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Kiran + Nivi


Indian-American powerhouses Kiran + Nivi are on a mission to bring their Indian classical music roots into the pop vernacular. Their spellbinding content, weaving Indian “swaram” scale tones into western pop song structures (both originals and covers), have captured the intrigue of fans around the world, and have resulted in collaborations with A-list brand partners and artists such as Jason Derulo in both the US pop and Indian classical music spheres. They made Good Morning America’s AAPI 2021 Inspiration List, and were soon invited to perform the national anthem for the LA Kings’ Indian Heritage game at LA’s Crypto.Com arena.

June 9, 2022

Interview with Kiran+Nivi

We had the pleasure of interviewing Kiran + Nivi over Zoom video! Indian-American twin pop duo Kiran + Nivi are making waves o…

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