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March 23, 2023

Interview with RIZ LA VIE

Interview with RIZ LA VIE

We had the pleasure of interviewing RIZ LA VIE Zoom video!

Los Angeles-based alt-pop musician RIZ LA VIE shares his highly anticipated debut album Haven including a...

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We had the pleasure of interviewing RIZ LA VIE Zoom video!

Los Angeles-based alt-pop musician RIZ LA VIE shares his highly anticipated debut album Haven out everywhere now including a limited run on vinyl. Alongside the release, LA VIE shares the album's title track with an accompanying video.

The album's title track explores loss, but even in the deepest depths of sadness, it sees LA VIE determined to find the silver lining. The track swiftly embodies the thesis of the album as its themes speak to the album as a. whole.

Its accompanying video, directed by Quinton Dominguez, opens with LA VIE seated in a movie theater, ready to watch a movie of his newfound life in Los Angeles. The film and the track's lyrics follow LA VIE's emotional effort to hold onto optimism, freedom and safety.

With Haven, his debut studio album out today, RIZ LA VIE expands on the vibrant sonic world he's built with previous releases, but this time, shares more of himself with his fans. Experimenting with new production elements and blending genres, LA VIE pushes boundaries like never before, culminating in his most realized, ambitious work to date. Over 15 tracks, LA VIE embarks on a search for a sense of safety and security, both internally and externally–within himself, in his relationships, community, environment, and in the world at large.

In perpetual pursuit of hope and optimism, the project chronicles LA VIE's courage in the face of adversity as he ultimately discovers his own strength and confidence.

Collaborators on the album include Vic Wainstein (Tyler the Creator, Mac Miller), Daniel Hartzog (Tom the Mailman, ericdoa), Lucy Blomkamp (6LACK, Mallrat) and Johan Lenox (BROCKHAMPTON, Metro Boomin, Shawn Mendes). It was mixed by KES (Ed Sheeran, Jacob Banks) and mastered by Mike Bozzi (Kendrick Lamar, Steve Lacy).

The previously shared single "FYP," offers LA VIE the space to express the discomfort and fear that accompany a cross-country move, and the aftermath of leaving home to land in a new environment, surrounded by new people while the place he once called home remains.

LA VIE's 2018 hit "Napkins," has become a fan favorite, with over 38M+ streams on Spotify to date, and like the artist himself, shows no signs of slowing down. In addition to a 30-date tour in 2021, LA VIE performed at festivals like Governor's Ball and Lollapalooza. The artist has consistently turned heads of several leading tastemakers in recent years, including Billboard, Pigeons & Planes, Ones to Watch, and more.

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