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Sam MacPherson


Hailing from Red Bank, Sam absorbed the no-nonsense New Jersey spirit from his surroundings, while his songwriter father gave him a love for music. At college, he taught himself how to play guitar, produce, write songs, and record on his own, approaching music with the same grit and determination he brought to athletics as a division one soccer player.

Following early uploads such as “No Bad Memories,” MacPherson gained traction with the alluring, heartbreaking single “Routine” in 2021. Beyond landing on coveted playlists, it generated 6M+ streams and garnered praise among music blogs. He also served up the Songs for Sam EP highlighted by “Last Minute,” which lit up TikTok and surpassed 10M streams. He carried this momentum into 2022 with singles like “Crash Course” and “Rookie.” Simultaneously, he emerged as a sought-after collaborator behind-the-scenes for Stephen Sanchez, Jonah Kagen, Garrett Nash, and more. He notably co-wrote “Heartbreak Hall of Fame” for Quinn Lewis and “You” for VINCINT. Moreover, he shared stages on tour with Chelsea Cutler and Elektra labelmate Jake Scott.

Ultimately, you’ll hang on to every word MacPherson sings. His vision only crystallizes on a series of singles for his major label debut with Elektra Records and much more new music to come.

Interview with Sam MacPherson
April 1, 2023

Interview with Sam MacPherson

We had the pleasure of interviewing Sam MacPherson Zoom video! Renowned LA by-way-of New Jersey singer-songwriter Sam MacPherson is excited to announce that his sophomore EP Powerlines will be released on Friday, April 14 via Elektra Records. In...

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