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June 9, 2022

Interview with Thornhill

We had the pleasure of interviewing Thornhill over Zoom video.

Propped up against their acclaimed 2019 debut album The Dark Pool, there's a profound new sense of clarity, vision and intention to be heard on Heroine. Where The Dark Pool touched fans...

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We had the pleasure of interviewing Thornhill over Zoom video.

Propped up against their acclaimed 2019 debut album The Dark Pool, there's a profound new sense of clarity, vision and intention to be heard on Heroine. Where The Dark Pool touched fans with its mix of crushing riffage and atmospheric metalcore, this record finds Thornhill flexing their skills in the alternative and rock worlds, referencing a tapestry of sounds from the likes of Smashing Pumpkins and Red Hot Chili Peppers to Silverchair and Deftones. At the same time harking to flavours of modern metalcore, Thornhill ultimately want to showcase what can be made of heavy and rock music when there are no borders. Heroine does just this, and comes complete with elevated visuals and theatrics to match.

Vocalist Jacob Charlton, who is also responsible for the band's styling and music video writing and direction, shares that part of his growth during the album's creation was finally nailing his own character and style as a vocalist and frontman, much like his performance idols such as Elvis, Justin Timberlake, and Gwen Stefani pioneered in their own ways.

Awarded a laundry list of accolades including triple j's Feature Album and additions to some Best of The Year lists with its 2019 release, The Dark Pool also garnered nominations including Best International Breakthrough Artist at the 2020 Heavy Music Awards, and Best Independent Heavy Album/EP at the 2020 AIR Awards. The album has amassed over 32 million streams and 3 million YouTube views on its music video.

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What's going on?! It is Adam. Welcome back to bringing it backwards. A podcast where both legendary and rising artists tell their own personal stories of how they achieved stardom. On this episode, we had a chance to hang out with Jacob of the band Thornhill over zoom video. Jacob was born and raised in Melbourne in Australia, and he talks about how he got into music. His parents put him in piano lessons at an early age. She did that and then joined the boys choir in Melbourne. He talked about wanting to learn how to play drums and the early variation of Thornhill, where he was guitar player, and then ended up switching to the vocalists. They're very strategic about this band. 3 (2m 37s): They went to the recording studio first, put together an EAP and her getting a manager. They had all of this kind of taken care of prior to playing their first show. So when they came out, they came out of the gate swinging. They talk about getting signed to you and FD the success of the first EAP, butterflies, self producing and releasing their first, fully the album called the pool. Then releasing an instrumental version of the record and an isolated vocal version of the record as well. And we talk all about their brand new album called heroin. You can watch the interview with Jacob on our Facebook page and YouTube channel app, bringing it backwards. It would be amazing if you subscribe to our channel like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and tick-tock at bringing back pod. 3 (3m 24s): And if you're listening to this on Spotify, apple music, Google podcasts, it would be incredible if you follow us there as well and hook us up with a five-star review. 4 (3m 34s): We'd appreciate your support. If you follow and subscribe to our podcasts, wherever you listen to podcasts, 3 (3m 40s): We're bringing it backwards with Thornhill. 5 (3m 43s): Hey, how you doing? 3 (3m 44s): Hey, what's up, man? How are you? 5 (3m 47s): I'm good. I'm good. Is this backdrop too ghetto? 3 (3m 50s): No, I love the spray paint. Where, where are you at? Aren't you guys from Melbourne or you're from Melbourne. Aren't you? 5 (4m 1s): Yeah, we're in Seattle right now. 3 (4m 4s): I was like, dude, I think it's like 1:00 AM where he's at. So I was just curious to make sure that I wasn't just like interrupting your evening. 5 (4m 11s): No, no, no, no. We're on tour right now. So I'm just in front of the venue in our living cultures. 3 (4m 18s): Ah, rad. I love it. 5 (4m 26s): Does that too bad. I haven't showered. 3 (4m 31s): Ah, it's all good. Thanks Jacob for doing this, man. I appreciate it. Yeah. I'm Adam and this podcast is about you and your journey and music. And we'll talk about the new record and how you guys got to where you are now. 5 (4m 45s): Six sounds good. 3 (4m 46s): Sweet. So was that correct? Where you're born and raised in Melbourne? 5 (4m 51s): Yup. Yup. Oh, you say Melbourne. Good Americans. 3 (4m 55s): Don't see. I've I've been taught this. I had a, I had a coworker years ago and he's the one that told me how to say it. And like every time I meet somebody or interview somebody from, from Melvin, they always comment. That's funny that you said that too. Cause I I'm trying to think recently who I interviewed that was oh, north lane. They said the same thing. Like, oh my God, you said it right. I'm like, thank you. I appreciate 5 (5m 24s): That. Yeah. That's great. 3 (5m 27s): Thank you. Thank you. Anyway, tell me about growing up there. 5 (5m 31s): Damn. It was pretty sick. I mean, I live, we all live really close together. We're all like suburb kids. So we're about halfway half an hour away from the city. So I live really close to the train. So it was really easy to go back and forth. But not as being sick, the best, best place to live. I think so far like going everywhere else. It's definitely really good. And yeah, it's been, it's been good man. 3 (5m 60s): Just curious. 5 (6m 1s): I mean out for so long now, I don't even know what Melbourne looks like. Looks like 3 (6m 7s): You guys have been wet on the road. Just touring for quite a bit. Okay. 5 (6m 11s): When the south sixth week I think in America. 3 (6m 15s): Gosh, that is wild. 5 (6m 18s): It's been a long one. 3 (6m 20s): How many more days do you have left? 5 (6m 22s): Seven, seven more shows. I think 10 more days. 3 (6m 27s): Wow. Where'd you guys start? I'm just curious now I'll look this up. Okay. But you're in. So did you make like a big, I mean six weeks? She must've been a bit circle. 5 (6m 36s): Yeah. So we sat in LA and we ended up in LA. I'm pretty sure. 3 (6m 40s): Okay. That's cool. Nice. All right. Well, yeah. So from being in Melbourne, you, how did you get into music? I'm curious 6 (6m 51s): Your favorite bands about to play a sold out show you got in over here with a friend and fought a spot close enough to see the setlist. They're definitely playing your song when you're with Amex. It's not if it's going to happen, but when American express don't live life, without it 7 (7m 7s): Planning on traveling this summer, make saving at the pump part of your plans. But two times the fuel points from Harris Teeter it's easy. Download your EBIT coupon. And for every dollar you spend with your Vic card, you'll get to you'll points. That's up to $1 per gallon on quality fuel at participating BP and Harris Teeter fuel centers. Download your EBIT coupon today and save money at the pump all summer long with Evoque and Harris Teeter fuel points. 8 (7m 38s): Dave Matthews band live Saturday On sale Part of the mattress warehouse concert series. 5 (8m 8s): Well, I started piano when I was four and I kept going until I was about 15 on just piano. I played guitar and bass through primary school and high school. I joined, I was in the choir because Charlene boys choir for a while. And then when my voice broke, I kind of left. 3 (8m 32s): Well. When did, how old are you when you joined the choir? Is that the first thing you did or was piano? 5 (8m 37s): Piano, piano to show up piano is probably the longest. That's probably the most of an instrument. I know. I don't know that as well anymore, but I utilize it in another band. I'm in code cherry, but no, I started with piano, got into the choir when I was about, I would say like 10 or maybe did that for about five, six years. Hated it 3 (9m 0s): As your parents keep you on it, like there for six years. 5 (9m 4s): Yeah, my parents. Yeah. They kept me in all of that sort of stuff. I just wanted to learn drums. That's all I wanted to do. So when I hit high school in year seven, I started drums and yeah, play drums in a band in high school and then played bass in a band in high school and then guitar and the first iteration of Thornhill and in year 11 with Ethan and then drama and then we didn't have a vocalist. And so I was kind of like, I'll, I'll try and do it. And now I'm stuck. I'm stuck doing vocals. 3 (9m 37s): So you guys didn't have a singer or when the band started and you just what's ah, I'll just sing or you didn't have you had somebody before that didn't work out? 5 (9m 46s): Well, the original guitars for on Sam, he used to be the, like the vocalist for like our battle of the bands kind of by school band. But we swapped cause he wanted to play guitar and we were going to do harder. I think we were just doing stuff that he didn't really want to do. So I had to go at it. Cause I think we were just covering north line and ocean Grove and techs and stuff. And I was like, oh yeah, whatever, I'll give it a try. And then we did it. And we were like, oh, that was fun. And then I kind of just got stuck the, where the, I think, cause I wasn't like the best guitars. I didn't really care too much back top. 5 (10m 26s): And then I think once I actually did the vocal popper, but I was like, oh, that was kind of fun. And then we kind of just rolled with it from there. 3 (10m 34s): That's cool. So you guys were covering Northland signs. Did you like them? Cause they're another Melvin band right there from there, Greg, where they just like, but they were, they just like, oh they are from Sydney. And I think, I dunno, I'm, I'm confused. I confuse myself cause they're new singers from Melvin. Maybe. I don't remember anyway, where's they were, they like a band that had been established and were, were doing things where they just a big band in Australia that you guys kind of follow up. 5 (11m 2s): They, they were an, I think they were an up and coming band and shredded when we first saw him because Ethan and I didn't know much about the genre or like the community, like the same kind of thing. We didn't know anything about it. We just knew, I think the bands that we really like, I was a Parkway fan. I like all that Mike and he, I think was more like blessed to fall fan. And so we had very different because we went to this, there was this one show that kind of started the Daniela in a way. It was like a one 70 a venue combined 70 Russell billboards. And it used to be all ages. And we were saying August burns red, I think, bless the fall north lane and glorified. 5 (11m 51s): And I remember we saw north for the first time and we were just like, wow. Cause that was the first show we'd ever really been to. And we're like, whoa, these guys are cool. We listened to them. And we both kind of, well, I got what they're doing is cool. And we both kind of, at the same time, we both think this is cool. And then we kind of that's how it all, that's how that's what got the ball rolling. I think 3 (12m 14s): So once the band starts going, like, what was the first kind of like, you know, you guys are writing songs that are you playing just like local clubs. Like how does the really, 5 (12m 25s): We were riding demos on an iPad on garage band for maybe all through year 12 during like maths classes and just other classes. Cause we just weren't interested in, in high school really. It just tells me a thing. We're kinda like whatever we know what we want to do. So we were just riding and riding and did some demos and whatnot. And we just came out of year 12 and went straight to the studio and we met Seavey who is in like Belhaven in some other bands. And we recorded our first AP with him and we met MVD who was at guitars and manager, Hey, was starting a management company or thinking about managing abandoned. 5 (13m 12s): He came to one of our sessions and was like, okay, I'm going to manage you guys. And so we had a manager before we didn't release music, had an AP ready to go and we 3 (13m 22s): Played a show. Right? 5 (13m 23s): Yeah. Before we even played, shut out, first show was like stacked. I think it was Helen's voice division. Can't remember who else. But it was, it was a really big show for our first show and it was, we, we got, we got given a very big helping hand straight away. So we never really did the club club show. We have played some club shows, but yeah, it kind of started off pretty quick and pretty big, which was really cool because that venue is a sick man. He is a very, very cool venue. 3 (13m 57s): Wow. And you guys, did you get signed pretty quickly to <inaudible> 5 (14m 1s): Yeah. Yeah, I think so. We did the AP 13 and then we did two singles and we signed with you and half day on the next state pay. So it was like maybe two years in two and a half. 3 (14m 17s): Okay. So it wasn't super quick, but like, so once you put out that, you know, that EAP and get a manager, like, are you, so you're really kind of getting put on pretty, pretty good tours and support slots. Is that like that's okay. 5 (14m 32s): Yeah. We, we, it took us sec for us to tour, I think like properly by, yeah, we got given a lot of like good shows. We went, we definitely went ready for those good shows, which is hard. You know, we didn't get to do the small show thing and like work our way up. It was kind of like thrown the deep end and we weren't good enough for that. So it's been a lot of catch-up for us at the start, I think. But it was really cool to learn all those things straight away though. 3 (15m 3s): Yeah. Like what was it like going out and, you know, getting your, like your first show together and like how many are you probably playing to a massive room? Was that terrifying? 5 (15m 12s): Yeah. It was terrifying. Absolutely. It's taken a long time for that to subside. I'll tell you that much. Is that right? Yeah. It was, it was hard and I just didn't, I didn't know anything about singing yet. I had to like re go back to a singing teacher to teach me how to sing because I just had no idea. I just went in being like, oh, I can scream. I can yell really loud. That should be right. And then once we progress further into the singing world without sound, I wasn't ready for it at all. So I was like, oh my God, I'm going to be touring. And I'm going to be, 3 (15m 49s): Wow. Well, what would you say? Like the neck, I mean before signing to D or UNFD, where's that like, did you have a buzz? Like how did they find you and ha and decide to sign you guys? 5 (16m 2s): I think they, well, I guess they were scouting and they came to a show that we were playing. I think we were on this tour with the brave. That was our first, like, it was like a weekend. So it, there's not many places to go in Australia full, like big to us, unless you're doing regional stuff. So we were just doing Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, but it was at first to us, it was very exciting. And we played the Melbourne venue and they came down and checked us out. And we were in talks from that show onwards, I think for awhile, just back and forth to campus up there. We want you doing blah, blah, blah. So that, that was cool, which is funny. I don't know why they signed us because that show I was not only horrible, but I stood on the Mike lead and dropped the mic and the mic came out and it's being sound and it was just so embarrassing. 5 (16m 51s): So I don't know what that was making. Cause I still, to this day I have to get out to him who is here. Hey, dusty. Hey has to take my microphone every night. Cause I just trip on that shit still all the time. 3 (17m 7s): Well, when you left that show, are you like, oh man, like I blew it 5 (17m 10s): Or, 3 (17m 12s): Oh, you didn't know that there was there. 5 (17m 13s): I know I did it. And then they came back and they were like, oh, that was great. And I was like, no, it wasn't dark being lied to me right now. Like that was horrible. But here we have, 3 (17m 22s): And then they signed you. Was that a big moment? 5 (17m 26s): It was, yeah. That was a really big deal for us because that, at that, that was the label that we wanted. When we first started, when we were kids, we were like, ah, in high school being like, God that'd be so cool if we signed to you and MD, we all had, I think we all had UNM. So it was like, it was a pretty, it was like full circle kind of moment for us to show. 3 (17m 46s): That's cool. That's so cool. And there Australia, Australian label as well, 5 (17m 50s): I think worldwide now, 3 (17m 52s): But, but don't think then they start off as an Australian label. 5 (17m 55s): I believe so. 3 (17m 56s): Yeah. Okay. Yeah, but still like, that's so awesome. The, the, the label you wanted and, and, you know, they're the ones that comes to the show and then they're the ones that give you the shot and then, you know, you get signed. 5 (18m 8s): Yeah. It's pretty wild. 3 (18m 9s): Once you sign with them, what's the like, does that just elevate you to like the next level, as far as like, you know, recording goes or, or show support goes, 5 (18m 19s): It definitely elevated the way we appeared on social media as well. I think because they know how to market stuff and they know how to make it look kind of good. And it was very helpful having like that support in like, you know, having a good label and like the vinyl side of things and all those sorts of things. Cause then butterfly ended up doing pretty well. Like it was a, it was a big one for us and they really were a helping hand and doing all of that and made it look as good as we could do at that time. So it was, it was really cool having that and they were lovely and they definitely helped us so much on the album campaigns and stuff like that. 5 (19m 4s): So it was definitely something we couldn't have done without them. 3 (19m 7s): Once you have some success from butterfly EAP, and then you go into putting out your first like, record, like full album. Was that something that you were like hesitant about as far as like, is this record going to do well? I mean, we, we did one, one we did well with the P on the label, like what's going to happen? Like, was that anything that you thought of going into it? 5 (19m 28s): Ethan and I from believers in albums, I think like that's our whole thing is the albums as important or they should be important. And so for us it was a bit, it was never like I'm scared or I need it to be anything. It was more like, okay, cool. We're going to write an album for the first time. Like this needs to be good. This needs to like, we have to put everything we can into this album kind of do as much as we can. And it, you know, it needs to feel good to us. Like it needs to feel like this made sense that this is where we're going with it. 5 (20m 9s): With every side of every aspect of everything, it was like really important for us to nail this first one. Cause we just think if you nail the first one 7 (20m 18s): Planning on traveling this summer, make saving at the pump part of your plans with two times the fuel points from Harris Teeter, it's easy. Download your EBIT coupon. And for every dollar you spend with your VIT card, you'll get two fuel points. That's up to $1 per gallon on quality fuel at participating BP and Harris Teeter fuel centers. 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Church, city of Fairfax, Arlington county, Loudon county, and prince William county. 12 (21m 18s): It's time to get your checking account to zero with free checking from PenFed that's zero ATM fees, zero balance requirements, and zero time spent waiting for your paycheck to direct deposit because you can receive it up to one day early, open your account with just $25 and see how big zero can be apply online today at checking early direct deposit eligibility may vary between pay periods and timing of payers, funding to receive any advertised product. You must become a member of PenFed insured by NCUA. 5 (21m 48s): And you know, you've kind of got a good platform to kind of explore and do what you need to do. And so it was a cool, it was a cool experience, especially cause we did it ourselves. Like we self produced the whole thing we did a without basis. Yeah, we did it all. So we were very like particular with, and 3 (22m 11s): It was like, the label was supportive of that too. I mean, to go into your first debut record and you guys were like, we're going to do it ourselves. Like we don't care about having this, whoever producer or this person involved. Like they just let you go for it 5 (22m 24s): Basically. Yeah. Was a lot of fun, a lot of things. Very, very hard, very hard when it's self produced as well in a, in a point of like, it's really hard to keep plugging away when you've got so much other stuff in your life, like, cause we were so we were so young. I mean, it's getting harder now even as we get older, but it's, it was hard to be like, oh, you know, your parents want you to go to uni. You know, they want you to, you know, they want you to do things and you're like, no, this is the thing. But you working at the same time and you're trying to fit in writing days as it's a nightmare, honestly, but we made it work. 3 (23m 1s): Do you remember the moment when you could go back? Like, was it after that record came out and it started doing well that you could go back and tell your parents like, see, like I told you, we should be doing this. Like, I didn't know. I don't need to go to UT like no big deal. Yeah. 5 (23m 13s): It definitely was. I think it was definitely that album or might even mean the AP because I remember the AP launch, we played this barcode or cherry bar and we sold it out pretty quickly. And it was our first headline show and they came to that, all our families and they were like, well, okay, this is a, this is a real thing. And then come to tours and stuff and right. Okay. So one day it'll be a job. 3 (23m 41s): And so you go to tour to support this record and that's the dark pool. And then that's when COVID hits. 5 (23m 47s): Yeah, we did. We did a headline run and then we went to Europe intuitive and then we came home, got shut down for a year. And then we did a regional run for it or across Australia. Somehow didn't get shut down for that. Then got shut down when it finished. And then here we are back. Yeah. So I think it was 3 (24m 13s): So you were able to, to tore it with you, did that, that tour, then you completed the tour with wage war in bed. 5 (24m 20s): Yup. Yeah. So we have to, we have to have that. We just have intuitive in America and probably not as much as we would have across Australia and maybe you're so sure, 3 (24m 32s): But still I was curious, I buddy of mine, Cody, you probably know him. He's in wage war. He lives downtown as me. He he's such a great dude. Yeah. So just care I saw that you guys did that tour with them and I didn't know if it was something that you were able to finish. It sounds like, which is great. 5 (24m 50s): Very lucky. 3 (24m 51s): And you put out what two other versions of the album, one is an instrumental version. Then one was just the vocals. 5 (24m 56s): Yeah, yeah. Yeah. 3 (24m 59s): Well the idea behind that, 5 (25m 2s): Well, the instrumentals, I think is a big thing for our genre. I think people really like that. So I think it was always something we're going to do and do an alternate cover. And then I think it was a joke to do the vocal ones. And I was like, no, I don't want to do I want socks. And then I just did it anyway. And now it's all four of them. 3 (25m 21s): Okay. So it's just the same record with us. And maybe it made it easier because you guys produce the whole thing. So they just took the stems and 5 (25m 31s): Let's do it. And then people actually really liked it. And we were like, 3 (25m 35s): That's cool. Well, tell me about this new record. Cause it sounds like you're still touring like kind of supporting the dark pool or no, or you're just working or supporting this new record. That's coming out. What? In less than a month. 5 (25m 48s): Yeah, 50 50. I'd say our second is split in half. I'd say, cause we've got forcing serine singles, right? Casanova, Hollywood and Archangel. We've got three of the new record and I think three of the other one, because we're only playing six songs on this tour, so we're doing half off. 3 (26m 9s): Okay. And w what, when did you guys start putting together to this new record and was it also self-produced 5 (26m 15s): Yeah. Oh yeah. It was self produced. Yeah. But we got George Leyva who did sleep token and stuff to mix and master this one. 3 (26m 25s): Okay. And when did you start writing it? Like, was it during 5 (26m 29s): Europe? To be honest, we started off to Europe, but then it took us a very long time to finish it. Just cause lockdown just ruined our mental capacity for music, I think. And a lot of people just, you know, you don't feel like you're ever gonna get out of it or get back to it. So it took us a long time to get out of a rut of just like back then. It's like, why are we even doing this kind of thing once we get over that? Yeah. We, it was basically a lockdown record. I mean, we recorded the drums in a garage because we couldn't go to a studio cause they weren't open in a certain way. Like Australia was shut down completely. So we were like, it's a, it's a DIY album, but that's the point of the album, you know, it was supposed to be kind of feel like a live album sort of feel kind of grungy and nineties and you know, a bit, a bit different to like these Polish medical records now, all what we did for the doc goals. 5 (27m 27s): It made sense for what it is. But yeah, it was a long, long grueling. Two years 3 (27m 32s): Was 5 (27m 32s): In spinal here. 3 (27m 34s): Do you feel like the pandemic had any like some like effect as far as on the record? Like did you have more time to sit on things? Do you feel like, you know, in that sense? 5 (27m 46s): Yeah, I think vocally, it was, it was the break I needed to work on what I wanted to do because my, you know, I have my mic right next to my bed. Like my studio, I recorded all the vocals myself in my bedroom. And like whenever I had an idea, I could just go and do it. You know what I mean? It wasn't like a ongoing to the vocal booth. We have a certain amount of time. I have a certain amount of time in my voice that I can do, you know where we've got, you know, kind of doing that thing in front of everyone else. It was more like I get to just do whatever I want with no judgment other than my parents telling me to shut up if it's too light. 5 (28m 30s): So like it was, it was, it was cool. And that way to just be able to just, you know, you don't feel like you're wasting anyone's time trying weird ideas and doing weird stuff. You're able to just follow it and just, you know, you're not waiting on anyone. And Ethan, I think felt the same. And we had a lot of different processes on writing these songs that were a lot different to the doc pool. Like we would ride to imagery and film and things like this to really try and pinpoint moments of emotion rather than being like, oh, this song sad is I don't really vibe on anymore. You know, like I'm a bit older now. And I think I want more from music than that. And I think we both wanted to pinpoint different feelings that you're not used to from us. 5 (29m 14s): And that was kind of the point of the record. So we'll say if we know that I'm not 3 (29m 19s): Amazing. Amazing. So like in the, in the past, was it, you guys wrote together in a room or, or would you have an idea or, or Ethan had an idea and then we'd work on it together and was this done more as he here's some music see what you can come up with or I have you have the melody or whatever and you send it over to him. Like how did, how did that work? 5 (29m 40s): It was a lot different because we would go to cages house, which is our basis to produce, like make some acid, the dock pool. We would go to his house and pre-pro there a lot of the time. So it was more like if I had an idea or we needed to do vocals, they would have to sit there and watch me do it. And same for Adrian. And we'd just sit there and try and ride. So it was, it was a cool process, but it wasn't the process of this record. And I think we learned a lot about riding on this one, especially now I had to buy like a really good mic for this. And I had to learn how to like record properly and like to do proper, proper things. 5 (30m 21s): Cause all those takes on the rec road from my house. Like I had to learn how to make it sound decent, at least. So I, it was easy for him as in Ethan to send me demos from his room and I would download them into my logic session and track over them and send them back and we had fall or stops. It was more of a collaboration this time. Like we worked together a lot more than just patchwork, so recording and stuff. So there's a lot more streamline, I think, which we're going to take on to the future. I think 3 (30m 51s): That's rad. That's CRA that's so cool that the whole record was essentially sung in your bedroom. I mean, yeah. That's probably like, it's cool to hear those stories and like, you know, you think about it like five years ago, that was not even like a thought in anybody's mind. Like you had to go into the studio and pay a boatload of money and now you could essentially do a, you know, perfect record from your own, your own bedroom. 5 (31m 16s): Well, I wouldn't say perfect rego. It's definitely the faults of that purposeful now. Like I don't think if we were going from what we were going from the dark pool, it wouldn't have sounded good. I think, yeah. I don't think so, but it's not where we're up to anymore. So we got lucky bank, everything kind of aligned for this regular thing. Go. 3 (31m 35s): Yeah. Yeah. Well, what real quick, why do you say that? Where you like, what, what was different when it went to, when it came to the dark pool versus that like why would it not have worked that way? 7 (31m 45s): Planning on traveling this summer make saving at the pump part of your plans. But two times the fuel points from Harris Teeter it's easy. Download your EBIT coupon. And for every dollar you spend with your Vic card, you'll get two fuel points. That's up to $1 per gallon on quality fuel at participating BP and Harris Teeter fuel centers. Download your EBIT coupon today and save money at the pump all summer long with Evoque and Harris Teeter fuel points. 13 (32m 15s): Hi, your neighbor. <inaudible> huh? That's an interesting choice. 14 (32m 19s): Here it comes. 13 (32m 21s): And I just worry that they won't match your old fencing. Maybe try a new England Aster. I find they bloom better with a nice loam soil. In fact, you should read my blog post about them. 14 (32m 30s): Thanks. I'll remember that for next 13 (32m 32s): Year. Well, you know, it's the little things that keep our neighborhood looking nice. Oh, 14 (32m 37s): Speaking of little things, aren't you about termites? 13 (32m 41s): Whoa, Liz termites my home and no way, 14 (32m 46s): Well they can get in through the smallest cracks, you know, like that when you have in the foundation of your house, 13 (32m 51s): I appreciate your concern, but it's not possible. 14 (32m 55s): Oh, so you have central con 13 (32m 56s): Central. What 14 (32m 57s): Sentricon 13 (32m 58s): Centra con 15 (33m 1s): From prevention to total colony elimination, visit to see how the standalone solution can make your home a termite free home 13 (33m 9s): Centra con am I saying that right? 14 (33m 12s): Well, you know, maybe it'll be in your next blog post 16 (33m 25s): I get a quote at and save by bundling auto and home 5 (33m 30s): Just proper studio time, like drum, shoe DEOs and vocal booths. And like more time in the mixing process. Like just more things that you will a hand off, like more hands-on and had more control over, I think. And it was more of like, this is recording. This is done. We, for us, it was like, this can be recorded. We're doing this on the side, we're doing this, we're doing this. It was kind of like all over the shop a bit just because of the pandemic and what we could do and what we couldn't do legally and things like that. It was just, it was a shit show, but it all, it all came together. And then 3 (34m 10s): The S the record, the songs I've heard off the record so far. Awesome, man. I think you guys nailed it. So, and then to be gone for, you said six weeks and you still have another 10 days, like, I bet you, you guys are itching to get home at some point. Not that, not that you're not going to kill them for seven more days, but yeah. 5 (34m 29s): Oh God, I'm getting to the end of my thread. Not going to lie. I haven't sang this much in my life, but it's been cool to see like our stamina. I think, especially coming out of prison while we were worried about is we, we just did Europe and we were in a groove and we're like, sweet. Like, we can do this now. But then he got locked down for two years and now we're about to, like, we just went on the biggest tour of Korea and we're all like, ah, we can, we do this. And we prepared. We have absolutely no like foundation here of, you know, stamina and being is, it's not, it's when you tour, it's not just about playing live. It's about your friendships, you know, it's about your living situation. 5 (35m 12s): You're tired all the time. You know, you get sick and get this, you get that everyone's broke, you know? So there's like so many other layers to touring that you don't really think about, oh, you don't live until you're living. So that was a big one for us too, to be like, are we going to tear each other's heads off? Or are we going to blow out first show? And you know, like what's going to happen, but it's been really good. I can't believe. 3 (35m 38s): Yeah. I mean, being in a van and like you said, didn't just, not only do you have to perform every night or every other night or whatever it is and bring that energy, but it's like, there's never like a rest, like a fully, you're not going to go home and sleep in your bed and get like a great sleep day and then come out and you know, it's just like, you kind of have to just keep going and going and going on. 5 (35m 58s): Yeah. It's insane. Apparently the six, we have six weeks at home after this tour and that's the longest we're going to be home until December. 3 (36m 9s): Oh man. Right back on the road. 5 (36m 13s): Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's big, big heroin plug. Yeah. It's going to be the biggest test of our lives. We'll see how we go. 3 (36m 23s): Yeah. See how it all pans out, but I'm sure it'll be great. And the records rad, and I appreciate you taking time out of your day to do this. I know you guys are busy. 5 (36m 34s): Thank you for having me. I appreciate it. 3 (36m 36s): Yeah. I do have one more question for you before I let you go, Jacob. I want to know if you have any advice for aspiring artists, 5 (36m 43s): Aspiring artists. I would say there's a lot of things I would say, be open to, oh man, this is a good question. I haven't actually thought about this. Having a good foundation of workplace that has a good relationship with you because you're going to be touring a lot and trying to get work when you come back and that's super difficult. And it's something that we've struggled a lot with trying to keep jobs while we tour, I would say also really be patient, especially with your band. I think it's, you guys gotta be best friends. 5 (37m 25s): I think at the same time, you know, you're always on tour. You're always in each other's space. You gotta, you gotta be careful with each other and make sure you're all doing well. Especially when you're away a long time. And in terms of music as a vocalist, Walmart warm down, I don't to hear no shit don't drink, don't smoke and all that stuff like treat your voice like a muscle. It is. And you're going to have to treat yourself well. And as a musician, you know, just do whatever you want to do.

Jacob CharltonProfile Photo

Jacob Charlton

Standing on the mountain top of a breakout debut album effort, 2021 finds Thornhill travelling at breakneck speed towards global heavy domination. The band – comprising vocalist Jacob Charlton, guitarists Ethan McCann and Matt Van Duppen, bassist Nick Sjogren and drummer Ben Maida – have media, industry and heavy faithfuls pining for another dose of Thornhill. Their answer? The band’s mammoth single ‘Casanova’.

Edgy and riff-laden, ‘Casanova’ finds the group stepping into an inspired new era. The track explores the emotionally taxing experience of falling deeply for someone yet being too afraid to completely dive in with them for the fear of either party hurting the other.

From their hometown in Melbourne, Thornhill broke out of the local scene with a pair of EPs in 13 (2016) and Butterfly (2018) – spawning support slots alongside scene heroes including Northlane, Architects, Parkway Drive, In Hearts Wake, Beartooth, Make Them Suffer and The Plot In You, before their full-length assault: The Dark Pool arrived a year later.

Presenting commanding singles including ‘Nurture’ and ‘Coven’, dynamic soundscapes like ‘Where We Go When We Die’ and gripping themes on humanity, anxiety and loss, The Dark Pool was a winning full-length debut effort. Awarded a laundry list of accolades including triple j’s Feature Album and additions countless Best Of The Year lists, the release also saw Thornhill awarded nominations including Best International Breakthrough Artist at the 2020 Heavy Music Awards, and Best Independent Heavy Album/EP at the 2020 AIR Awards.

Possessing a sonic character and resolve few young bands can claim to grasp, Thornhill are set to take the world of modern heavy over once and for all.