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SkyeChristy play what they call “spooky canyon pop” — fitting for a sister duo that mastered their harmonies driving through the iconic Los Angeles hills. Consisting of Sophie Skye Edwards who creates alongside her sister Georgia Christy Edwards, the Los Angeles duo is determined to do everything on their own terms.

SkyeChristy penned their latest breakout single “I’m Not Like Alice” and other tracks during the summer of 2020. When the pandemic hit, the sisters revived their high-school tradition and regularly spent days driving around their city’s iconic hills and highways, practicing their harmonies to California folk-rock classics by Crosby, Stills & Nash, et. al. As they prepare to release their forthcoming debut project in 2023 and follow their muse to more fans and bigger stages, there is one thing that’s certain: nothing quite matches the power of a sisterly bond.

Interview with SkyeChristy
April 10, 2023

Interview with SkyeChristy

We had the pleasure of interviewing SkyeChristy over Zoom video! Primed for a breakthrough, buzzing Los Angeles duo SkyeChristy share a new single entitled “Beach Zombies” today and announce their signing to Warner Records. “Beach Zombies” threads...

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