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May 11, 2022

Interview with Bella Dose

We had the pleasure of interviewing Bella Dose over Zoom video!

Bella Dose, named one of People’s “25 Emerging Musical Artists You Should Add to Your Playlist”, recently released their next single “BITE!”

2021 proved to be a successful year...

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We had the pleasure of interviewing Bella Dose over Zoom video!

Bella Dose, named one of People’s “25 Emerging Musical Artists You Should Add to Your Playlist”, recently released their next single “BITE!”

2021 proved to be a successful year for emerging LatinX talent, Bella Dose. The Latina girl group made quiet the introduction over the summer with the TikTok success of their song ‘Si Me Llamas', which is about leaving that toxic ex “on read.” Off their debut EP ‘SUELTA', the dance friendly tracked garnered over 1 billion views across the app, with nearly 115,000 videos using the song. On the heels of the EP’s success, the girls will once again pivot their versatile talents with their English hit, “BITE!,”.

BELLA DOSE is ready to take on the world with their charisma, versatility, chemistry, and passion for the art of music. Brianna, Jenni, Thais, and Melany gained much traction from their masterful covers of the most popular songs, especially their most viewed rendition of Nicky Jam and Ozuna’s “Te Robaré”. They have been working diligently and building their own original music repertoire of English and Spanish songs that they write themselves. Besides writing, all members sing, dance, and engineer their own sessions.

Originating in Miami, Florida, the girls come from diverse Latin backgrounds with heritages from Cuba, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Colombia and Chile, and they keep true to their roots through their catchy hooks and hypnotically danceable beats. With a growing fanbase of over 2.3 Million followers on TikTok and 299.5K followers on Instagram, BELLA DOSE has a promising future. Their unique position in the market, their versatility, style, work ethic, and true talent, have made the girls become a real threat and ones to watch in 2022

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Hello! It is Adam. Welcome back to bringing it backwards. A podcast we're both legendary and rising artists tell their own personal stories of how they achieve stardom. On this episode, we had a chance to hang out with Brianna, Melanie, Jenny, and Tykeece of Bella dose over zoom video. All the members of bell dos are originally from Florida, but they didn't know each other. Well, the kind of did you'll hear about that in the interview, but they're all from different parts of Florida. And we hear about how they all got into music. Originally. We also hear how the group was formed. Brianna's mom's kind of the mastermind behind the group. She grew up in a musical household. 5 (2m 7s): She was a songwriter. She was actually 14 years old when they formed the group and wasn't really supposed to be a member of the group. So Jenny was the first person. They did like a casting call to put together a Latina girl group. Jenny's the first one they hired. Then they got Melanie the entire piece, and those three were a group they're still looking for the fourth member. They moved to LA, they're working on some stuff together and realized why don't we just put Brianna in the group? We get it. She's young, but she's a great songwriter. And she gels perfectly with our group. So they talked about that whole conversation and how they all formed. Now, as bell dos, they talked about putting out their first songs, the viral success they have had on Tik TOK and all about their brand new song and music video for bite, you can watch our interview with Bella dos on our Facebook page and YouTube channel at bringing it backwards. 5 (3m 4s): It would be awesome if you subscribe to our channel like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Tik TOK, add bringing back pod. And if you're listening to this on Spotify, apple music, Google podcasts, it would be incredible if you follow us there as well, and hook us up with a five star review. 6 (3m 23s): We'd appreciate your support. If you follow and subscribe to our podcasts, wherever you listen to podcasts, 5 (3m 29s): We're bringing it backwards with Bella dos. My name's Adam. And this is about the four of you, your journey in music and how you all got to where you are now. 7 (3m 39s): Yeah. Perfect. 5 (3m 41s): Cool. Cool. So we'll start with you Titus, since I know how to pronounce your name, where were you born and raised? 7 (3m 47s): I was born and raised in Miami. I was born in Miami, but I was raised in Pembroke Pines, Florida. 5 (3m 53s): Okay. What was it like growing up there? What part actually, how close is that to Miami? I'm just curious, 7 (3m 57s): Honestly, like 30 minutes, right? Like 30, 40 minutes. It's I really liked it. I really liked the different cultures that are there. It's like a melting pot, so I love Florida a lot. 5 (4m 8s): Okay. And how did you get in a music? Do you have a musical household at all? 7 (4m 12s): Actually I don't, but I've always just had a passion and a love for music. So I've always just felt it in my soul. Actually. I have, my aunt actually told me a story where she'd be like, swinging me on the swing and I'd be like, like, I'd just be like, do you know, singing these 5 (4m 29s): Little moments, 7 (4m 31s): Humming these little melodies. And she's like, she told my mom, she was like, you need to get her into music. Like, I don't know why. I feel like she has this like, love for music. And actually that's what my mom did. And she put me in like singing programs and I'm singing academies. And that's where I started. I started singing. I started dancing and yeah, I started from there. 5 (4m 51s): How early did she put, was it like almost immediately after you could speak that she throw you in music class? 7 (4m 56s): No, actually did wait a little to see if I actually enjoyed it because she didn't want to push anything on me. She didn't want to be like, you know, I think you want music, so I'm going to just put you in movement. So she waited for me to be like, mom, I want to do music. So I was about, I would say nine, 10 when I professionally started in like that. And I actually started like performing around south Florida with my singing academy. So around south Florida we'd perform at different like local venues and stuff like that. And that's the earliest that I remember like really performing. 5 (5m 33s): Was it like just singing, obviously cover songs with your group. Okay. 7 (5m 38s): Cover songs and just, yeah, just enjoying the audience and seeing how people react. It was really fun. I really loved the experience. 5 (5m 47s): Okay. And then how did you eventually get to, you know, joining the group and everything? 7 (5m 53s): Well, actually we all joined by an audition. So 5 (5m 57s): My 7 (5m 58s): Audition process was that my vocal coach actually recommended me. So she was like, Hey, I think you'd like this girl. So let's see if she works. So I actually flew out to LA for the audition and I auditioned with a song, a dance, and we kind of, she flew me out to see if we jelled well, because that was when that was very important for Vicky, our creator and our label. And she was like, okay, like, let's see if you gel well with the girls. So let's see. And let's see if you're good too, you know? Cause I was, and yeah, that's how I came into the group. 5 (6m 36s): Wow. Did you know about the group or were you guys aren't the, a group and then you needed another person or was it all kind of being built at the same time? 7 (6m 44s): It was all being done at the same time for sharing. 5 (6m 47s): Okay. Very, very interesting. And so, okay. So you, what were you actually, what were you doing prior to coming and joining the group? Were you just auditioning for different things? 7 (6m 56s): Yeah, definitely. I'm auditioning for different things. Seeing where my musical career could take off and I came across this opportunity and I was like, this couldn't be more perfect. Like a Latino girl group, Latino, bilingual girl group go. 5 (7m 11s): And you guys all write your own songs. Right. Do all the production. Right. Everything. That's so cool. That is so cool. All right, Melanie, how, where were you born and raised? I 7 (7m 21s): Was born and raised in Hollywood, Florida. 5 (7m 23s): Okay. Are you all from Florida? I'm just curious real quick. Oh, okay. And you didn't know each other prior to meeting in LA? 7 (7m 30s): Well, actually me and Tice did, but we had no idea we were going to be in the group together. 5 (7m 35s): Okay. We'll get to that then. Awesome. So Melanie had you get music, musical household at all 7 (7m 40s): Kind of my mom loved writing music. She never did it professionally, but she always did it as a hobby writing music and all around the house, listening to music every Sunday, playing music while cleaning the house. And I just fell in love with music ever since I was a little baby, you know, I would always play the Britney Spears and J-Lo tour videos and Shakira actually. And I would stand in front of the TV and copy all of their dance, moves, sing all the lyrics. And my mom would just watch me. And my grandma's like, oh my God, like she's a performer. I was sort of everything putting on outfits to perform. And I just, I started doing it professionally around nine or 10. And I started performing also around south Florida with a different group. 7 (8m 24s): And then performing on television shows on Telemundo and Univision. I was, I was a background dancer for a few artists as well. And that's how I started. 5 (8m 36s): Wow. Okay. How did you get into a Telemundo and all that? 7 (8m 39s): I actually saw, I used to go to a dance studio where they would send me to a lot of auditions and I would start going to through different agencies. I would start going to auditions and they would just choose people. And I ended up getting chosen a few times for like Latin award shows and so all he can and premiums went through. So that was really cool growing up. 5 (9m 1s): That is, that is cool. And then how did you meet? I'm just curious. 7 (9m 4s): So I sing on a show called <inaudible> Gannon and then a friend of mine competed on that show as well. And Tyce was doing that season of it. So I was her background dancer and I was like nine or 10, 10, 10. Yeah. And we literally met. And ever since then, we were literally like our families became friends. We would have sleepovers. We went to the same school in sixth grade. It's so funny, but like never knew we were going to be in the group together because when I was chosen, I was flown out to LA. But Titus hadn't been, she didn't know about how you see at our label CEO. So what was the three of us? And we were looking for a fourth girl, but we weren't out debuted yet as a group, we were still, you know, in development and we were still trying to like complete the group and you know, so we were trying to find somebody actually. 7 (9m 57s): And wasn't in the group. I wasn't in, it wasn't any either, but she was with us because she was writing like the music for us and stuff. That's a whole other, 5 (10m 6s): Yeah. Wow. Okay. So you weren't officially in the group Brianna yet, but it was Jenny and the three of you might've still use, we're a collective, but you both, you weren't officially in and okay. Was it, why is that? Why I'm so I was that why it's called Villa dos then was there was supposed to only be two of you. Oh, okay. Oh, okay. I love that. I grew up in San Diego. I didn't retain all a whole lot of Spanish. I used to know a decent amount and then now I've just lost it. That's the one thing I really regret that. Not learning piano, two, two biggest regrets. 5 (10m 48s): Okay. So that's, that's so fascinating. You two knew each other where you backup dancing fortes or you were just backup dancers together on the show. 7 (10m 57s): So actually we, we did a lot of jobs together, but it was like more separately, but it's funny. He did work a lot, like with the same people it's so, so like when she was flown out to be in the group, she saw me at the airport and she was like, melamine. Yeah. It was crazy. 5 (11m 16s): And at that point taste is like, I got this. 7 (11m 20s): So one I'm comfortable with that because I'm super shy. So I was like, yes. And she didn't know anybody, so, 5 (11m 27s): Oh, that would have, must've been pretty reassuring or nice to be like, oh, okay. At least I know somebody here. How random though? That is so cool. All right, Jenny. So obviously we figured out that all of you are from Florida. What part of Florida are you from? 7 (11m 42s): I'm from west Palm beach. 5 (11m 44s): West Palm beach, 7 (11m 45s): Right from Miami. 5 (11m 46s): Okay. But you're all from what? The east coast or then of Florida. Okay. No golf. Gotcha. So we'll talk to me about how you got into music. 7 (11m 59s): I actually, my first time ever singing or in a studio was at the audition when I got to, because before the audition, I was more into dancing. Like my whole life, I will always use the dance around the house and stuff. And my brother actually was huge into music. So he taught me a whole bunch of music theory growing up. I learned how to play piano, French horn, a little bit of the trumpet. Cause my brother is just really into music. So me and him used to just like spend hours watching music, documentaries, but little did I know I was actually gonna do music in the future. I had no idea cause I was just solely into dance. And then when I heard about the audition, I was actually through the same agency that Melanie's in and I saw the flyer nose, like Latin girl group. 7 (12m 43s): And I was like, ah, I dance. But I'm not really a singer like that. My friends were like, no, you sing, you sing. And I was like, not really. I've never sang in my life. Like professionally. They're like, no, like you actually could sing. So I was like, okay, fine. I'll try it. What do I have to lose? Like, and during that time I was actually kind of down. Cause I would go to a lot of dance auditions and I never would get the auditions. I'll never would make the audition and be like, no, next, next, next. So I was like, I don't even know if this is for me. So then when I got that call back, it was like a huge thing. I was like, oh my God, I actually got an audition. Like I burst out into tears. I couldn't even believe it. So it was incredible. So yeah, when I got into the group and moved out here, my first time in a studio was with the girls first time, like writing a song, singing like that. 7 (13m 28s): And so it's been, it's been a journey and it's been incredible just seeing how much, you know, I could do that. I didn't know. I could do learning a lot from the girls and it's been really cool. 5 (13m 39s): That is awesome. So it sounds like you were more on the instrumentation side of things. Like you could play instruments, but you weren't like actively singing. 2 (13m 47s): What does healthy sound like? It's hard to say. And for the one in six kids living in poverty in the us, it's hard to even imagine. That's why Walgreens and red nose day are helping children access the health we all deserve. So that for them healthy sounds a lot more like 3 (14m 7s): Say 2 (14m 11s): Join Walgreens, this red nose day and together we can help even more kids stay healthy for kids. Living in poverty. Healthy can be hard to imagine. That's why Walgreen's and red nose day are helping children access the health we all deserve. So that fam healthy sounds a lot more like join Walgreens, red nose day and together we can help even more kids stay healthy. 9 (14m 33s): This is a St Jude moment. 10 (14m 35s): Ashton was high level athlete and in an instant, your world flips and you're healthy. Five-year old, competitive cheerleader has a brain tumor. And the physician was like, your best option is St. Jude receiving treatment that was lifesaving for our child. And knowing that that treatment would be of no cost to us was a huge weight. Lifted. 11 (14m 59s): Learn more at St. 7 (15m 2s): Yeah. I mean, I wouldn't say because I don't play like I did it throughout middle school and high school. I wouldn't say like professionally and it's sort of player. I would, I would sing, but not, yeah, not like that. Where I take it professionally, just kind of like on karaoke on YouTube, just for fun. It wasn't really like, oh, I can do this as a career. 5 (15m 23s): What was it like being in the studio with them the first time was that overwhelming at all? Like, oh my gosh, I've never, 7 (15m 29s): But I don't know how this is going to work. You know, I don't really know if I could sing, but it was actually pretty. It was like, it felt comfortable. Like I was like, it was something that I could see myself doing for a long time. 5 (15m 42s): Okay. Very cool. And what about you, Brianna? How, where are you born and raised? 7 (15m 46s): Well, I was born in Miami, Florida, but it was raised, I mean, okay. Well, my life I've been always kind of all over the place. 5 (15m 56s): So I was 7 (15m 57s): Born in Miami, but like around two, I moved to Orlando and then when I was seven, I moved to LA. So 5 (16m 6s): Yeah. For a while then. 7 (16m 8s): Yeah. So I've been in LA for almost like 10 years, 11 years. And when I first moved out here, it was me, my mom and my sister. And we moved in with this girl. We didn't know who she was and her name was Victoria. We moved in with her and Victoria. She was dating at the time, a guy named Tommy brown. And to me, I know who those people were. I just grew up with them. So they also were into music. So I grew up with them. So I went to the studio every day when I was like seven. And that's what my school was basically I've I grew up in a studio. 7 (16m 48s): So I would go to the studio every day with them. And they taught me how to write, how to produce, how to engineer my own sessions. And I was, and I didn't know what I was doing. I just knew I loved it. And it's funny. Cause now like those two people are like one of the biggest writers and producers of industry right now, they do all of Ariana Grande's stuff and they work from really big people and that's who I grew up with. And that's like, who mentored me? So I've been doing music for a long time of my life. That's basically all I've been working on. And yeah. So that's going back to Melanie said I wasn't in the group because my mom is actually the creator of this group and It's like a whole puzzle. 7 (17m 38s): So my mom is the creator of this group. And at the time I was 14 when she created it and I wasn't supposed to be in the group because I was so young and plus I didn't even think I was going to start my music yet. I was just writing music. I was writing for other people. I was placing songs and that's what I was focused on at the time. So then she was like, Hey Brianna, I had this idea to create this girl group. Like, will you like, just like help me write the music and blah, blah, blah. And I was like, sure, that's what I'll do. And we go, we auditioned, I like, see all these girls. I'm like, they're so pretty. They all come. And I'm like, here's a fourth filler girl. 7 (18m 21s): And I knew I wasn't going to be in the group. I was like, yeah, I'm just filling in. Like, I'm just writing the music and I'm helping them like figure out harmonies and stuff. And I'm just filling in and everyone would see us and be like, well, why don't you just put her in the group? And they're like, NMO. I was like, well, I don't know. She's, you know, it's just so young and I don't want to like, they're in a groove. And then they were like 14 at the time. And they were like, no, just put her in. And then the girls are like, they literally had a whole serious conversation with me. They were like, you know, we've been thinking, you know, we want Brianna and the group. Like we think that she really matches as a foil girl. And like, we, like, they were trying to find the fourth girl and, and they felt like no one could really gel just as much. 7 (19m 5s): And it's so funny. Cause she brought us out to the backyard one by one reasons why we for in the group we had torches with buyers. Sure. She's like, are you sure? We're like, yes, because the chemistry just wasn't there like with other people as for it just felt right? Yeah. Like the chemistry between us for it was like, this is inseparable because we were looking for a fourth girl, but nobody really like, you know, we, we didn't really gel well or, you know, but like Brie was always filling in. We're like, because it's literally, <inaudible>, I'm about to turn 19. 7 (19m 45s): So we've been doing this for a little bit. 5 (19m 47s): Happy birthday. Yeah. Wow. Okay. So you're you guys have been doing this for what? Almost five years, then 7 (19m 54s): Five years. 5 (19m 55s): Wow. Okay. So, well, I want to hear about this because Bri you're like done the behind the scenes of this whole thing kind of coming together. So as your mom's like, okay, I want to start this girl group. I'm going to, you know, blah, blah, blah. How do you, who, who like, are you auditioning people and then you eventually grab who, what, who was first Jenny? 7 (20m 17s): Well, the first one that we chose was Jenny. I, I remember the audition because I was at the audition and I remember seeing Jenny and she just walked in there with a big smile and Jenny and I just like knew, like when we saw her, I looked to him almost like her. And then my sister was also there for the audition process. She was like helping with the choreo and everything. And so it's like, it was just really cool to like, see the girls come and then like, they get flown to LA and it's just like all kind of put together. And like, it's like going to work, you know? 7 (20m 58s): And Also Vicki, her mom had auditions in Miami, LA, Orlando and New York. So this is like, she went on a whole <inaudible> country and with so, 5 (21m 14s): Wow. Wow. Okay. So you were like doing like touring around the country, trying to find this group. It must be pretty validating for three of you. Like, wow. You know, we made it through all of the, 7 (21m 27s): Well, many, many girls in it. Just like, it was kinda cool too, that they were all from Florida. And like, I wasn't even from Florida, like it just kind of like worked perfectly. 5 (21m 35s): Yeah. It's so bizarre. And then the fact that Melanie and taste like already knew each other prior to that, I mean, that's just like so crazy or 7 (21m 45s): Somehow 5 (21m 47s): Simulation going on there with that. Yeah. 7 (21m 50s): And I have the same vocal coach, so that's how we're connected. And 5 (21m 53s): Then prior to knowing them 7 (21m 55s): Prior to knowing them, and then, then always do like jobs Dan, the same agency and like cross paths, like see each other. But we never like spoke. It's this crazy it's doesn't. 5 (22m 10s): That is so wild. Okay. And then we'll last question on the formation here. So it was the four of you, but Brianna wasn't in the group yet. And how many people were you auditioning through before the conversation of let's just put her in the, in the group. What? Like 7 (22m 27s): There was like three girls that came in their final three or four girls. I like switched my place. Like, yeah, there was a couple of final, like a final four. 5 (22m 41s): Wow. And then now it's all solidified. So five years ago. And then how does the, like, how does it start then? Okay, well, we got the group. Did you have some songs that you had already written Brianna and then you just have to teach it to them and then like, tell me like what kind of started the ball rolling 7 (22m 57s): Part about it? Is that because I was filling in as a fourth girl, I would actually do the demos. So all my vocals were already on it. So 5 (23m 5s): That's convenient. 7 (23m 6s): I know. I was like, okay, I'm good. But yeah, some songs are pre, like previously written and then like, because my mom really wanted her artists to be kind of like, can self-sufficient and like very hands-on with their artwork. They, she wanted them to learn how to write as well. So we even did like a writing camp. Like we like did a whole bunch of songs. Like I knew some of them like wrote like here and there, but like, I really helped them like learn how to like write music and just like show them, like, everything I knew was I was young. So I was still learning myself, but That I could teach them and like how to do music and everything. 7 (23m 54s): And so we had a couple of songs and that we were, we were recording. I think we had a whole year before we came out of development before being on social media, before being on anything, we had to make sure our relationship and music and like, everything was just solidified. Yeah. 5 (24m 15s): That's smart. I mean, you don't wanna just come out the gate and then either have one song and then people are like hyped and then it's like, okay, now what? Let's go figure it out. Hold on. 7 (24m 24s): Exactly. And we just wanted to make sure, like, we didn't want to like go out and like switch girls and do this and be already out as a group. We wanted to make sure you were like, yeah. And she put us through a six months program as well of training, like where we honed in on choreography. We did like percussion, we learned piano. We learned even going guys, like it was, it was crazy. And we just really jelled in that process as well. So that helped the relationship as well. Yeah. 5 (24m 54s): Was that kind of, was that difficult, a little bootcamp that you guys had to do? 7 (24m 58s): It was honestly choreography aspect. We would have to get up like at seven 30 and then rehearse for eight hours and work out and then have to do homework on top of it. Cause we were still like high school students as well. I was in my senior year of high school, college. 5 (25m 14s): Oh, wow. Oh, you're in your senior year. Was that hard to leave your school or was it you're like I'm out 7 (25m 19s): When I, when I, well, actually was right after junior year. So it was in the summer when I was called and I flew here in summer. I didn't tell any of my friends, my, my family, obviously nobody. I didn't tell any of my friends. So when, when I was, you know, started posting that I was in Atlanta for everyone was like, you're in LA. So you're not coming back. I'm like, no, they're like, oh, you didn't tell anybody. I was like, sorry. I was gonna, you know, come back at some point, but I guess not so 5 (25m 46s): No. Sorry. I'm out. That's awesome. Well, what was it like? So you finally put out your first record and was, were you guys like, like how was that feeling? Putting out your notes, your first song for sure. Body of work and then all of you, some of you, even your first song ever? 7 (26m 3s): No. Yeah. The first song that we released, we went through a trial on our first performance. So we performed it because we were doing a school tour that she also wanted her to see how we perform and how the audience reacts to us for, and our first show on a school tour, we performed a song and we're like, this is our unreleased song. You know, we don't have any music out. And when we performed it, they started singing along to it because it was like a forest. I repeat. So there were a lot. So we're like, oh my God, this song is even released. And they're like, where can I find the song? And we were like, this is crazy. And that was our first song ever comfortable with uncomfortable. We actually, 5 (26m 38s): Wow. You said you were doing different schools. Like what schools were you doing? Was it colleges or high schools or 7 (26m 52s): Middletown? Middle schools, but like, we wanted to get to colleges as well. 5 (26m 58s): That's cool. That must've been cool for the kids. So like what, like a assembly or something? 7 (27m 3s): Yeah. Yeah. They would like set up a whole performance basically. And they would just all the kids and bring them into the cafeteria or like the, what is it called? 5 (27m 18s): Yeah. That's cool. Well, where were you all when you were probably in LA? I think when COVID happened and how did that affect the group? 7 (27m 28s): Well, 5 (27m 31s): We're going for a story 7 (27m 36s): Right before COVID in February of 2020, we flew to Dominican Republic to shoot six music videos. So we were out there. 5 (27m 44s): Wow. 7 (27m 44s): Yeah, we were in the middle of production. We were literally shooting music videos for our EAP suite that we were shooting a music video for every single song. So when it was, when we finished all the music videos, literally like March 12th, we, we, we saw the news that COVID was spreading and what's going on in Dominica Republic on the island. So we're like, literally, like we're like what's COVID and it's crazy because in January I kind of saw something and I was telling the girls about it. I was like, there's, you know, there's a, an illness called COVID and it's it's spreading, you know? So like we would get this big, 5 (28m 21s): No one did. Right. I remember the first time I heard about it, I saw an article that I thought was just like some fake news article that said like, or was, but it was like Corona beer is not the cause of Corona virus. And I'm like, what? Like, I don't even know what this is. And then, you know, two months later I'm sitting in my house for two years. Like it was so crazy 7 (28m 45s): For sure. So he flew back home, the three of us and Brie stayed in Dr. With her family, because we were going just to say like, as one more week as a vacation. So we were staying as a vacation. We were like, yeah, like I'll meet you guys in like a week. And then all the kids, like the flights got canceled. And then I was staying in every week for like three months and I was like, I'm stuck in an island. I don't literally could apply back to the U S like I was stuck in DOR for like how long, like three, three months until the girls could fly. Cause they just, they just decided to come to Dr. 7 (29m 25s): Actor and yeah. And then we, and then we were in quarantine with her. Yeah. And then my family bought a house in DRL and then like, we just kind of stayed there. Yeah. 5 (29m 41s): Or have roots there. Right. Or family there. Okay. And do you have family that's still in there or just brutes? They're 7 (29m 50s): Like, 5 (29m 51s): Oh, did you see any of them? Like while you're there? That's pretty cool. 7 (29m 55s): Yeah. It did. Actually. My uncle lives seven hours away. He literally lives on the island. So I haven't seen him there yet, but 5 (30m 3s): Okay. Got you. That makes sense. Okay. So then you get back from, so that record, that EPA put out was already done. Then you just need, you're just shooting the videos. Yes. 7 (30m 15s): Yes. 5 (30m 16s): Okay. 7 (30m 18s): Yeah. Now they're all 5 (30m 20s): Right. But I mean, we're talking like, so when did that record give complete 2019? 7 (30m 26s): We released it. Yeah. Yeah. We had, we did a video for each one. No, I just wanted to get for each one. So it was a process as in like coming out. 5 (30m 38s): Oh, like single, by saying either that way. Got it. It wasn't like here's the whole record 7 (30m 43s): Even though. Yeah. We had a couple of core, the actual EPS and then 5 (30m 47s): The EMR, 7 (30m 48s): You know, 20, 21. 5 (30m 50s): Okay. And you had a massive song on Tik TOK, right? Billion people have seen it 7 (30m 58s): A 5 (30m 58s): Billion. Can you even, I can't even fathom the number. 7 (31m 2s): It's crazy. 5 (31m 3s): 1 billion aren't there only like 7 billion people on this planet. Literally a seventh of them have seen your video. 7 (31m 10s): That's crazy. That's so 5 (31m 12s): Crazy. That's so wild. So how does this thing happen? And like, it goes up on Tik TOK and how quickly do you see it? Just go crazy. 7 (31m 20s): Well, that's the thing. So the, he became out, see me IMAS was like, you know, it wasn't doing good, but it wasn't the top song. And we were just like, okay, we want to do something because we feel like the song has really good potential. And so us, ourselves, we did a transition video that we created of us, like with no makeup. And like our ex is calling and then we looked down and then we're like color coordinated matching outfits. And we were like singing along of the song. And it got literally like six, no, like 2 million in one day, everyone started doing 5 (31m 56s): 2 million 7 (31m 57s): Views in one day we were like, oh, this is doing good. So we said, let's do it again. 3 million. Then the next one, 6 million. They were like, oh, these are going viral. And so people just, I guess, really liked the trend of felt like it resonated with them. So like people just started doing it like out of nowhere, like these huge, huge, like Spanish creators started doing our song and they have like 20 million followers themselves and they were singing along to it. And we didn't know them. They didn't know. It was literally the biggest line influencers. Yes. And they were just singing along to it. And it like, I guess it really just like kind of popped off on itself. 7 (32m 37s): Like we didn't even expect it, like at all was so cool to see the flow up every day, big in France, too. Right. I guess. Cause they could kind of understand what we were saying. They created their own like trend and friends as well. 2 (32m 52s): What does healthy sound like? It's hard to say. And for the one in six kids living in poverty in the us, it's hard to even imagine. That's why Walgreens and red nose day are helping children access the health we all deserve. 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Wow. 7 (34m 12s): They were saying it like translated to the same thing. Maybe I could be wrong, but they could understand what we were saying. So like it became really big out there. A lot of our streaming from it is from France. 5 (34m 24s): Wow. Shout out to France. That's crazy. Well, like you said, 2 million in one day, like we're I would imagine that all of you have your account on your phone. Right? The tick-tock I mean access to this account and we're like, how do you have the notifications on? Like what happens your fund? Just like blows. I mean, I couldn't even imagine It's explodes. You had to go buy a new one. Like, 7 (34m 52s): So for group account, we literally have to turn off the notifications. Cause they just like, literally keep going your phone literally crashed if you keep them on. Yeah. 5 (35m 1s): I know. It's like you go on. It's like you have 1 billion notifications. 7 (35m 6s): I know. So cool. 5 (35m 10s): That is nuts. And then you see it all kind of translate over to cause on Spotify as a ton of plays to like a couple million over almost 3 million watching that, just kind of grow at that point. 7 (35m 21s): I honestly kind of feel like I underestimated the power of Tik TOK. Yeah. To be honest because I didn't realize how it really translates into Spotify. I didn't realize that you could go viral like your song. Tech-Talk a hundred percent. 5 (35m 40s): That's so nuts. And, and what's, I, I think the coolest thing about Tik TOK is that a lot of people that are on it. I mean, from what I gather, you're not necessarily, it's not like Instagram where the only people that are seeing your stuff are people that follow you. Unless maybe you look like no one goes to like explore page. Not nearly like they do to the, for you page. So if a lot of people are just scrolling through trying to watch content that the algorithm and it's already feeding them anyway, like, oh, you'll probably like this. And then it's, you know, you see your, all these new people are getting eyes on your video. That's crazy. How do you follow that up? Like, are you like, oh man, this is working. Like, do we push the next song out? 5 (36m 20s): Like, is it like we've got a group. We had to figure this out. 7 (36m 24s): We are independent. So it is like, you know, it's a hit or miss. So we try to really think as a team with thinky alongside as well. And we're like, okay, we gotta really strategically plan how we're going to roll out these next few songs because you know, we do want to go viral. We do want to be known for our music. So kind of all sit together. And we're like, okay now is when we released this. And that was when we do this and that was wanting to do this because it's only us five basically with our team as well. So. 5 (36m 54s): Wow. Okay. And then, like I said earlier, asked earlier, if you, you engineer everything, you write your own songs and the whole thing just kind of comes, are you doing a lot of the behind the scenes stuff? Still Brianna, like when it comes to New consoles and all that, 7 (37m 10s): As for writing everything, these girls are also talented. So thank God. Like they helped me even with the writing. And so like we all write the music. Our next album is all written by us and even it's cool. Cause it's my first time, like co-producing certain songs, so I'll be, co-produced on like certain songs on the album and it's just, it's really cool. It's honestly it's so it's so inspiring to see like these girls like be so like involved in their talent and like just be so good at it and just like, know what to do. And her me, she's just so talented. So, 5 (37m 50s): And you've got to watch them. You guys get to watch her grow up, but she's also got to watch you grow as musicians and songwriters, like how cool. So a lot of the, obviously the songs are, a lot of them are in Spanish. There's some English worked into the songs, the new song it's called bites. And is that all in English? Not all in English. 7 (38m 18s): There's no Spanish in there. 5 (38m 20s): There is English. Okay. Well tell me about the song. 7 (38m 27s): Ah, we haven't even talked about it yet. Talk to me about the song. Like no one else. 5 (38m 34s): Okay. Well I want to hear all about it then Since I'm the first, go ahead. This floor is yours. 7 (38m 43s): Yeah. So fights. Oh my God. This is Melanie's favorite. This is my favorite song by us. Like I think almost ever they was such an unexpected song in a way. I remember Vicky. She was just like, you know, I want you guys to make a rap song. They were like, huh? She's like, yeah, I want to get to make a song that just feels pop, but also rap and just spell it jumps. And we're like, what does that mean? So we literally, we were in Dr. And our producer was there. He flew in Jayden and we went to the studio. 7 (39m 24s): We planned to go to the city of five. So we're like, okay, today we're going to make a new record. We go at five. And literally this is when we wrote by and he produced byte and literally we spent the whole night until 9:00 AM. The next morning we literally left the studio at 9:00 AM the next morning, because we spent that whole day, literally just writing the song, <inaudible> finish it. And then it was good. It was really good. And then Vicki came and she's like, okay, I want you guys to create it and make it like different. And like, how would Bella dose do it? Like spice it up. And then we were like, okay. So Jaden was like, all right, let me do my thing. He went in and like, we created this pop rock, rap sound. 7 (40m 6s): I don't know how it came. And it was just something that we all felt really passionate about. And like, we loved it and like the electric guitar and just like the drums and all that stuff we felt like, and we were like, yeah, this is it. I remember Jayden. You know, he was doing his thing and I took a little nap because it was really late. And then I was the one that was like five. And then when I woke up, I heard like, you know what he added? And I was like, oh guys, this sounds amazing. <inaudible> I don't know if it's that good. Like we, I don't want to hype it up. Right. Don't have 5 (40m 47s): Do it. Wow. Okay. So you go in five, you said 5:00 PM Just in what? An idea. And then you're like working and it's just doing okay. We can't leave. You can't leave. You got to finish it. Got to finish it. Got to finish it. And then at nine, the next day. Yeah, the next day. It's what complete it's ready or the songs just written. 7 (41m 9s): Yeah, it was his last finish. It like those ways or would have had the song. So we were like, we have to finish it. Sorry. 5 (41m 19s): Oh, wow. Wow. And then did you do a video for the song as well? They're the same week or the same timeframe. Oh, okay. 7 (41m 28s): We have some learning. We did it in Miami. So that was really, Yeah. We just wrote a few weeks ago. So a few weeks ago I'm like, I don't know how much I could stay up, 5 (41m 39s): But it's awesome. 7 (41m 41s): So like it's my favorite video we have <inaudible> well, it might be out when this comes out. Right. 5 (41m 51s): Let's hold it. What's the video about 7 (41m 55s): Say, yeah. Well, go ahead John. 5 (41m 60s): Tell me what the shot in Miami. So no near where all you are, a lot of you grew up. 7 (42m 5s): Yeah, it was actually done at a high school. Yeah. 5 (42m 9s): And At your high school, like whose high school or just a high school? 7 (42m 16s): My friends went there. Oh yeah. 5 (42m 19s): Okay. So Alto high school. Did you, okay, go ahead. Sorry. 7 (42m 24s): There you get, and we can I say where we are. Yeah. So we're actually, fortunately there is, and it's funny. Cause we had picked out a color for our outfits and we're like, oh, what if we do purple? And then when we Vicki had went and got in the school. So when she showed us the school, the school colors were purple, same color that would pick for uniforms. And we're like, oh, so this is meant to be, this is perfect. And basically, yeah, we're like four cheerleaders and basically the whole music video. It's like us as undercover vampires, bloodsucking, monster monsters. 7 (43m 5s): So in the whole video you just see us kind of like lure and people like we kill boys, but then Melanie kills a girl. It's just a whole storyline that the music video is a movie from top to bottom. It's kind of, I will say it's kind of based off of Jennifer's body inspiration. It's like one of the influences of the music video itself. That's one of my favorite movies. So I'll let you all, we gotta do this. It was just so cool. Cause it like, we didn't expect it to be as good as it is. Oh, it's really cool. I can't wait it. 5 (43m 40s): Yeah. That's so cool. Well, you said the colors were purple. Did you just end up using their schools, cheerleading outfits or you actually had to get your own. Okay. Let's cool though. Wow. Where are you? Where are you cheering at an event in the, in the, in the video, like a football game or something? 7 (43m 59s): Maybe just kidding. 5 (44m 4s): Okay. Did you have to learn cheer moves or did you guys kind of already have those, had any of you cheered before? 7 (44m 15s): Actually our, our choreographer that works with us, Julian, he actually is a huge like cheer teacher. I don't know what it's like, cheer instructor, 5 (44m 25s): Coach 7 (44m 27s): Dancing. So he like does that as well. Like he does does all of that. So it was really cool. Cause this was kind of his element. He was like, oh we do the cheer thing. This is me. This is like childhood dream to be a cheerleader, always too shy. I didn't do it for the high school. 5 (44m 51s): Well, I'm surprised you didn't. I mean dancing and all that. You just, it just wasn't you had the courage to get on stage and dance and sing and everything, but not be a part of the cheerleading collective. 7 (45m 4s): Yeah. She won't even ask for a straw. 5 (45m 10s): Who do you have to ask to ask the waiter? Brianna, 7 (45m 16s): Jenny. 5 (45m 17s): Jenny Whoever's closest. Okay. I love it. Awesome. Well, thank you all so much for doing this. This has been so cool to learn about how the group was formed and how fascinating and you were so young when it started being it. Like this has been amazing. 7 (45m 38s): It's been awesome. It's been a beautiful ride. 5 (45m 41s): Very cool. Well, I have one more question, but I want an answer from all of you individually. If that's cool, I'll start on my screen. It's left to right. So Brianna, do you have any advice for aspiring artist? 7 (45m 59s): I think my best advice I could give is to, I know it's going to sound cheesy, but like to never give up, because I've noticed with this type of industry or any industry, it's just all with time because it takes a while to like be good at your craft. And it takes a while to like learn what you're meant for. So basically just be patient and like, know where you're come from and always stay humble and always be grateful because people like be grateful for people that help you because you know, a lot of people help us and I'm so grateful because like, you know, even us not having enough funds or, you know, not being able to like having enough followers or whatever, people still help us and still believed in us. 7 (46m 46s): So I'm really grateful for them. And so always stay humble. That's my Nice, I would say to just really work on your craft, like don't ever stop learning. Like you can always be more, you can always do more. You can always work harder, so don't get comfortable. Like don't be like, okay, I'm cool. Like, no that's okay. I won't let no learn everything because knowledge is power. So that will be your advantage. So be great. 5 (47m 21s): I love that. I love it. Well, how about you Jenny? 7 (47m 24s): Hmm. I would say if I give them advice to not yourself, don't ever think like, oh, I can't do this. Or I don't know if I could really hit that. No. Or if I could do this, so I was, yeah. Don't doubt yourself. And also don't be afraid to try new things for new artists. Like if you're in the studio and you know, don't ever be afraid, like if the producer tells you to do this, do this, don't ever say I can't, you know, say I can do it. And always just, yeah, don't doubt yourself. Leave yourself. 5 (47m 54s): I love it. Love it. All right, Melanie. I know you have to like, not say what the other three already said. So he probably had the most difficult job. 7 (48m 2s): I just, I just think always read your contracts and agreements. Always make sure that what you're signing is right. Because I know, you know, a lot of artists sadly get stuck in, you know, bad contracts and stuff. So I say, read everything, make sure that whatever, you know, you sign, you make sure that it's right for you.

Bella DoseProfile Photo

Bella Dose

World’s 1st Bilingual, Latina Girl Group

2021 proved to be a successful year for emerging LatinX talent, Bella Dose. The Latina girl group made quiet the introduction over the summer with the TikTok success of their song ‘Si Me Llamas', which is about leaving that toxic ex “on read” Off their debut EP ‘SUELTA', the dance friendly tracked garnered over 1 billion views across the app, with nearly 115,000 videos using the song. On the heels of the EP’s success, the girls will once again pivot their versatile talents with their upcoming English hit, “BITE!,” which is set to release April 22th one week prior to releasing the official music video on April 29th.

We wrote “Bite!” one night in Punta Cana alongside Jayden Grey, who is also the producer of the song, and Vicky, our label CEO, because we wanted something fun. We spent from 5 pm until 9 am the next day writing and finishing the song. The second we finished the hook, which was the first thing we wrote, we were really excited to see how the final product would turn out and we’re so happy with it. We hope our excitement translates through the song and the audience is able to relate to it! – Bella Dose

BELLA DOSE is ready to take on the world with their charisma, versatility, chemistry, and passion for the art of music. Brianna, Jenni, Thais, and Melany gained much traction from their masterful covers of the most popular songs, especially their most viewed rendition of Nicky Jam and Ozuna’s “Te Robaré” (almost 5.7 million views on YouTube). They have been working diligently and building their own original music repertoire of English and Spanish songs that they write themselves. Besides writing, all members sing, dance, and engineer their own sessions.

Originating in Miami, Florida, the girls come from diverse Latin backgrounds with heritages from Cuba, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Colombia and Chile, and they keep true to their roots through their catchy hooks and hypnotically danceable beats. With a growing fanbase of over 2.3 Million followers on TikTok and 299.5K followers on Instagram, BELLA DOSE has a promising future. Their unique position in the market, their versatility, style, work ethic, and true talent, have made the girls become a real threat and ones to watch in 2022.