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Based in Santa Monica, he’s been steadily winning fans across the US and around the world since breaking onto the scene in 2015.

Building on his classical training by experimenting with jazz, hip hop, calypso, and reggae, Caye defies genre to create a signature sound that is all his own. Inspired by the creative freedom of Bon Iver, the soul-moving rhythms of Bob Marley, and the lyrical genius of Kanye West, Caye creates music that’s as captivating as it is technically complex.

Caye has always felt at home behind the console and began by rapping over his beats—earning Wiz Khalifa’s attention and ultimately a feature from him on Caye’s single “Easy”. Throughout the years, bars transformed to choruses and verses, as Caye honed his vocal control, range, and his now signature falsetto. In addition to producing all his own records, Caye has continued to hone his sound by producing for Alessia Cara, Meghan Trainor, and Abhi the Nomad.

In 2020, he set out on an artistic exploration, traveling to remote regions of California with his instruments, art supplies, and a band of like-minded creatives. The last 2+ years have culminated in a full-length LP that thrives on headphones and speakers but is best experienced when improvised live—in the same method it was written. Grounded in his love for the steel drum, “We Love” explores Caye’s excellence across instruments, with wavy didgeridoo lines, sultry piano melodies, high flying guitar solos, and energetic basslines that combine to create music that’s emotionally engaging and spectacularly cinematic.

2022 promises to be his biggest year yet, which will introduce his expansive new sound to his ever-growing audience. The full album “We Love" will be released as singles, with a new one out each month for the rest of the year. He intends to continue spreading inspiration and building his reputation, with live shows beginning later in 2022.


70M+ Streams

Supported by Zane Lowe on Beats 1,Billboard, Complex, This Song is Sick, and more

Writing/production credits include: Alessia Cara, Meghan Trainor, Abhi the Nomad, Kid Quill, Riz La Vie, Disney, MGA Entertainment

Dec. 6, 2022

Interview with Caye

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