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Ez Mil


Artist bio:
Ez Mil is a multi-instrumentalist artist with a wide range of musical styles including pop, soul, R&B, hip hop, rock and many more. Dubbed as a "melodical killer", he can switch flows, from aggressive to smooth and soft vocal style. He can seamlessly switch back and forth between Tagalog and English providing listeners with verses in each language. Ez Mil will for sure take you to his ethereal universe.

Album release bio:

“DU4LI7Y” in a sense, is a journey of repentance, but also a retrospect to Ez’s life in the Philippines. Depicted in numerous perspectives that are easily digestible, but also have more than meets the ear.
Watch out for Ez Mil’s new album solely produced & engineered by himself under FFP Records and distributed by Virgin Music | UMG. This album will showcase not just his versatility - globally known as hiphop artist but his talent, ability, passion, artistry and love for music!

“An Ethereal Transformation is set to conquer the stage”. - EZ MIL

June 12, 2022

Interview with Ez Mil

We had the pleasure of interviewing Ez Mil over Zoom video. 23-year-old Philippines-born, Las Vegas-based musician Ez Mil rele…

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