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April 13, 2023

Interview with Matt Corby

Interview with Matt Corby

We had the pleasure of interviewing Matt Corby over Zoom video!

Matt Corby recently released his new album, via Communion.

His first album in five years, Everything’s Fine vividly...

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We had the pleasure of interviewing Matt Corby over Zoom video!

Matt Corby recently released his new albumEverything’s Fine, via Communion.

His first album in five years, Everything’s Fine vividly captures the personal and creative growth of Matt Corby who, like many, was tipped belly side up recently. Beyond the global touring pause, on the day he was meant to start recording his new album, Corby and his family were instead rescued by a neighbor. Their home had been engulfed by the flood waters that raged through Queensland and New South Wales, Australia, in early 2022. After nervously watching his heavily pregnant partner and young son be whisked away in a small inflatable dinghy, he got to work ferrying provisions to stranded locals and digging rotting mud out from beneath his home. With their home inundated by floodwaters, the whole family moved into Corby’s Rainbow Valley Studios during the album’s recording process. Juggling familial responsibilities with his creative pursuits was a one-of-a-kind pressure cooker circumstance that galvanized his artistic evolution.

Firmly fixed on seeing the best of things, Matt reveals “I'm at a really beautiful point in my life. I'm accepting all this stuff: the good and the bad, but particularly the bad. Which is kind of great. It’s a good thing to come to that point. Life isn't always magical, but the moments that are, well you really value them. I think this record is about that, about managing your actual reality. Sometimes I have those moments when you realize: well I'm still breathing, you still have the gift of life, so everything is fine I guess?”

About Matt Corby:
Recorded at his Rainbow Valley Studios with Chris Collins (Gang of Youths, Middle Kids, Skegss), Matt Corby's third studio album Everything's Fine picks up where his 2020 stand-alone singles, “If I Never Say A Word” and “Vitamin” left off after his J Award-winning 2018 LP Rainbow Valley. In the time since, Matt announced the launch of his own independent record label, in between loaning his production expertise to work by Genesis Owusu, Jack River, Great Gable, Bud Rokesky and most recently, his award-winning collaboration with Budjerah.

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