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Thomas Ng

Thomas is an emerging artist in the R&B industry currently creating music out of Boston, USA. He has found recent fame through TikTok being duetted by well known artists such as Lizzo and having worked with big asian led creatives Wong Fu Productions. Thomas Ng has already released a number of self-produced and written singles on all platforms. However, Currently working closely with his main producer Joe Bae to explore and refine his artistry.
“We all know how complex emotions feel but there’s no perfect way to describe that to someone else. My goal is to create music inspired by my own personal experiences for others to relate to and to find a connection.” - Thomas Ng
He is currently in Boston, USA studying Songwriting at Berklee College of Music. Thomas currently has release his official debut EP “3am” co-produced with Joe Bae alongside a follow up single “flaws” that has had some virality through TikTok.
Thomas is hoping to release more singles and EPs collaborating with great producers and artists like Joe Bae. Still building his craft and his artistry whilst staying true to the music and to himself.
“Words can’t always say everything so I just let the music do the talking.” - Thomas Ng

June 12, 2022

Interview with Thomas Ng

We had the pleasure of interviewing Thomas Ng over Zoom video. Musicians on TikTok have become more creative in promoting thei…

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