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April 1, 2020

Interview with The Buckleys

Interview with The Buckleys

Practicing social distancing, we interviewed The Buckleys on Zoom!

Please share while we are #togetherathome 🏠

“The Buckleys, a three-­‐piece band featuring siblings Sarah, Lachlan and Molly Buckley announced their new single “ Money ” released...

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Practicing social distancing, we interviewed The Buckleys on Zoom!

Please share while we are #togetherathome 🏠

“The Buckleys, a three-­‐piece band featuring siblings Sarah, Lachlan and Molly Buckley announced their new single “ Money ” released today through Petrol Records/ Universal  Music Australia/UMe.

The Buckleys’ new single “ Money” is their first worldwide release and embodies the band’s brand of “Hippie Country” – a genre representing the infectious personality and spirited conscience that the band maintains.  The track was written by Sarah Buckley, who wrote with multi-platinum songwriters Phil Barton (Lee Brice/ A Woman Like You) and Dave Thomson (Lady Antebellum/ 747) during her time in Nashville.

Since signing with CM Murphy’s Petrol Records in 2019, the band has released two singles in Australia. The first “ Daydream” catapulted the trio into the limelight, scoring a #1 single at Australian country radio, followed by second single, “ I’m  Comin’  For  Ya  (Love ),”  which  reached  #3.  The success of the singles resulted in The Buckleys’ nomination for Qantas New Talent Of The Year award at the prestigious 2020 Country Music Awards Australian (Toyota Golden Guitar Awards) which recognize, celebrate and honor excellence and outstanding achievement in Australian country music.

Despite their young age (20, 18 and 17), the siblings from Byron Bay are no strangers to the music business. Established county music songwriters and producers including Emily Shackelton (Carly Peace/Every Little Thing), Marty Dodson (Kenny Chesney/Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven, Jennifer Hanson (Billy Currington/Let Me Down Easy) and Chad Carlson (who produced their single Daydream and Chase Rice’s Ignite the Night) have co-­‐written songs with the band.

The Buckleys are only the second signing to  Petrol Records since CM Murphy signed award-winning siblings and band of brothers, INXS in 2009. “The Buckleys represent everything that is important to me both professionally and personally and I am excited to have them join the Petrol / Universal family and watch the world fall in love with this unique and special band” says CM Murphy, Petrol Records founder & Chairman.

Sarah Buckley says, “Writing a song titled ‘Money’ was kind of sarcastic/ironic because like the song says, all I really had was a little change in my pocket and not much more, but I was having the time of my life. To me, the song is for and about all the teenagers out there who generally don’t have much coin to spend but are having a ball regardless! The word ‘Money’ is interchangeable with ‘fun.’”

From their writing to the production to the music video, The Buckleys’ vision was to create something that captured their high energy, positivity and spunk of some of their favorite live bands, particularly ones from the 60s and 70s.

“Money” is the first single from their debut album, Breathe, coming soon. The band has performed at numerous internationally renowned festivals, events and concerts and plan to perform for U.S. audiences later this year.


Petrol, founded in 2000, is the world’s most successful first all-digital record company and the first independent label to sign a worldwide distribution agreement with Apple Inc.’s iTunes. Petrol’s numerous chart and sales successes over the years in various musical genres, together with Christopher M. Murphy’s other multimedia endeavors, resulting in Murphy receiving the New South Wales Premier’s Expo Award for Arts & Entertainment and being named Australian Entrepreneur of the Year by Business Review Weekly for his many achievements. In 2008 Murphy received a GRAMMY nomination for his documentary on the street music of Cuba (now referred to as ‘Reggaeton’). In 2009, Petrol signed INXS’ classic catalog to the label and in 2017, INXS were awarded for achieving 50 million worldwide sales. With iTunes alone, Petrol has achieved more than 180 #1’s, more than 700 Top 10, and more than 1,600 Top 100 positions.


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