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Brynn Cartelli


At just five-years-old, Brynn Cartelli took regular piano lessons, soon learning guitar and developing her chops by performing in talent shows, at coffeehouses, and anywhere else with a stage in her hometown of Longmeadow, Massachusetts. Following her win on The Voice and being crowned the youngest champion in the history of the show (a title she still holds to this day), Cartelli returned to her hometown after the surreal experience and became hyperaware of returning to a ‘normal’ life as a teenager. After two years of writing, recording, and honing her craft as a songwriter, Cartelli released her much-anticipated 2021 debut EP 'Based on a True Story' via Elektra Records. Based On a True Story is a snapshot of the time she spent reconnecting with old friends, being observant, and illustrating what youth is about. Across her discography, Cartelli takes seemingly small moments from typical experiences and turns them into candid, anthemic pop ballads that people of all ages can relate to. After releasing the ethereal trio of singles – “Gemini,” “Girl Code,” and “Convertible in the Rain” – in 2022, she is currently in the studio working on new original music for her next project.

March 14, 2023

Interview with Brynn Cartelli

We had the pleasure of interviewing Brynn Cartelli Zoom video! Acclaimed 19-year-old singer-songwriter Brynn Cartelli recently released her poignant new single “Secondhand Smoke.” A heartbreaking, yet empowering track about finding freedom from a...

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