I love chatting with you. It's so much fun and just all the new music you've been putting out has been is awesome. I love the video you just did for nothing. It's great. So I want to talk to you about all that stuff. 5 (4m 22s): Of course. Anything you want to know? I'll tell you. 3 (4m 27s): Awesome. Awesome. Well, we've heard your story a couple of times, but I did have like follow up questions the last time, but why don't you just tell us real quick, born and raised and just about your town real quick, 5 (4m 41s): Born and raised in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. It is a suburb and it's like every other suburb in America. Can't exactly have a Sesame street theme park and 3 (4m 52s): Say, have a Sesame street park. 5 (4m 55s): Really? The only thing I can name, like say that's distinguishable about it, but it's just a suburb with a target and Dunkin donuts. And the things you can do for fun are loiter back behind a mall. So 3 (5m 12s): Very cool. Real, real quick. Are you using a mic? I'll cut this part out. 5 (5m 17s): No. 3 (5m 18s): Okay. There's reverb. I didn't know if it was, we were, maybe it's just a room. 5 (5m 22s): I think it's just the room. I'm so sorry. Oh 3 (5m 24s): No, no, no. I just want to it's all good. It sounds fine. I just didn't want it to, you'd be like, oh, I like halfway through. I forgot to turn this off. No, it sounds great. It's perfectly fine. I was just curious. 5 (5m 33s): Thank you so much. 3 (5m 36s): So I'll chop that. I was just curious. Okay. So yeah, Sesame street, theme park. And what's funny is we talked about this last time that there's this and the other time just, I thought it was fascinating that there's a Sesame street theme park there, but I think San Diego, where I'm originally from is putting in assessing the street theme park. 5 (5m 55s): Oh, okay. So what the bleep I'll censor myself there, but then, okay, well that's great. That takes my one fun fact away. So yeah, 3 (6m 5s): No, you can cuss. You remember? You can say whatever you want. 5 (6m 8s): Well, what the fuck? No Langhorne is in spectral now it's just another suburb. 3 (6m 13s): I was wondering if maybe somebody was listening and they're like, all right, this guy is talking a lot about Sesame street theme parks is let's throw it in San Diego and just kind of see how it does. 5 (6m 22s): No, I think that's exactly it. They're copying us. 3 (6m 25s): They are, well, they kind of stole the idea originally from, because we had SeaWorld there. We have SeaWorld there and it's their whole theme at the SeaWorld was Sesame street somehow. And may. Yeah, but they just totally stole the Langhorne. 5 (6m 41s): Well, I can't take credit. I mean, it is owned by the same company that does SeaWorld and Busch gardens. 3 (6m 49s): Okay. 5 (6m 50s): But yes, in my, 3 (6m 53s): The only one 5 (6m 54s): In my world, in my delusion, they copied Langhorne. It's just a fact. 3 (6m 59s): They did. They did that. They copied Langhorne. And, and I'm sorry about that. I really am all the things they copy. They, they have to take that right from Langhorne. 5 (7m 10s): I mean, there's nothing else there To make a name. 3 (7m 15s): Sure. Well, I'm really excited to talk to you. Cause last time we spoke, you had just put out your, your EAP heartbroken in milking it. And we were talking about songs that you were working on and how you had all this ammunition from your breakup, with your boyfriend. And you're like, what? That, we're not talking about that where we had to talk about the EAP. Cause you said those songs from the EAP were written like 20, 19, 20, 20. Right? So these new ones are all, are all more recent, correct? 5 (7m 45s): Yes. But didn't surprisingly, didn't give him a lot of screen time on this upcoming album. 3 (7m 57s): That's good. I guess that's a good thing then. Right? I 5 (7m 59s): Guess it's a good thing for like growth, like maturity growth. Good thing. But there is that petty side. That's like, dang it. 3 (8m 11s): Yeah. Cause we were talking about how Katy Perry gave him like a feedback handed comments. And I was wondering if that was going to bother you, but then you were like, Noah, it didn't. And, and then it came and you're like, I got this great, you get a lot of this, you know, this fuel to write these new songs, but then I'm glad that you went that direction and you're like, you know what? I'm just going to, I'm going to ditch it. I'm going to ditch it and start. 5 (8m 33s): I was just like, I think, you know, in a way that's more, that hurts more. It's that the unexpected thing for me. So now they'll have to listen to an album of not any songs about them. 3 (8m 47s): That's amazing. That is amazing. 5 (8m 51s): Petty road, less traveled 3 (8m 55s): On, on petty. You told me a great story and I have some follow-up questions about your experience coming back from American idol to your hometown and a little spat you got in prior to auditioning and you had to come back and face somebody What I'm talking about. 5 (9m 18s): Yes. 3 (9m 21s): So you, you said that you like okay to, to people that hadn't watched it yet, basically. So what happened was you kind of got into a little thing with some guy, call him a name, a choice word, you come back and what you have to face him. And like you're kind of in trouble, right? With the teacher. 5 (9m 37s): Well, because I, our way, you know what the action with the big news basically. So I didn't get in trouble because the teacher was like, Hey, did you call him this? And I went, no. And she went didn't sound like you. So get on stage and tell everyone you made American idol. And I'm like, okay, I'll do that. And 3 (10m 2s): Oh, okay. 5 (10m 4s): Looking back now. I'm like, is that gaslighting? What I did to my teacher that's bad, But you know, it was a pretty heavy word. It was a heavy word. I called him. It was 3 (10m 19s): Held a lot of way. 5 (10m 21s): It did hold a lot of weight. It was the C word again, a word that's used. So it's used for big, big events. And I wasn't gonna fess up to that at school. I 3 (10m 35s): Don't of course not. 5 (10m 37s): So I just got on stage and I just looked him in the eye and got to say, I went to I'm like Katy Perry loved me. And 3 (10m 48s): Oh, that is amazing. And I love that you got to go on stage to announce the fact that you had gone and that you were going to Hollywood week. Like you had that platform to be like, you know what, like, like the, the, the school really want it, like the fact that they gave you that's the stage to tell people. I think that's cool. 5 (11m 8s): Okay. It was, and then I had two months of normal school. Cause it was October. I really early October. I found out in the night until Christmas break. So I was like two months in between. And then everyone kind of forgot about it, but then I just disappeared and I never went back to school. 3 (11m 27s): Oh really? 5 (11m 28s): I never went back after break. So they just, 3 (11m 32s): I was just like, still wondering where you are. 5 (11m 35s): I didn't even show up to graduation. 3 (11m 37s): Oh, wow. That's a real senior when that happened. 5 (11m 41s): Yeah. It was my senior year. It was my start of my senior year. This all happened. It actually ran the length of them. I did the producer auditions August before senior year Tober for audition for the judges and then Hollywood week Jan, mid January. And I didn't get off the show until like may. So all of that length of time, it was my whole senior year. 3 (12m 7s): That's amazing though. What a senior year to have. And, and I think you said last time you were like, I basically told them I'm going to Hollywood week and I won't come back. And you actually did that. You didn't come back. 5 (12m 19s): I I'm like because, and also I was just like thinking there were safety precautions in it for me. Like I had some fail safe, which were, if I fail, then I don't want to look at everyone in the eye because I already made it such a big deal. So like, it's just better. I don't go back. So I really just made sure I was like, oh, my credits are good. I don't need to go back because I'm like, how embarrassing if I get kicked off, like the first 3 (12m 50s): And that's your shot? Like, like live like, I mean, not obviously lie, but I met like literally week by week. Right? It was, it wasn't like something that was all pre production in there. We're kind of rolling it out. 6 (13m 5s): This is Sarah's O'Reilly auto parts. 7 (13m 7s): Driving cross country with two young children is ambitious to say the least. Then our check engine light came on. We pulled into O'Reilly auto parts and they tested, it, turned out. It was a faulty sensor. They referred us to a great mechanic, just down the street. And we were back on the road in no time. 2 (13m 26s): Oh, auto parts. 8 (13m 33s): It's finally time to start firing up the grill from city to shore. Acme is everything you lead to prep for this summer season, download the Acme at the shopper. This season's essentials any way you want open the Acme app, clip your deals than order your items online and experience Acme. Associate will carefully select your groceries, bag your order and bring it right to your car or deliver right to your door. Download the app or for program to Dale. It's finally time to start firing up the grill from city to shore. Acme is everything you need to prep for this summer season. Download the Acme at the shopper. This seasons, he centrals any way you want open the Acme app, clip your deals than order your items online and experienced Acme associate will carefully select your groceries, bag your order and bring it right to your car or deliver right to your door. 8 (14m 25s): Download the app or visit Acme for program to Dale 5 (14m 30s): Preproduction until top 14. So Hollywood week was film January, and that was like a full week. And then it was top 50, top 24. That was all prerecorded. And then once we made it to top 14 after top 24, that's when they started airing the show from auditions. So we got, so it was prerecorded to a point. 3 (14m 56s): Got it. So you got to, you said you got to go home in between then. 5 (14m 59s): Yeah. So I got to go home and like do my little leg press interviews. And then everyone was like, did you make it, are you going to live shows? And I'm supposed to keep it a secret. I told everybody, I mean, it's a lie. So I'm just like, yes. And yeah, 3 (15m 18s): You're telling the local paper. Yes. But let's keep this under wraps here for a little bit. 5 (15m 24s): Every interview I do when people are like, oh, is there like, there's a certain thing. I don't know. I I've never done media training, but I'm sure there has to be like a school somewhere where everyone learns to give like their really like ambiguous answers where they're like, oh, well stay tuned. It's coming. Like sh I just say, I'm too honest. I'm like, I have no idea what I'm doing. I don't know if there's an album. I'm winging it. 3 (15m 54s): Well, that's the fun about you it's you don't, you can't expect it. So I love that. And, and even with the new song, when I, the first thing I thought of when I listened to nothing, is you going, yo? Well, I do think in the beginning and I'm like, oh my gosh, that just like, like, I can just hear you in the studio doing that. And just like that, just that one little beginning piece of the song is like, it just reminded me of your personality, like right there. 5 (16m 19s): Thank you. Genuinely one take where I felt so stupid doing it, but I'm glad that made the song 3 (16m 28s): It did. And it made sense when I was listening to it. I'm like, oh my gosh, this is like, so Catie's personality right here. And just this little snippet of the beginning of a song, like it just, it made so much sense. I was there. Yeah. Well, okay. So a lot, a lot has happened since the first time we talked. It was COVID. And then the second time we talked, you were, you were back at home you're I think you're at your parents. Like the house you grew up in the first time I talked to you. 5 (16m 59s): Yeah. Now I'm in, I'm in LA 3 (17m 1s): LA, you're in LA the second time, 5 (17m 4s): But it is street. So now I'm in the street. 3 (17m 7s): You're in your home now the third time you're in your home in LA and a lot, a lot has gone on. It's like, it's so cool to see all the stuff that you've been doing. And I love the videos. Like we were talking about therapy last time. I just think that video is still is so good and so authentic. And 5 (17m 24s): Thank you. It simultaneously feels like nothing has happened. And a lot has happened. Like time is so weird because I'm just like, has a lot happened. And I'm like, yes. And then I'm just like, wait, what year is it? Like, it's very confusing. 3 (17m 42s): All right. So yeah, you got back to LA and then you hadn't even played live shows yet. Like when time we talked and then you've done like tours, you've got another tour coming up. So tell me about that. And then we'll get into to the music. 5 (17m 59s): It's so crazy to think that yeah, like there was nothing plug. I hate that. I named my song nothing, because whenever I say the word now, I'm just like, yes, it's crazy that there is nothing happening back then with live performances or anything. So when I got the tour offer for valley, the tour, I just got off of really exciting, but very scary. Because the last time I really performed was during the American idol days consistently like consecutively, because then there were like just some scattered, like 3 (18m 32s): Did, right. 5 (18m 34s): It was amazing to be back in front of a live crowd again. And I think it was a good refresher in that you can't control what happens on stage. And one night there was one night, my guitar just gave out, like, it just wasn't playing out loud because the wire, my first song, they thought I come out too. And I had to do the hoedown Throwdown to like entertain the crowd mother. And I'm just like, if that's not live music, I don't know what it is. So that's been very fun to get back into. 3 (19m 10s): Wow. Was this the first tour that you're that tour? Is that the first one you really have done like a full time tour? Because before that, I mean, with American idol and everything, that was 5 (19m 20s): American idol tour, but that, that was like, I had two songs and they were covers. So this is the first song, like first tour. It was like just me and myself and I'm seeing originals. And that was really cool. 3 (19m 35s): Was that, yeah. Was that hard to do, like get up in front of a new crowd every night or you kind of used to it at this point, because I know that you said when you were younger, you had quite a bit of stage fright. 5 (19m 45s): It was terrifying. It was the worst. It was the worst for the first couple of shows because I am sometimes silly and I make decisions, not accounting for the stage fright. So I decided I'm going to play all the guitar on the song. Just me, the Boston, the first night, like my hands are shaking. I'm missing. Like every, no, I'm just like, and then like third song in, I get like into it, but for a while, like it was like terror, the first two songs. And then it was like the realization that there's nothing I can do and then like getting comfortable, but by the end of it, but which was, which was cool. 5 (20m 25s): It's feeling your growth because by the end there, I literally would just be like walking out of the bathroom. Like, I'm like, I take a pee, I would just go into the bathroom, walk out, go on stage, like, okay. And then it was just like a no-brainer for me. And that was cool. Like, I didn't care anymore about nerves and then I actually get up on and that was amazing. 3 (20m 47s): That's so cool with like, w was that the same? You did the sort of valley. Was that the same? Did you tour with Jordy too, right? Or was that just a few shows? 5 (20m 57s): Just a few shows. 3 (20m 58s): Okay. I love him. He's so good. And he, I had him on our podcast really early on and just see what he's done in the past few years as well. It was just so incredible. And the song you guys have together is amazing. 5 (21m 12s): Thank you so much. I love Jordy. He's like my fairy, God mother, Mary God, brother. 3 (21m 22s): Where did, where did you meet Jordy? 5 (21m 26s): I met Jordy. Where did I meet Jody for the first time? 3 (21m 33s): I don't know. I'm asking you. It's all good. You met with this writing session 5 (21m 42s): Somewhere we met 3 (21m 45s): And just clicked. 5 (21m 47s): Yeah. And then we wrote on zoom and they're really good friend of mine, so I love them. And yeah, no one can ask me questions because I, I have, I have a weird sort of memory where I can remember like very obscure things from 10 years ago, but then important details. I'm just like, I don't know. 3 (22m 15s): No, it's all good. It's all good. I was just curious. Cause like I said, I, I had chatted. 5 (22m 18s): I'm curious on here and I need to ask 3 (22m 23s): W well next time let's get them. It would be you, you and him. That'd be, that'd be fun. That'd be a lot of fun. Three. The three of us, you are the first three-peat person I've had on here though, which is cool to know. You're the first person I've had on here. Three times. I've had a lot of people twice, but you're the first person I had three times. It's amazing. Well, real quick back to your touring and playing w you were just up there by yourself with an acoustic guitar. You didn't have a backing band or anything. 5 (22m 51s): I had Josh who played keys, so that was cool. So it was me and a keys player. And that was fun because then it was nice to like, have somebody, just the mental, knowing that there's somebody there who's also like, can carry the weight. So it didn't feel entirely all on my shoulders. And that's nice, 3 (23m 17s): Real quick on heartbroken and milking at you. We talked about how he wrote a lot of the songs over zoom and it was kind of one of those things where like, you'd write something and it was like a back and forth, right. Or through email or you'd make notes and kind of go back and forth. And with this new stuff that you're releasing, I would imagine that was all done. What in person? 5 (23m 38s): Yeah. A lot of it, which makes everything so much easier because before it was like, can you fix that two 14 that's mouth noise? And they would take like three days to get that. And I was like, actually, this so long. So now it's for my brain who needs instant gratification to actually just go in and be like, fix it. And it's done. And I'm like, yes, makes goal creative process a lot smoother than something I used to take for granted pre pandemic. But now I very much appreciate it more. 3 (24m 18s): So writing in person, obviously preferred w was it a lot, I mean, being then in person with somebody, was that like a new thing for you? I mean, just even writing in that type of like that level, right? I mean doing your first stuff over zoom, and then now you're writing still like at the level you're at, but now you're in person with people. Is that a lot different? 8 (24m 39s): It's finally time to start firing up the grill from city to shore. Acme is everything you need to prep for this summer season, download the Acme app, the shopper, this season's essentials any way you want open the Acme app, clip your deals than order your items online and experienced Acme associate will carefully select your groceries, bag your order and bring it right to your car or deliver right to your door, download the app, or for program to Dale. 5 (25m 8s): It's just so much easier. I, and I used to have this belief that like, zoom was hard for everybody, but then I remember talking to valley, I'm like, guys, don't you, this is me trying to be relatable. And like, guys don't use hate zoom writing any, like, I got barely like any songs from that. And they're like, actually like all our songs on our last EAP, we're all zoom writes. We write so well on SU and I'm like, oh, okay. But she was writing in person. There's nothing like it. There's really, it's just having one-on-one connections with people and having no lag in between. 5 (25m 52s): That's something you never really realized you had to be grateful for. But yes, a lack of lag is beautiful. 3 (26m 1s): Like coming into those sessions, do you, I mean, with zoom, you probably have to show up and like more of a, I dunno, prepared setting, like, okay, I've got this song to talk about this. We're going to write about this. When you show up in more in person, is it a little more lax? Like you can kind of be as with the person a bit more and like get a vibe and then kind of come together with a song or like how, how, like, how does that work as far as like, when you are writing in person, 5 (26m 28s): Zoom is more like you definitely and be more prepared and in the, really the thick of the pandemic in 2020 where you weren't leaving the house, so you had nothing to write about. So it was a lot of like conceptual heavy things because you couldn't really, it was a whole different writing style for me because I had to rely more on concepts and what I was relying more on personal experience for other things. And I wasn't leaving the house when I was literally just like weight fluctuations. And like, literally just like, all I could write about, I was like eating cookie dough for the whole entire pandemic. 5 (27m 13s): So it was just like, that's not a song, but in writing in person, cause you're also living life on the side, you can just relaxed and you're feeling their vibe. And sometimes it's just easier in person to be like, you know, I'm not feeling it today. Let's go to the zoo and they're like, cool. But on zoom, you just kind of like sit there and looking at each other and then you have to fake like an internet loss of connection. 3 (27m 44s): Like 5 (27m 46s): Yeah. Like, you know, I think they literally still see me shaking. Cause I can still 3 (27m 54s): They're like your dog in the background or something. 5 (27m 59s): Yeah. I guess that moves. It didn't work. I just be like, I lost connection. I just turned my wifi off. 3 (28m 11s): Oh yeah. You can't really do that in person. So it had more, more stuff to write about. It sounds like, which is great. Tell me about the song. God must hate me. And this moment that kind of happens on, on Tik TOK for you. 5 (28m 25s): Well, that was a shock to me because as a musician right now, I wasn't a musician in the music industry. Like no shit, where else would I be in the restaurant? 3 (28m 38s): You could be. You're still scared, man. 5 (28m 42s): Basically it's the emphasis is on tech talk and insight. Have a moment, have a moment. And a lot of your waking life is going to be worrying about what's going to go viral. So then when it's literally me in a bathtub that took five seconds, I'm like, this is it. This is how easy it was, but what was I worrying about? But then that actually put a new pressure on me because I posted, God must hate me when there wasn't a full song done. So it was the craziest time of my life. One of them, I have a lot of Praysee times in my life. 5 (29m 25s): And he was writing a song on a Sunday, getting it produced on a Monday, deciding we didn't like the produced version on a Tuesday, getting it all, reproduced that Wednesday and uploading it to spot a big came out in two weeks. And that was like, that was a lot, but it was very much worth it. And I very deeply loved that song a lot and I love it. So thank you. 3 (29m 58s): It's such a beautiful song. It really is. And the fact that I didn't, I didn't realize that you only had to let a little bit of it done and just saying it and then it was, oh wow. This is all, this is really taking off. This is something I have to like, you need to finish it at that point. Right. 5 (30m 15s): It was just, it was just that first. And I had tried to write another song with it, but it was more like it wasn't as is very surface level. Like, do you ever see someone and think book almost just about one person? And it was like, not the song you heard now. And then I went to my friend and collaborator Johnny, and then he's like, this is how do you have this really heavy start? And then it just kind of like, you need to go deeper and I'm like, oh, you want deeper? Okay. I got it. And that's how it all came to be. 3 (30m 55s): Wow. Wow. Wow. And yeah, I mean, with that sort of like those, that the many eyes on it, obviously it has like a millions of views or whatever, 500,000 views. And then it goes to a million in the next, the next time. And are you concerned with, okay, am I going to be able to, you know, come out strong with this and have it be what, what people are assuming it might be like, was that even a thought 5 (31m 21s): 100%? I it's like the beauty of a viral moment is you get a viral moment, but the downside, the negative is that the feeling of like capitalizing on it. And it was that fear of like, was this a fluke? And will people care when it comes out? And when the song's out, how do I make it another trend? And how do I not because I'm hype my blessing and my curse is that I'm hyper self-aware. So I'm like, well, people get annoyed if I'm spamming them. Oh my God. 5 (32m 2s): So the fear of mine, but luckily it just took on a life of its own. And I didn't really have to push that hard, but it was a fear of mine of wondering, having very much severe imposter syndrome on the app due to the algorithm. I'm just like, am I, should I even do this? 3 (32m 22s): Yeah. It's, it's some weird app. I mean, it's a cool avenue. It's great for, for moments like that, because you can really, you're testing something to see if it's going to land and then something can land that like you didn't have completed at that point. You're like, whoa, like, okay, this is working. Like let's pursue this now. And it's like, you have, because people are finding it without even like following you at that point. Right. I mean, it just, it just land on the, for you page and people are seeing it and being like, oh, this is really cool. I'm going to go check out Catie Turner. Who is she? What is she doing like that? Wouldn't maybe know you prior to seeing the video come through your feed. 5 (32m 58s): Yeah. It's take talk is an amazing app for visibility. And it puts a lot of control back into the artist's hands because you're not waiting around for ads or money put into like promotion or like anything. So it is a really great tool to use as an artist. 3 (33m 22s): And it's, everyone's on a similar playing field too, because he could have a viral moment and not have other people see or content without necessarily following you where it's like on Instagram, the only people that are really going to see your stuff are people that are already engaging with your content from star 5 (33m 39s): Instagram. We hate Instagram. It's a pain of my existence. 3 (33m 46s): Oh, okay. It's not, you're not your friend. Then I see. 5 (33m 50s): We'll take talk is cause you're right. Take talk. The algorithm gods at will are just, you know, they're like Oprah, you get on the, for you page, you get on the, for you page you, but on Instagram, I'm just like, who is hectic? 3 (34m 9s): Oh yeah. You can have X amount of followers and you know, like 2% of them will see what you actually throw up there. 5 (34m 18s): I know. 3 (34m 19s): So I get it. No, I totally understand that. Then the song comes out. It does over a million streams in the first week. 5 (34m 29s): I know 3 (34m 31s): That's insane. Was it crazy watching that kind of keep climbing and climbing? I mean, within a week to have a million, you must've seen it jump quite a bit, you know, in day to day 5 (34m 42s): It was funny because I like when people ask me goals, I don't like aiming. I like to aim like where things like, I think like aren't too crazy. So the first night it got 30,000 streams and I went, this is insane by the end of the week, I don't want to jinx it, but we could have a hundred thousand streams by the end of the week. That's going to be crazy. Cause that's what my, that was peak for me. And so basically blowing that out and doing over a million in a week, it was insane. I did not prepare for any of that. 5 (35m 22s): And a lot of tears were being shed that week so many. 3 (35m 27s): And now you're at nearly 32 million strings on that. So 5 (35m 32s): I stopped checking. I stopped checking, but knowing them that 32 is like, wow. 3 (35m 39s): Yeah. That's it's. Yeah. So cool. So cool. And the new song, nothing is a lot more upbeat though. I mean, it's a totally new for you, at least for what I've heard. 5 (35m 51s): I had to give them a pizza because I realized my mom would kill me because she did not like, almost hate me because 3 (35m 59s): She wasn't a fan, but 5 (36m 2s): Well, it was just shoot me and I went okay. So I gave her nothing and I think now it's good. 3 (36m 11s): Okay. Okay. Is your, your, you guys are on better terms again? 5 (36m 14s): Yeah, no. I mean, 3 (36m 17s): No they weren't, 5 (36m 18s): But you had to pick one. It was either sad song, no cursing or I curse, but it's more upbeat. So 3 (36m 27s): Your ma you used to throw your mom. I haven't noticed recently, but you used to throw up on social media, like early on. It was really funny. 5 (36m 36s): Yeah. Cause she yells at me. She's still calling the shots behind the screen, but she would, she wants it to be kept under wraps. 3 (36m 45s): Okay. Then you told me the first time that you filmed and posted it and then she wouldn't want you to, but then be like, so, well how many views does it have 5 (36m 56s): All the time? We should stop, stop. Don't post that don't show anybody that no, but she like secretly loves it because I'm her daughter. So of course she loves it cause she birthed me and my need for attention. So of course it came from somewhere her. 3 (37m 17s): Oh, that's incredible. Well, I want to, I want you to tell me about the song, nothing. And again, I love it at the V from the first three seconds of your ear, count in just to me, I was like, this is just totally your personality and the lyrics and the, just the quirkiness of the video and everything. So, so good. 5 (37m 37s): Thank you. I am nothing came about because I complained a lot about easy things and I make things really hard when they don't have to be. And I realized a truth about myself, which is I'm the one that's like, I should eat healthier. Like I want to eat out there. Like, ah, I like want to wake up earlier. Like, ah, I wish I could wake up earlier. Like, I'm that person? And then it's just like, okay, like I could, like, I could set my alarm for 6:00 AM and I could wake up and I could do a plank on the floor if I really want, 3 (38m 13s): Could do a plank, 5 (38m 16s): I could do all these things. So, you know, I'll just mental. So if I have a brain, I could do it, but I'm just like, no, that's just too much energy. I don't want to do that. So I just complained about it instead. And that's, it's an ode to everyone who emotionally procrastinates or just in general procrastinates and complains letting them know that they're seeing. 3 (38m 46s): That's great. It's a great, the core is being like you're being a bullshitter and like, to like the first line of the song, how you, you know, I hate social media, but don't take it off my phone. Like, that's just, it's just hilarious and so true. Right? I mean, everyone goes, oh, I hate, I hate blah, blah, blah. I hate being on, you know, the things 5 (39m 6s): After I'm like, I hate Instagram. It's so toxic. I hate it. I just, I don't want it anymore. Like this is too hard for me. And I'll literally like open it up and just scroll. That's crazy. 3 (39m 23s): Yeah. That's yeah. It is an interesting to think about like, even like 10, 15 years ago, like the phone, wasn't a thing. And now it's like any, like, no matter where you are, if there's any downtime, it's like, you know, okay, what's on, what's going on in my phone. What's going on on this social media app. What's going on, on 5 (39m 42s): Who is go out to date? Like, I feel like I got a date, but you know, just like, hang out with somebody like a friend or anything and you go to like dinner or like get food and you other thing across from each other. And you're just both on social media in front of each other. 3 (40m 0s): I it's. Yeah. You see that are all the time though. Like married couples, people like that are just there. You look over at the restaurant and they're both just this. Like, why are you sitting at the same table? But yeah, it's pretty, pretty funny. Well, okay, so you have a record coming out. You did tell us that and our 5 (40m 22s): Planning, it kind of, 3 (40m 24s): Oh, sorry. I'll cut that. 5 (40m 29s): You don't have to cut it. It's there's this movie. That's the dream habit album. 3 (40m 37s): Oh, okay. 5 (40m 39s): I'm planning on it. 3 (40m 41s): Okay. Playing on album hopes that there's an album. And are you sure? I'm sure you have other songs that are done and ready to go, correct? 5 (40m 50s): Yes. For now we're in, it's fun to be on social media and see other artists. Cause it's the comparison game, right? From one of the things I noticed is like, you know, artists treat their projects with like PLC. It's like purposeful. There's like visuals, it's a world. And I'm just like, fuck all. I'm like, I don't know what I'm doing. Like throwing it together. Or like, so that's, that's what I'm doing right now in album mode. I'm just in the kitchen. Things are on fire and I'm making something and I hope people like it, but TBD stay tuned, 3 (41m 33s): TBD, stay tuned all. Are the other ones, are you leaning more towards the upbeat stuff or is that was just, that's just the thing you felt like doing that day with nothing. 5 (41m 45s): I'm trying to lean a little more upbeat with singles, but I'm going to find the balance on my album where it's going to be classic Katy, sad songwriter songs, but mixed with things like that, you can road trip too. Like you're not going to crash the car because you're solving so hard. And then some songs that are like, you know, I have a song that I sang on tour. That's I'm going to steal your dad. That is a song. I did write that about my last relationship because you know, you're going to get a lot of different sides of me. 5 (42m 29s): Like you're going to get, I'm sad. And you're going to get the side that says to ruin your life. I will marry your dad. 3 (42m 38s): Okay. I wasn't sure where you're going with that. Or you, you want to steal them as your own dad. Are you going to steal them as you're now a romantic interest? Yeah. 5 (42m 47s): Like, because there'll be that bad. I feel like petty. Like I will ruin your family, the hot stepmom. 3 (43m 1s): That is funny. That is really funny. Okay. You got another chart coming up for it and then the next month into the summer? 5 (43m 11s): Yes. I'm going on tour with Leon. That's going to be cool. I'm I, my emotional procrastination is I don't process things until till I can say something, but it just does not click with my brain. So I'm sitting here like yeah. Oh my God. I'm going on tour with Leon. That's really cool. So yeah, 3 (43m 38s): But it won't really click. It won't really click until the 28th. 5 (43m 45s): It probably won't click until I'm on stage, 3 (43m 47s): Like day one of the tour. 5 (43m 49s): Yeah. 3 (43m 50s): Okay. You came through Nashville. I'm in, I moved to Nashville within the past year. But you played here with Jordy, I think right on his tour. And he didn't 5 (44m 3s): Know I wasn't here for that one. 3 (44m 5s): Oh, okay. Then I'm confused. But so you haven't played here or have you played or do you play with valley? Yeah. That's what it was then 5 (44m 13s): East. 3 (44m 14s): Oh, you did play BMC. Bass minis. Awesome. Okay. But you're not going to come on the tour or you're not going to be here with Leon though, which I saw, but you're doing nobody. You're playing San Diego at the house of blues. So that's, that's a cool spot that you get to do. 5 (44m 29s): I need to look at the tour date. 3 (44m 31s): Maybe. I don't think that you are, but maybe you are. And I just didn't see that date. But anyway, it doesn't matter. I hope you do. I hope you do. Cause I can't wait to see your, your live show. And are you playing songs? I mean, you mentioned the one, like I'll say your dad. Do you have any other ones that you play on the road that haven't been released yet? 5 (44m 52s): Well, it used to be nothing and still your dad. So now I need to find more unreleased songs to sing on the road. So that's going to be exciting. 3 (45m 4s): Okay. 5 (45m 5s): Maybe that's just saying all unreleased songs and just completely blue ball. Everybody. 3 (45m 13s): That would be pretty good. Is it, do you have a longer set on this tour or is it kind of the same timeframe or do you not know? 5 (45m 20s): I think it's the same. So I'm going to need help making a set list. So if anybody wants to tell me what they have to here, make my life easier. I don't know what's happening. 3 (45m 34s): Well, I love what you're doing. I it's always so much fun talking with you. You're a blast. I appreciate you doing this again for the third time and thank you so much, Catie, for, for everything. 5 (45m 46s): Thank you so much for always having me. 3 (45m 48s): Of course. It's year two fun and we, yeah, when you're in Nashville, I'm we're gonna, we're gonna meet up. So I'm gonna, I'm going to go see you. 5 (45m 56s): Oh my God. Okay. Thank you so much. 3 (45m 59s): Oh yeah, of course. This is it's too fun. I love what you're doing. I love the songs, 11, nothing. And even the slower ones that he obviously had and everything you're doing is so good. And I appreciate you doing this again. Thank you so much. 5 (46m 11s): Thank you 3 (46m 13s): Real quick before I let you go. Sorry. I know that was kind of a stalling ending. I want to know. I'm going to ask you the same question. I'll ask you the last two times before I let you go. If you have any advice for aspiring artists, 5 (46m 27s): Hmm? I'm thinking I have a very intense thing face. 3 (46m 32s): Then you could slam the laptop down when you're done. 5 (46m 37s): I'm going to give good advice. I want to actually give good. If I don't want to skimp out, Make things you like, try not listen to opinions, but also don't feel like you're tied to those opinions that people give it to you and know that your opinion and your judgment is number one and always released what you want to release. Because even if it doesn't get numbers right away, don't doubt your gut feeling. You don't know. In five years, it could be a really big hit. That's all that matters that you really love it. And that's something you would want to promote and show people and be proud of. 5 (47m 19s): So that's my advice. Authenticity be yourself first. It's really boring advice, but it works. That's why it's cliche and has been around for so long.